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Best of Europe

Samstag, 25. Juni 2016 | Claudia Wenhart / Andreas Hermann | Europa

Our last day from Warth back to Erding

Hardly to believe, that our last riding day is already there. Today our highlight on the route is King Ludwig's castle Neuschwanstein. Beautifull sunshine and the cow bells woke us up in the morning.

On curvy roads we went from Warth to Reutte, further on to Neuschwanstein, to take great pictures from the castle. Lunchtime in a typicall bavarian "Biergarden" at lake Staffelsee.

... last group Picture - finally in the sun
Our last briefing - Andy explaining the route
Judy, Dane and David
Let's go!
Judy and Ed
Rose and Bob
Brenda and Dane
.... our perfect sweeper the hole week Murray - THANKS a lot!!!!!

Riding into the Swiss and Austrian alps

Today on the Edelweiss Tour Menu:

The Alps!

We rode along the river Rhine and the Lake of Constance deep into Switzerland. The landscape slowly changes as we approached the mighty mountains of the Alps. One mountain in particular is very visible the whole morning: the Säntis. Would that not be a perfect place for having lunch?

Indeed it was. What a view. With perfect weather... blue sky everywhere.

When you think it can't get better the two mountain passes waited for us: nice curvy roads with fantastic views into deep vallyes. A wonderful scenery after each curve.

And in the end: there is a great hotel waiting for us. With cowbells ringing, a wonderful sorroundings and peaceful scenery.


THIS is what they call "the best ride there is".

Briefing in the morning
The lake of Constance
At the valley station of Säntis cable car
... what a beautifull view!!!! In the background lake Constance.
Judy, David and Brenda on top of Säntis.
Selfie.... always fun!
The final coffee stop on top of Furkajoch.... it was really a hot and sunny day and still snwo is on the mountain top.
our beautiful hotel in the middle of the mountains
Almost there....

Ribeauvillé to Schaffhausen

As much as we all loved France, it was time to head on and so we packed our bags
and jumped on the motorbikes to have another fun riding day in the black forest.

We crossed the rive Rhine and shortly after that we hit the winding roads of
the black forest. On twisty roads we got higher and higher and soon we would end up
in the clouds. So our viewpoint was of high humidity and we all used all our

imagination and enjoyed the view into the whiteout. But soon we left the clouds again on our way down and went through a fantastic landscape, with cows and meadows left and right.

The black forest farmhouses with its roofs going almost all the way to the ground
are all around here.

The road was dry and with a nice mixture of sweepers, small roads, some bumpy parts
and some of perfect tarmac we cruised through the black forest.

We rode down into a deep little vallye and stoped at a little mill. You can easily
imagine that in former times people believed that witches lived here. And so it is
no surprise that our coffeestop is called Hexenlochmühle (witch hole mill) [the
author of this article was really making sure that he got the first letter right
this time ) ].

At the Schluchsee Claudia was waiting for us with a great picknick she prepared.
Black forest bacon, different sausages, some cheese, tomatoes and a lot more waited
for the hungry crew. Thanks Claudia, that was fantastic!

The hills get lower and we are slowly leaving the black forest. But there is one
more highlight.
Schaffhausen is a nice town, but its highlight is certainly the waterfalls of the
Rhine. What an impressive view we had on our last fotostop before we headed to the
hotel where we could enjoy the very nice dinner in our nice hotel in downtown


What we will remember:

- The "incredible view into the clouds"

- the winding sweepers through the black forest

- fantastic coffeestop at the little mill

- of course: Claudias picknick!

- The mighty falls of the River Rhine

The River rhine... boarder between Germany and France
We had a fantastic ride up the mountain... the view was ...hmmm... lets say we knew there is beauty behind all the clouds...
The Hexenlochmühle ("witch hole mill"... with some great cakes and souvenirs...our coffeestop... not bad, isn't it...
short stop at a typical farming house from the 16th century... it is still used and shows all the typical features of a farming house in the black forest (low roof, entrace for the straw, stable on the bottom...)
our picknick at the Schluchsee
Happy couple at the Rhinefalls
Schaffhausen Munot - the impressive fortification high above the city and the river Rhine was built 1564-1589
Fronwagturm - in the past, the big market scale was placed here. Today you can see the astronomical watch dated back to1564 - it shows 10 different possibilities
Funny colourful benches decorate the city of Schaffhausen
The arrival at the picnic spot at Schluchsee.
.... everything is prepared to enjoy the picnic, although the weather isn't pretty good
... ready to start
Bob, Rose and Murray enjoying the different specialities from the Black Forest.
... and the rest of the group too
... another group picture in front of Schluchsee

Restday in Ribeauvillé

A short ride on the restday in Ribeauvillé brought us to Château du Haut-Koeningsbourg. On a loop on small winding and good paved roads we passed Col des Bagnelles, Route de Crêtes and Col du Bonhomme. A really beautifull sunny day ended with a suprise little aperitf picnic in the courtyard of our hotel.

Today we didn't have to pack. We would stay two night in the same hotel in the beautiful town of Ribauville.

Some were up early and had a short walk in town even before the breakfast room opened.
At ten we were ready to roll and started the engines.

Our first stop of the day was the fantastic castle Hochkoenigsburg. It offers a great view into the Rhine vallye all the way into the black forest. And through the mist you could even see a little bit of the swiss Jura mountains.

ON twisty roads we coninued through the Alsace mountains. A great riding day. Not too hot, not too cold... just perfect.

On Col de la Bonhomme we had a little lunchbreak before we were up for more twisty roads. A what a fantastic live we have...

