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European Bike Week - Faaker See - biggest HD Weekend in Europe!(5EB1601)

Montag, 12. September 2016 | Jens Ruprecht | Europa

So guys - our trip is over... Don´t be sad, we had a great time!

See you somewhere on the road, maybe in Cuba, maybe China - you never know!


Your tourguides Ray and Jens

See you somewhere...
isn´t it great?
bikes are everywhere!

Day 8 Cortina - Seefeld

Is it really true? Today is our last riding day?

We cross for the last time some of the most beautiful Alpine Passes like Falzarego, Grödner Joch and Penser Joch, then back over the Brenner Pass into Austria where we end in beautiful Seefeld...

somewhere... after endless turns!
Pizza Time!
Can you smell it?
Misurina lake, close to Cortina
Cole and Nicole
another beautiful Day!
just fun...

Day 7 Villach - Cortina d´Ampezzo

Good Bye Faak... we are riding into Italy again to discover the beauty of the world famous Dolomites!


and in the evening... a nice Beer, check out the name... Edelweiss!
and Italy...
and everywhere... great Harleys!!!
Slovenian Coke for free... we know why!
Into Slovenia... just behind the "Wurzenpass"

Day 6 Restday Ride - half day 3 Countries - Austria, Slovenia and Italy and back to Austria!

Rammstein alias Stahlzeit... what a concert!
later at night...
Free Beer!!!
never seen this before...
coming out of the "Casino"
Fat Boy 2017...
new Harley models...
isn´t it great?
great food!!!
nice bikes...

Day 5 - Faaker See

Today... easy going... after a first night at the lake... we spend today a full day at several Harley locations, before we go there for the second night...

Here some impressions!

Giant of Steel - Lake of Faak!
just beautiful!
no policeman... just one the best horses in the world...
We are visiting a state owned farm for the world famous "Lippizaner horses"
cloudy in the morning... and a little chilly...

Day 4 Fohnsdorf - Villach(close to the Faaker See)

After two days in clouds finally the sun came out... and the closer we got to the "Faaker See" the more Harles are on the road!

We will spend 3 nights at Villach to enjoy this great Biker Party at its best - the locals expect more than 100 000 bikes!!!

Our little Guesthouse... just perfect!
a glass of wine??
Today is Jaguar´s day...
At the Red Bull Ring, checking the visitor center...

Happy People!

Day 3 Gmunden - Fohnsdorf

Through the mountains on wet roads... sorry, not too many pictures...

Fresh fish is good....!
Checking out the local market in Gmunden...

Day 2 Salzburg - Gmunden

After a visit of Salzburg´s old town we had to check out the local Harey Dealer...

Later on we visited the famous Eagles Nest, full of history, before we continued to the beautiful lake of Gmunden.


Hi guys out there,

First of all I would like to say - welcome to join us on this wonderful trip!

We are going to explore the Alps on brandnew Harley Davidson motorcycles and we will visit a lot of great places. But maybe the most impressive will be the


Welcome to the Alps!

10 days - 4 countries

Austria, Germany, Slovenia and Italy - what a great trip!

Here some Impressions of our tour:






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