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Corsica/Sardinia-9SK 2016

Mittwoch, 19. Oktober 2016 | Björn Greibig / Franz Pan / Paul Kustermann | Europa

Who would believe that this Disney Land type castle is just a short jaunt from Bologna. A magical start to a magnificent tour... Here are some visuals from the trip from back to start. We begin however with an extra few days with just one special tour-member on her own private extension (Livorno - Cinque Terre - Gardersee - Merano - Seefeld)

After Livorno - The private section

Mary at the Edelweiss Hütte on top of Jaufenpass (one of the most spectacular peaks in the Austrian alps
A glance to the valley from the way back down
And her at Jaufen's Twin-Peak Timmelsjoch
An exhibition of traditional ancient huts at Molina di Ledro near Gardersee
Vernazza on the famed Cinque Terre coast
The coast line of Corniglia in Cinque Terre
A bit of incliment weather on the Italian coast. We spent this day holding out in our santuary.

The regular Corsica-Sardinia portion

11. Livorno to Bologna

Pisa and his tower ... with Chris!
on the top of the tower of Pisa
Great morning, after one night on the ferry!

10. Arbatax to Olbia

Sunset at the Harbor.
Third and last ferryride on this tour.
sardinian track waiting to be loaded on the ferry .... no comments
Lunch at Dorgali: you can't beat this!
Orgosolo became famous for its murals - wall paintings, old style graffitis

9. Alghero to Arbatax

After hundred of curves...
Ghosttown Gairo
"Mexican crime"
Having a lot of fun!
Mexican-Australian combo.
Our steed at the foot of Tharos
If you look close, you can see some guys jumping from the cliff
The coast line just south of Alghero
Alban in relax mode.
Chris, an Edelweiss World Tourer on his 10th tour.

8. Restday - Alghero

Mary Paul & Chris went exploring the ancient toumbs of the pre-nuragic culturs. Some 5000 years old.
Necropoli di Pottu Codinu
Murals on the buildings of the little town of Borutta
A wonderful lunch in Thiesi
And the day ended with looking for a new tire. The rough roads and rigorous riding on Corsica put the test to the rubber!
While Mary, Chris & Paul were on their discovery excursion, Peter, Alban and some of the gang enjoyed a boat trip in the bay of Alghero.
Time for lunch.
The "window" to the sea.
Captain John
Let's go!

7. Bonifacio to Alghero

Talk about the tour day...
Col de St. Eustache
Making friends on the ferry...
Our fearless guide was the first to conk-out.
It was a short night...
and an early rise...
so everyone had to catch up..
on a bit of needed sleep!
Ferry from Bonifacio to Alghero
Mario and Juan Carlos - what are they always laughing about?
Waiting for the ferry to Sardinia.

6. Ajaccio to Bonifacio

Beautiful view from the hotel in the direction of Sardinia.
...and now they're ready for "take off".
Judy and Kirk prepare the bike...

5. Calvi to Ajaccio

Mountains near Quenza
Juan Carlos is always happy on this tour.
A few kilometers of "fluently riding" just with Chris.
Golfe de Porto
Calanche de Piana
Chris getting a foto
Bjön rolling a "chick"
near Calvi

4. Restday - Asco valley

Remember the Spaghetti Western: Instead of horses they got now Ducatis
Lunch in the Asco valley
After riding we had a swim in the sea.

3. Livorno to Calvi

Mary on the coast of Corsica near Pino
Spectecular view from the mountains.
Dinner at the harbour in Calvi
No comments!
Calvi Fortress
Tight fit on the ferry to Calvi

2. Bologna to Livorno

A group picture at the Ducati factory store.
John and Peter discussing about their preferences between DUCATI and BMW.
Two members in Lucca at the anfitheatro square.
The medieval bridge Ponte delle Maddalena.
Amazing view from the roofgarden of the hotel.

1. Arrivalday in Bologna

Welcome briefing and paperworks are done, so we are READY TO RIDE!



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Kirk Jordan
Donnerstag, 23. Juni 2016 um 18:33

Absolutely wonderful trip. Judy and I had a great time. To those wondering if there is the freedom to travel on your own. The answer is a strong "YES". We did over 90% of the riding by ourselves. Maps, GPS and planning allows for this. Will eventually get photos and videos edited and downloaded to Facebook. Bjorn, Franz and Paul did a great job.
Björn Greibig
Freitag, 24. Juni 2016 um 08:11

Hey Judy and Kirk, nice to hear from you. Thank you for the praise! You were very low-maintenance guests. Hope to see you on one of your next tours! Greetings from Ireland.
Dienstag, 14. Juni 2016 um 13:58

Hallo Alban,

Schön, dich in Italien herumkurven zu sehen

Viele Grüße,
Viktoria Neuner
Montag, 13. Juni 2016 um 12:05

Very very very beautiful pictures Vicky
Samstag, 11. Juni 2016 um 00:30

Hi Alban,hi Chris
Looks all good - nice .to see you again
Regards Ursula
Juan Carlos
Samstag, 4. Juni 2016 um 20:10

Absolutely amazing trip! And the tour guides make all in their hands to create an everlasting memory.
Kirk Jordan
Donnerstag, 23. Juni 2016 um 23:20

Juan Carlos: I did not notice during the trip, but reviewing the blog I notice that your face is getting grungier with each day. Did you leave your razor in DF or CDMX as it is now called? Packing light or just running late in the mornings?
Mario Melgar
Sonntag, 14. August 2016 um 01:53

Hi Kirk:
I don't know if Juan Carlos is aware of your comment, but I take the opportunity to say hello to Judy and you and wish you the best. Juan Carlos is going to be father this Winter and he has only a gig mustache. Best to you all.


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