We are really a fun group. Wherever we stop there is joyful laughter and big smiles. But the next stop made everybody a little bit sad.
On the Lingenkopf the first world war had one of the worst battles. More than 17000 poeple died on an area as big as two football fields. Fiercly german and french soldiers fought for a few weeks for this little piece of land.
Some of them where just exhumed in the 70s and little crosses mark their place of death.
What a waste of live that was.... but this is all part of history of these peaceful looking hills.

We decided that we wanted to see a little bit more of the nice town of Ribauville and took the next shortcut back to the hotel.

Claudia was waiting for us with some local snacks which we enjoyed still in riding gear...

A little bit of wine shopping and a good dinner finished a perfect riding day...

What we will remember:

- a lot of twisty roads

- nice hills, great views

- the neighbours at lunch who were eating coock ledooockledooo (=rooster)

- the madness of WW1 vs. the beauty of the landscape: what a contrast

- yummie food at the arrival

Happy riders...
The killingfiels on the Lingenkopf (WW1)
The trenches are still visible. The cross mark where they found a soldier in the 70s...

The beauty of the Alsace is incredible...
Some specialities from Alsace and beer for the guys and Cremant for the ladies
...Judy, Brenda and Ed enjoying the relaxing atmosphere
Dani and David
Rose and Rob
Murray had a relaxing day in Ribeauvillé and discovered the little village.
...tourguide sometimes have different "rooms" in the hotels ... Andy in his own house in Ribeauvillé

Ein bißchen Schwarzwald und rüber nach Frankreich

Todays episode of Edelweiss goes BEST OF EUROPE brought us from Heidelberg through

the black forest into France.

It started all well with a nice group picture in front of the famous Heidelberg

bridge. The sun was shining and everybody was excited to get into the black forest.

One bike (we will not mention any brand here...) decided that the first gear would

be enough for its rider.
All friendly words from the tourguide did not help and so we had to get the spare

bike out of the van (easy) and get the 1-geared bike into the van (not so easy but

with quite some excitement and fun).

So after that unexpected break the real tour could continue.

Some time on the autobahn and then into the black forest. The hills get higher, the

valleys deeper and the curves tighter.

The Mummelsee with a great view into France, some local food, and more curves,

curves, curves.

What else you want when travelling on a motorbike...
Oh yeah, see some nice old towns and see some more countries on the way!

And so we crossed the river Rhine and rode into France. Into to fantastic town of

Ribauville. Not easy to pronounce, but what a pretty little town.
Small houses, narrow roads, cobblestone...

... easy to guess which bike it was
Bob happy with his K1600
Judy and Ed at our fotostop right before Mummelsee, overlooking the Rhiine valley
Mermaid Brenda and Aquarius Dani
Stork's nest on a house in Ribeauvillé
Nice decorated houses here

Another beautiful riding started and we had good luck, nearly no rain today. We started from Rothenburg ob der Tauber to the monastery Schöntal, which was first mentioned in 1157. We headed on to Jagtshausen, Hirschhorn and arrived early in Heidelberg.


We started our day in perfect sunshine, even though the forecast was not promising at all.

Dark clouds rolled in from the west and it looked like we would hit some rain at some point...

But first we enjoyed the fantastic rolling hills of farmland all around. rich green cornfiels and a nice tarmac road in between.

After our fotostop in Langenburg we descended to the valley of the River Jagst and followed it all the way to the monestary of Schöntal, where we had a coffestop in the sun.

 The sky was full of dark clouds, but beside a free 5 minute bike-wash we stayed dry. yipiieehh!

The Jagstvalley is full of nice birds, brigdes and little neat towns. It brought us all the way to the river Neckar on which shore we followed along for while. A neat little restaurant offered some local food and a great view on a castle and the Neckar with it's boats.

Hirschhorn, a great castle up on the hill offers a great view on the valley and for sure we would not miss this. So we enjoyed the view before we continued to follow the Neckar all the way to Heidelberg.

The van is always with you and sometimes a challenge to get it there....
David and Murray departing from the hotel.
... are they curious?
No Brenda an Judy were just admiring the roses
... also some romantic moments
Our group with David, Murray, Brenda, Daniel, Rose, Rob, Judy and Ed
Little village Hirschhorn
Our Hotel Ritter St. Georg in Heidelberg, dated back to 1592.
The Towers from the Bridge crossing the river Neckar.

Our first riding day brought us from Erding to Au in der Hallertau. This area is well-known for the cultivation of hops, which is used for producing beer. They grow on hop poles.

Unfortunately the hole morning in the rain - we warmed us up with a hot coffee in a nice spot in Vohburg.

Judi and Ed
Rose, Rob and Murray
David, Branda and Daniel
Not the right boots for the rain??????
Help yourself with the brand new blue plastic model!!! Aren't they très chic???

Our next stop was Eichstätt, where we had lunch and a short visit in the dome.

On our way a typical maypole "Maibaum" hand carved.

Finally we arrived in Rotheburg ob der Tauber and unbelievable for the last 60 km NO rain.

Typical German specialities for dinner, asparagus soup, Schäufele with dumplings and appelstrudel.

After dinner we went out for the night watchman city tour. It was so interesting and funny.

Brenda in front of the Christmas museum
Brenda and Claudia

Best of Europe started today with our Welcomebriefing in Parkhotel Erding. We are a mixed group with guests from America, Canada and Australia.



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Freitag, 17. Juni 2016 um 16:12

Hey Claudi
Viel Spass!! Schade, dass Du nicht etwas näher kommst.Wenigstens ist ein gutes Bier auf dieser Reise gewährleistet
Claudia Wenhart
Freitag, 17. Juni 2016 um 18:02

Hallo Gaby,
Danke Dir für Deinen Nachricht. Sind heute in Rothenburg ob der Tauber angekommen, aber leider hat es fast den ganzen Tag geregnet. Zum Schluss hatten wir aber die wohlverdiente Sonne.
Bis bald, ganz liebe Grüße Claudia


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