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... and back to Vienna: Kings & Castles is over (CKC1601)

Sonntag, 31. Juli 2016 | Thomas Ritt / Thomas Kastner | Europa

...and take care guys. Keep your sunny side up

..and also our danube ferry. (especially the pretty service before we entered the boat)
...and of course, we had a lot of fun at this trip. For instance in Cicmany (Czech Rep)

Thanks for coming, guys! Hope to see you on another one soon!

The group at the site of the Paneuropean Picknick of August 19, 1989, where the Iron Curtain started to crumble. A historic picnic location...
... so we had a picnic!

A great day of sightseeing in Budapest

The Parliament Building
Fisherman's Bastion and St. Matthew's Cathedral
King Stephen, first king of Hungary, lived around the year 1000
Yes, of course. Obviously.
Now who is the boss here?
Spectacular panorama of Pest, with the Chain Bridge and the Parliament in the back.
The Zero km milestone
Great Market
Welcome to my humble home...
Bridge climbing Budapest style
Meanwhile, at the hotel...
Beautiful picnic spot in the Slovakian mountains
... and we ended our walking tour with an excellent dark beer in 'pud wabelem'
... Anthony has checked some modern art..
... visited the Wawel Castle, one of the main sights of Krakow...
We have started our walking tour in Krakow at the main gate of the defense wall...
After a long riding day... Not everybody did the last steps and the 30min walk up to the castle Stary Jicin.
The High Tatras are the worlds smallest "real" mountain range
The 600 year-old wooden church in Debno
Tony, entering Slovakia.
Lovely collection of beautiful road signs...
Around here, storks are not an endangered species!

When it comes to riding Day 7 is probably the best day on the Kings&Castles Tour. Beautiful curvy roads along the ridges of the Giant's and the Eagle's Mountains, dense forest, crystal-clear creeks, beautiful sunshine, no traffic. We had a great picnic lunch, visited a WWII bunker and covered 200 miles of tiny roads. Good day!

nice view to oldtown centre of cesky krumlov.
caution: this picture may contain some product placement!
5 guys and 3 three countries. Leaving Germany, entering Poland for 15 min and be back in the czech republic. It was a great ride
After 2 raining days we had good weather again - and could enjoy the scenery of Bastei.
No smile! - for the guards of the kings castle. Anthony can. Parker is not sure yet.
Walking tour in Prague - Anthony is fooling around in front of the National Museum
On the way to Dresden's old town for some serious sightseeing!
Panoramic view from the top of the Frauenkirche
Inside the "Zwinger"
After a day of riding in pouring rain Andrew decided it's time for a new, 100% waterproof suit. He bought this beautiful Streetguard and it immediately stopped raining. Thanks Andrew!

We're back in the eastern part of Central Europe, another Kings&Castles tour is on the way. Vienna to Budweis was on the agenda today, a lovely, scenec ride along the Danube and then, after lunch, through the woods of the Waldviertel region to CZ. It was a hot day, very dry, so it's time for some Pilsner or Budvar now. Cheers!

Across the Danube by ferry. Much more fun than a bridge!
The "Big Nose" of the Wachau. In case you can't tell, this is art!
Approaching Weißenkirchen, home of the Riesling grape.
Tony really likes the pumpkin dip, Andrew's not sure yet.
Czech Republic. Pilsen. Budweis. Beer.


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Thomas Ritt
Dienstag, 26. Juli 2016 um 16:30

Thanks for the pics, Alex!


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