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The Heart of Italy, 4IT1601

Samstag, 4. Juni 2016 | Domenico Schiano Moriello | Europa

Day 6, riding Urbino - Firenze

Last riding day of this great tour, today we had to go back to Florence... but we managed to reach our final destination only after many many many curves! Our first stop was in San Leo, a pretty medieval town, where the tour guides had organized also a beautiful surprise: a historical cars meeting! Riding through the hills of this region was sometimes not too easy, some roads a little bumpy and not perfectly paved, but the sceneries were really worth it! And, to finish the day and the tour, we rode the Muraglione pass, one of the most "legendary" roads for italian motorcyclists!

Good bye everybody, it was a pleasure meeting you and riding with you!!! Ride safe!!!

the view of San Leo, so beautiful!
picture stop
Coffee break in San Leo
As soon as we reached San Leo, a lot of historical cars invaded the centre. Perfect timing!
Santa Sofia, the location for our lunch break
On the Muraglione Pass
Todd, Dane, Chelsea and Scott
Last group shot
some riding...
and last picture stop...
... with the last selfie!

Day 5, rest day ride Urbino - San Marino - Tavullia

Another beautiful ride was awaiting us today! We left our hotel and rode through the enchanting Montefeltro area until we reached San Marino, one of the smallest states in the world. A nice coffee break and we were ready to reach the Adriatic coast for a very good lunch by the sea, before hitting the "Strada Panoramica", playground of many famous motorcyclists... such as Valentino Rossi! And well, being here, we could not miss a visit to Tavullia, hometown of the Doctor... to taste the famous Cappuccino 46!


riding through Montefeltro
the main square of San Marino
we also stopped in Coriano, hometown of Marco Simoncelli. This is the monument dedicated to him
Another picture stop, this time at the Misano World Circuit, where also MotoGP comes every year
bike parking by the sea
a very good (and not cheap!) lunch
reaching Tavullia, the first thing you notice is the ranch, Valentino Rossi's "backyard"!
and here we are, Valentino Rossi's headquarters!
Cappuccino 46
many motorcycle "pilgrims" come here every year

Day 4, riding Perugia - Urbino

Looking at the sky this morning, we were really thinking about changing the route: too many curves for a rainy day! But then we decided to postpone the decision: let's reach Cortona and then we'll see! And well, what a beautiful riding day, we did not have to change route and we could enjoy hundreds of curves, until we reached the gorgeous historical town of Urbino where we are going to spend the next two nights!

first picture stop by lake Trasimeno
in Cortona
beautiful views from the gaps between the houses...
some other impressions of Cortona, today we came in the middle of a medieval fest...
another picture stop, this time at the "Eremo le Celle", founded by St. Francis in the 13th century
coffee break
before reaching the hotel, last picture stop in Urbino.
our beautiful group
parking outside the hotel
We had a walk through the centre before going for dinner. Here the duke's palace
Chelsea and Joice
Judy and Bill
Marise and Numa leading the group... on the way to the restaurant!
we had dinner at the hotel San Domenico. Here a picture of this important saint
waiting for the food...

Day 3, rest day ride Perugia - Orvieto - Assisi

No packing today, a beautiful loop from Perugia to Orvieto and Assisi was waiting for us! Leaving Perugia, we reached Orvieto to admire its magnificent gothic Cathedral, and then after lunch our bikes took us to Assisi, birthplace of St.Francis and Unesco World Heritage Site. Back in Perugia, time to relax a bit... and then pizza time!

The magnificent cathedral of Orvieto, built between 1290 and 1591
Darren and Henry taking pictures...
The Gothic façade of the Orvieto Cathedral is one of the great masterpieces of the Late Middle Ages
Coffee - Lunch break
not considering the motorcycle brands, which one is the most beautiful of these logos? Look well, there is a blue logo with a big white N somewhere...
The wiew from "up high" Orvieto
Assisi, a picture from here is really a must before entering the town!
group shot
A farmer came to see the bikes...
finally in Assisi!

Day 2, riding Firenze - Perugia

Leaving Firenze on a working day was not really an easy task, but a few curves after Piazzale Michelangelo we found ourselves riding in the enchanting Chianti area, with its enchanting hills covered with olive trees and vines. These roads were made thinking about motorcycles, no doubts! After a nice break in Greve, we reached Siena for lunch and then finally headed to Perugia where we are going to spend the next two nights!


the view of Florence from Piazzale Michelangelo
Tour guides at work!
In greve we found room for our bikes close to the famous Macelleria Falorni, a real "supermarket" of local products.
there must be a reason why this region is so green... so rain gear on and let's keep moving!
arrived in Siena
group shot in Piazza del Campo
The famous Torre del Mangia, dominating the Campo square
here comes the rain again...
let's wait a few more minutes...
I just love this car...

Day one, arrival in Firenze

During the night, our bikes made it to the hotel! So, while Donna, Ken and Domenico went for a nice walk through Florence, the poor Ramon had to prepare everything for the welcome briefing and the motorcycle handover. Thank you Ramon, well done!

Bikes are here!
bikes are ready...
Donna and Ken in Florence
welcome briefing, pay attention folks!


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Montag, 6. Juni 2016 um 10:29

We had such a great time! Thanks to Dominico, Ramon and all of our riding friends. Hope to see you out riding again someday.
Sonntag, 5. Juni 2016 um 20:44

Edelweiss planned a wonderful route with great hotels and amazing sights. Our tour guides -- Ramon and Dominico -- tended to every need and supplied us with history and tips about each area where we stopped. What a wonderful way for my wife and me to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary!

Thank you Ramon and Dominco for a spectacular tour!

Samstag, 4. Juni 2016 um 19:19

Great trip! Fantastic riding! Awesome guides! Thanks too for creating the blog and updating it -- I know the family back at home has been looking forward to it every day. Keep up all the great work, Ramon, Dominico, and Edelweiss!
Paul & Donna
Samstag, 4. Juni 2016 um 19:09

Excellent tour that exceeded expectations with brilliant guides that take you on great roads and to places to appreciate Italy at its finest. They told us the history of the places visited and allowed us to enjoy the tour at our pace with time to shop. Domenico's Italian flair, humour and relaxed nature just added to the total experience. I would highly recommend this tour to all wanting to explore Italy on great Italian machinery with great company and experienced knowledgeable tour leaders.
Samstag, 4. Juni 2016 um 08:51

Having the time of our lives. Wonderful motorcycles, guides, riders and scenery. Planning our next one while we still ride on our last day.


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