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Pyrenees Classic 1601

Donnerstag, 14. Juli 2016 | Pierre Baumgärtner / Mirko Heilhecker | Europa

Pyrenees Classic

Riding Day 6: Mollo to Casteldelfels 

Morning briefing by Pierre, explaining the Route, Highlights of the day and Saftey Tips.
Arriving the Mediterrian Coast "Costa Brava" with a breathtaking view to Tossa dem Mar.
Darrell, Lee, James, Dwaight and Kelli between Sant Feliu de Guixols and Loret de Mar
Darrell giving a Performance of "Whiskey Drinking Woman".... oh it was spectacular.... Thanks for that as well as your special version of New York New York
Thank you guys for a wonderful week togethe, we hope to see you soon again Saludos Pierre & Mirko

Riding Day 5: Carcassone to Mollo

Today we are leaving beautiful Carcasonne Riding south back to Spain.
After hundreds of curves with hardly any traffic we were surprised by a wunderful Picnic prepared by Pierre.
all Bio and Local food
Fideua Marisca the Catalane Paella with noodles seafood, which was delicious.

Riding Day 4: Restday Carcasonne

Leaving Carcassone at 9:00 am to make a nice Loop through Languedoc Roussillon
Along the Canal du Midi
Some of the group decided to stay in town and typical Dish " Cassoulet"
In the evening we found a nice "Edelweiss" Weizenbier
Which James immiedatly tried
And Mirko the TG as well
The group relaxing before going for lunch..
Dinner in Carcassone with Foia Gras and Cassoulet.

Riding Day 3: Peramola to Carcasonne

After the morning briefing everybody is ready to ne in 3 countries during the day. Leaving Spain, crossing Andorra and resting in France
Kelli riding up curve by curve
on the pass between Andorra and France
happy Darrell
before ist going down to France with "zero" traffic
and with spectacular panoramic view

Riding Day 2: Restday Peramola

Hundreds of curves are waiting today to get discovered. The theme of today are some passes and valleys with breathtaking Views.
Dwight , Kelli, Lee, James, Darrell, from left
Kelli and Dwight.
and a nice Edelweiss Café which we found in the middle of nowhere.... like the flower itself.
St. Antonio Deposit Lake from the east side
and from tze west side
James at the Rio Segre in Sort, famous for Kajaking and Rafting
Lee, Dwight, and Kelli
Lee, Darrell and Mirko making jokes..
while Kelli, Dwight, and Jim are discussing the highlights of the day

Riding Day 1: Casteldelfels to Peramola

After the Morning Briefing the Bikes are ready to serve the Adventure
Montserrat was the first stop in this day. Beautiful Abbey on top of sone pittoresk rocks.
Spectacular View from the top of Montserrat
and from the Bottom up
After a Hot summer day with a 1st day warm up of curves into the Pyrenees all have arrived at the wonderful Hotel in Peramola and were looking forward to get into the Pool.

Arrival in Casteldelfels 

Barcelona, Sunday June 26th, 35° Cesius, Perfect conditions to Welcome our guests for the upcoming exciting Pyrenees Classic Tour.....
Welcome Briefing which includes Country, Culture Information of the upcoming Tour and of course Safety Tips and Insider knowledge.
Listening carefully and with a lot of interest
Welcome Dinner. From left: Lee and James from Montana and Reicht, Belli and Darrell (Rabbit) from Colorado


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Paul Kustermann
Donnerstag, 30. Juni 2016 um 13:17

He Mirko... looks like fun. Have a good one.
Cheers! Paule


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