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Alps Extreme 4AE

Samstag, 25. Juni 2016 | Thomas Hölzl / Angela | Europa

Time to say goodbye!
A great Alps Extreme Tour comes to an end. A week full of great impressions, a million curves, passes without end, rain, snow, heat, great hotel and a great group!
So motorcycling makes fun!
Thanks to all those involved - hope to see you back soon!
Angela and Thomas
After the Stelvio Pass we have also defeated on the last day the Timmerljoch! Yes we did it .......
A photo for the family album!
A short stop on the Jaufen.
The many curves drawing in each face a smile!
The BMW twins on the Passo delle Erbe.
Even the last driving day of Toblach to Innsbruck, impressed with a great landscape!
Was macht Tourguide Thomas da?
Skifahren, surfen, ?????
A long day ends with a "Boot Beer" from - what could be better ???
The scenery is just stunning!
Who is the photo model here?
The mountain or our Korean Guest!
Short stop on the way to Passo Duran!
Day 5: From Levico it goes through the beautiful Dolomites to Toblach!
The route takes it through 8 passes with felt 1 Million curves!
Our BMW twins swims at night in Levico Terme.
At this tour we have not only on the bike fun! Also at the briefings and the common breakfasts and dinner there is always something to laugh about!

Our Korean Gueste love Italian food! Pasta, beef, pizza ......

The Schauderterasse with great views of Lake Garda is amazing!
The road for lunch looks from spectacular! By motorbike it is too!
Day 4 of this magnificent Alps Extreme tour brings us to Lake Garda! When the sun shines a very special experience!

Tour Guide Angela with her new business card!


Monte Bondone - perfect weather - perfect street - perfect bikes - life is beautiful!
Our BMW twins!
The two first met at the BMW Riding Days in Korea last year - now they are on tour together .....

On the way to Monte Bondone - a highlight of the third day!

Our Korean Harley Boys - in the background of Lake Molveno and the Brenta Dolomites!
In the spring they were still at a Harley meeting in Japan - now they are in beautiful Italy - on a BMW ........

Molveno and in the background the Brenta Group!
We arrived in the real Italy and the weather is perfect!
The T-shirts from the Passo di Stelvio fit perfectly!

On the way to Mortirolo Pass, we have found a beatiful Alm.
A glass of fresh milk and the last few kilometers could come .......

On the way to Bormio! The high Alpine region with its rugged rocks is impressive!
Unfortunately we could not go to Passo di Gavia. A rockslide blocked the road!

Search picture!
Who is missing?
Driving day two: Fiss to Monte Penegal!
250 Kilometers with curves and curves and curves .........
The Passo di Stelvio, 2780 meters high, is the highlight of the day!
48 hairpin bends, great weather, our Korean guests love it!
The first great driving day is over! Our beautiful hotel in Fiss with the motorcycles in front of the door!
2750 above sea level, 0 degrees, snowfall but the atmosphere is great!
Our Korean guests were traveling for the first time with motorcycles in the snow!
A short stop at 2000 meters above sea level in the Dorfstadl at the Kühtai!
Our Korean guests enjoy the best "Apfelstrudel" in the world .....
The first day!
The group from Korea is ready and looking forward on the first kilometers in the Alps!
The route is from Innsbruck via the Kühtai and the Kaunertal glacier to Fiss!
The first evening - original Korean food in Innsbruck!
The atmosphere is perfect!
Tomorrow we start the tour - Kühtai and the Kaunertal Glacier are the first two highlights!
The first time on the bikes!
Everyone smiles!
The BMW fit perfectly!
Alps Extreme! Tour Guides Angela de Haan and Thomas Hölzl looking forward to a nice group from Korea!


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Claudia Wenhart
Dienstag, 21. Juni 2016 um 18:31

Hello Angela and Thomas,
that looks funny, riding in the snow. Hopefully the weather is getting better, but for the next days it should be.
Dienstag, 21. Juni 2016 um 14:04

Hello to our friends from Korea & Angela & Thomas,
So nice to finally see all of you on the road and of course to see all the smiling faces. Oh I pray for great weather for you and many many more nice curves + will keep watching your blog.
Karin (your booking agent)


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