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The North Cape Tour

Montag, 8. August 2016 | Danilo Perini / Lukas Schiebe | Europa

After long hours riding, seeing wild animals on the way and enjoying the amazing landscape, we finally made to get to the North Cape!
Traffic jam in Norway
Lyngen Lodge Hotel
the Charming Lyngen Lodge Hotel
Just fond out we have an artist in the Group. Friends on Tour!! Han´s Masterpiece..nice work dude!!
enjoying the afternoon
Polar Park
visit to the Polar Park today
always meeting new Bikers on the our way! have fun at the HOG meeting mate!
Outdoors daily briefing
Han relaxing after celebrating his birthday last night! best wishes mate!!!
Gao finally got his riding gear...thanks to Lukas´s effort of going all the way back to the airport
Beautiful day at the charming village of Henningsvaer!
Climb wall
On our way to a midnight safari!
Ma & Han
ready for another day...
Lofoten islands - Henningsvaer
Lofoten islands
Lofoten islands
First stop after the Ferry at Moskenes
arctic circle
on the road to arctic circle
After spending the first evening and the next morning trying to find the bags that didn't show up at the airport, we are finally ready to go!
Lost riding gear....rain...no, nothing upset these guys! always smiling and ready for fun!
Here I am at Trondheim! Beautiful city surrounded by nature, looking forward to start the North Cape Tour!


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Montag, 1. August 2016 um 11:05

Dear Rick Sun & Friends > it's great to see you arriving on the tour and I very much hope your trip will be blessed with sunshine and great weather! Take care + I will watch you travelling!


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