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Guided City Tour Florence

Samstag, 10. September 2016 | Ursula Peter | Europa

Villa Pitiana - our start hotel 

The Tour of Tuscany is on the start. The day before Edelweiss always offers  a Guided City Tour downtown Florence. We are happy to welcome nearly the whole group to the beauty of this Renaissance town. Stay tuned, more will be on tomorrow....

Dinner at the Villa

the Medici Chapel in San Lorenzo was our first highlight

Bill was even surprised by the beauty of the scaffolding

50 members of the Medici family are buried here

Original Michelangelo - 2 tombs of the Medici

Palazzo Riccardi

Tiffany and Dan

the "Gates of Paradise" from Ghiberti

Il Duomo

they couldn`t top the church for 100 years. They just didn`t know how to do it. Until the genious architect Bruneleschi came. That`s him, still looking on the masterpiec of architecture

another original of Michelangelo - the Bacchus

The Bargello

The Bargello has so much to offer and is really a hidden treasure, no lines, no cruise ship crowds - awesome

another original Michelangelo - Mother Mary with the child

Santa Croce - the second biggest church in Florence

lunch in the middle of the town on a very quite place

Piazza Signoria with the David

round the corner are the Uffici Gallery - the biggest collection of art in the world.

Here Galileo Gallilei - "and yes it´s moving"

Ponte Vecchio - the only bridge in Florence which was not blown up by the Germans at the end of WW II

the whole day was a big WOW

Tiffany at Tiffany`s

Via Tuornabuoni - the street of all the disigners

and ice cream at the end of a day with lots of impression on Piazza Santa Maria Novella

These guys are very skilled.

We have to go back to Villa Pitiana - the welcome briefing will start in an hour


Thank you everybody - it was a pleasure guiding you



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