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Pyrenees Extreme 1601

Donnerstag, 30. Juni 2016 | Björn / Michael Göbel | Europa

Riding Day 1 - Castelldefels to Avellanes

The first riding day of our Pyrenees Extreme Tour started with ab bit of everything. In the morning it rained a little and we warmed us up on the twisty roads around Begues before we visited the Monistrol de Montserat in perfect sunshine. We visited the Castle in Cardona and just before we reached Berga it started raining so quickly, that we were soaked before we could put our rain gear on. When we continued it even started to hail as we got deeper into the mountains. So we were all very happy to reach the lunch spot. We decided to leave the mountain area and that was just the right decision, as it stopped raining as soon as we reached Solsona. And then we dryed up quickly as we were going up the Coll de Boixols. After a challenging riding day with all kinds of different weather conditions, temperatures and curves we arrived at the Monestir de Avellanes. What an exciting day!

Roxanne and Errol at the pool
First stop at the Montserrat mountains
Time for a coffee
Maury leaving Cardona Castle

Riding Day 2 - Avellanes to Pamplona

We started our second riding day with a little road going up from Ager to the 1688 m high mount Santales from where we had a wonderful view over the area. We continued to Tremp and enjoyed our first pass road. After riding alongside the "Panta d' Escales" we hit two more pass roads and had lunch at a very nice little spanish restaurant. The whole day we were riding in perfect sunshine and we could barely reach our hotel in the city centre of Pamplona as the whole city seemed to be on the streets to celebrate the local soccer club.

Mount Santales
Maury, Vince and Micheal at the mountain top.
Robert on his XR
Coffee stop in Tremp

Riding Day 3 - Pamplona to San Sebastian and back

On the third day of our tour almost everybody got on the bike to visit San Sebastian. We enjoyed our lunch right at the beach before we went back to Pamplona through the countryside. In the evening there was enough time to visit the city centre of Pamplona and have a look at the places, where the bull run festival takes place every year. We closed the day with a visit at a nice Italian restaurant.

Lunch at San Sebastian
the beach
Dinner back in Pamplona

Riding Day 4 - Pamplona to Luz Saint Sauveur

Today we crossed the border into France and found out that on this side of the mountains the roads are much more bumpy and narrow. We discoverd a nice restaurant for lunch and went up all the way to the Col d Aubisque.

The lunch place that provided a very good three course menu
Fred relaxing at the Col de Spandelles

Riding Day 5 - Luz Saint Sauveur to Ax les Thermes

Today we enjoyed the nice little backroads of the french side of the Pyrenees. The first pass road was already the Col de Tourmalet which is a famous Tour de France pass. In some parts the quality of the roads was very bad and there was a lot of gravel on the road. It was also very hot with temperatures up to 35 degrees centigrade.

The group at the Col de Tourmalet
Michael and Charles enjoying the view
Reuniting with Robert on top of the Col de Port
Waiting for dinner at the hotel

Riding day 6 - Ax les Thermes to Argeles sur mer

Today we went back to the coast of the mediteranean see. We enjoyed the 50 km long pass road N-260 between Puigcerdà and Ripoll. In the afternoon it became even hotter than the day before and after we reached the hotel we all went into the pool to cool us down. What a nice day!

what a nice road
Cooling us down in the pool

Riding day 7 - back to Castelldefels

Our last riding day took us from Argeles along the coast to the small town of Cadaques. Later we visited the beach at Loret de Mar and went back to the hotel in Castelldefels. I think this tour was a great adventure and a lot of fun for everyone as we all did a great job on the bikes.

The coast close to Roses
Roxanne and Errol with the statue of Dali in Cadaques
Hard to find a parking slot between all the scooters
beach at Loret de Mar


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Errol Reichow
Dienstag, 28. Juni 2016 um 21:12

The fun meter was pegged on this whirlwind tour of the exceptional Pyrenees and the only thing better than the riding and scenery was Michael and Bjorn. Roxanne and I did not know really what to expect and now we will never forget. I know I speak for the majority of the group in saying it may me nice for awhile to have those long straight highway rides but when the urge to turn and burn should come around you'll be the first to know. Words will always fall short but in simplicity a very sincere thank you.
Rick Giroux
Dienstag, 28. Juni 2016 um 05:02

I'm still tired!!! what a great trip! I still see corners when I close my eyes, too.

Thanks to Bjorn and Michael for being such great guides.
Charles cronenweth
Sonntag, 26. Juni 2016 um 09:49

What a great riding adventure with Edelweiss on the Pyrenees Extreme tour. The quality of the roads and the scenery were fantastic and this tour exceeded my expectations. Turn after turn after turn for 7 days made me a better rider and more appreciate of the level of expertise among the group. It was a great experience for me!
Greg Garcia
Freitag, 24. Juni 2016 um 20:10

This is my second "extreme" tour with Edelweiss. Both have been absolutely fantastic!! The tour guides are true motorcycle enthusiasts and fantastic riders. It's not for newbies by any stretch, but if you have a fair amount of experience on mountain roads and come alive when you see twisties, this is the trip for you! And it's a bargain for what you get. Can't wait to do another one!
Lu Rosa
Mittwoch, 22. Juni 2016 um 21:42

We are having a spectacular time


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