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High Alpine Tour - HAT 1604

Sonntag, 14. August 2016 | Ramon Christ / David Hien | Europa

After another stop to visit "Monastery Ettal" and a really good Lunch - wie finished our Tour.

Had an enjoyable " Farewell Dinner" and - next  morning - also breakfast all together.

"Good By". Have a good flight back home, and a good time  when you continue your Vacation! 


Before wie Start the guided Tour wie strolled a bit around and relax, a lot to see.                                          It seems all  - here Angus and Mel - enjoyed it, good so.

Next Castle - "Linderhof" the hunting Castle of the King.
We did a guided Tour inside - englisch Language, of course - unbelivable what wie saw!
Fotostopp by famous King Ludwigg II Castle "Neuschwanstein"

Day 6 - back to Hotel Henry in Erding

A really remarkable Bridge on the way to our lovely Hotel in Warth!

Day 5

Group is ready for a Coffeebreak - it´s a little bit "chilly" uphill in the "High Alps"

Restday and Day Four

The group in front of the Glacier on the Gavia Pass


Mel in front and Pam & Terry on 2450 meters over see level

they just ned to climb an other 307 meters


Kathy on Bob in switchback 31 just 17 left


Angus on his way to the top of Stelvio


On the rest days ride the group enjoyed the great view from the "Mount Penegal"

in the back the city of Bozen

David prepared uns a very nice Picnic on Falzarego Pass, in the middle of the Great "Dolomite Mountains"!

Thank you David!

After more "Pass Collection by Bike" we rode with a Cable Car to the Top of  "Seiser Alm" and finally wie reach our Hotel in Bozen - Capital of South-Tyrol"! Here we enjoyed to have Dinner in the Garden under big "Chestnut Trees"! GREAT!

The "3 Zinnen" - Three Sisters. The Parking lot was "Overkills, so the Police closed the Road to!
Lago Misurina, a very nice Place for a Coffee Break!
Today wie Start - After a good Breakfast - by nice Weather again. Soon wie came to the Austrian-Italy Border. Italy, the Land of Pizza, Pasta and good Red Wine is waiting for us!

Third Day

"Special" for us a original Austrian "Brass Band" was playing for us on Top of the Großglockner "High Alpine Road", are they "honor" our "Hard Day Work"?
Then we finished our very nice riding, parkt our "Iron Horses" in Front of the "Hotel Traube" in Lienz and hat a lot to Talk by Dinner Time.
Ah, Yes - here they are!
And Mel ..... We missed Terry& Pam, where are they?
Bob & Kathy
We alredy did it - "Großglockner" highest Mountain in Austria
We continue on small, windy Roads and crossed the Border to Austria
First Stop by the big bavarian Lake "Cheimsee

Second Day

Next Morning wie start by beautifull weather, heating South.

First Day

International Tour Members!
Terry and Pamela - Traveller`s from New Sealand
"Mel" Larson, live in Manitoba
Kathleen and "Bob" from New Jersey
Angus came all the way from the "Fidjis"

A New "High Alpine Tour" started on Friday, August 6. in Erding, Bavaria



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Bob & Kathy Wright
Dienstag, 23. August 2016 um 02:48

Tail end Charlie finally posts on the blog. The tour was so good that we want to come back next year. Our group made the trip extra special. The tour guides allowed us to enjoy the riding, scenery, food and accommodations. They were the best GPS ever. Raymon and David gave advice, guidance and history that added to the experience. Thanks again to all.
Freitag, 19. August 2016 um 09:55

Hi all together!
Great to hear that, thank´s for all comments! Very nice, thank you so much!
I also enjoyed the Tour and ride together!
Hope we see us on your next Tour!, all the Best!
Angus Black
Donnerstag, 18. August 2016 um 23:03

I can only echo what Pam and Mel have said. An absolutely amazing tour, which ran like clockwork and provided the best motorcycling experience possible, bar none.
The incredible food and lavish accomodation was merely the icing on the cake.
Many, many thanks to David and Ramon
Mel Larson
Samstag, 13. August 2016 um 23:33

What a week...the Grossglockner Pass, the Stelvio, the Gavia, the Albula, the Bernina and many others. Switchbacks and sweepers. Unparalleled alpine vistas. Great food and friendship. The best seven days I've spent on two wheels!
Pam Sanson
Samstag, 13. August 2016 um 11:31

Fantastic Tour. Just the right amount of days. Incredible scenery and great Tour Guides Raymon and Dave. The best Motorcycling we have ever experienced. Thankyou


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