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Pearls of the Adreatic-Sea CAS 1601

Samstag, 4. Juni 2016 | Lukas Schiebe / Tedy Kunicic | Europa

Probably the best picture which was ever made under this sign. Republic Srpska will be happy to see that.
and we all do it proper
As a good visitor of Mostar that is an compulsory picture point
No problem for Bernd. With helmet well protected for food in every situation.
Oh no!!! The Cevapcici get´s wet
The next picnic. Cevapcici mhhh yummy!
Picnic on Krka river in the national park. What a great day. Super temperature for riding, small roads through the countryside and Croatian specialities served by Tedy.
....to get the perfect view over the city.
A short stop to visit the castle of Split.....
Along the coast up to Split.
Thank you Ted´s Mama for being such a nice host!
We meet the locals and have a break for coffee in Tedy´s family home.
Bernd give´s example how to enjoy a real rest day. Eating delicious lamp and relaxing in the peaceful shadow of Humac between olive trees and grapes.
Probably this road was build in order of the ministry of tourism Croatia to welcome bikers to Hvar island. So perfect for riding!
Gabriele shows the men´s how to ride curves.
The city guide said, that every morning a beautiful girl appears on the balcony. We were waiting in vain...
What is good for bikers? Ice cream
Proudly Tedy presents his home town Stari Grad
How is the road?
Always in Pole-Position with Edelweiss
Waiting for the ferry and enjoying fresh sea food on the sea shore.
Not only the sun is shining
The old town Stone. Look over there, ahh no, it´s just another brick in the wall
The first coffee stop some kilometers after Dubrovnik. Beautiful sunshine, lovely roads and turquoise sea like on a postcard.


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Gabriele von Waldburg
Sonntag, 5. Juni 2016 um 00:43

Hi Claudi
Ja eine super Tour ! Tolle Gegend, schönes Wetter u coole Curven
Claudia Wenhart
Freitag, 3. Juni 2016 um 12:02

Hallo Gaby,
sieht ja super aus, vor allem tolles Wetter. Genießt es!!!!!
Dienstag, 31. Mai 2016 um 22:25

gelernt ist gelernt


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