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Rome to Sicily

Sonntag, 16. Oktober 2016 | Claudia Wenhart / Pablo Piferrer | Europa

Last riding day Agrigento to Catania

Already our last day.....

Today our highlight was Villa Romana  del Casale in Piazza Armerina. We went out of Agrigento in direction to Favara, Canicatti and stopped for a coffee in Sommatino. On nice country roads we passed Riesi and Mazzarino. We visited Villa Romana del Casale, which was constructed in the first quarter of the 4th century AD. It contains the richest and most complex collection of Roman mosaics in the world. Very famous the Bikini girls mosaic. We had an amazing lunch near the Villa and carried on to Aidone, where dense fog was waiting for us and reached our final hotel in Catania in the afternoon.

Thank you everybody for a great tour, we hope you enjoyed your trip with us and see you all again anywhere in the world.

Kind regards

Claudia & Pablo

Our honeymooners, Julie and Marc
Josef, Claudia and Rob
Rebecca, Russ and Jim
Fran, Emily, Jeff and Cindy
... relaxed atmosphere in the bar, Russ, Michael and Claudia
The mosaic the big hunt in Villa Casale
The famous bikini mosaic
... Tom happy with his Vespa poster from Raddusa, the shop repaired his flat tire... perfect.

Cefalù to Agrigento

We left Cefalù in direction west on the coast road before we turned into the mountains again. Caccamo was our first stop for a quick coffee. Than we headed on To Roccapaluma an into the forest of Ficuzza, where Claudia was waiting with another yummy picnic for us. And after lunch we turned into the real "Mafia" area, Corleone and Prizzi were on our way before we went backt to the coast to Agrigento. In Corleone one of the dangerous Mafia clans was founded there and a lot of Mafia bosses were born here. Agrigento is famous for the Valle dei Templi, one of the most outstanding examples of the Greater Greece art.

Tom and Patty
Valle die Templi
Michael on his Kawasaki Z 1000
.... Mafia village !!!
... everybody happy
Tom, Patty, Rob and Marc
... Cindy, totally relaxed on her G 650 GS.... cool!!!
What a breakfast terrace in Cefalù!!

Taormina to Cefalù

Another beautifull day in Sicily. We went south in direction Catania, before we than turned right directly into the mountains. We had a quick coffee in Randazzo and carried on to Cesaró. Back at the coast we stopped for a yummy lunch with huge amounts of pasta in Marina di Caronia. Some adventurers took the longer route to the mountains and stopped in Sperlinga for an amazing lunch. And over a sudden the owner of the bar gave them the key to the castle to visit it on their own.... very cool and exciting.


Our group in Taormina
Brian and Cindy
Josef and Pablo
Tom, Patty and Pablo
Robert and Fran
Rebecca and Rodger
Emily and Jeff

Restday in Taormina

On the program for today was a small loop around Mount Etna. We started at 10 and took it easy on a curvy mountain road directly through the lava fíelds of the tallest active volcano in Europe. It's about 10.922 feet high and is the highest mountain in Italy south of the Alps. The last volcanic eruption was this year in May.

... perfect weather for that ride
Ladies having fun at the coffee spot
Jeff and Brian too
Cindy and Brian
Jeff & Emily and Brian

From Italy to Sicily

Today is the day, when we'll get to Sicily. Before we stopped at a beautifull little town Scilla, the Ruffo Castle - a fortress - is overlooking the beach.

The ferry departs from Villa San Giovanni through the strait of Messina directly into Messina. We went north and had a great lunch at the beach After lunch a great mountain pass back to the coast was waiting for us. A lot of amazing curves made us happy. Finally we ended up in Taormina, where we stay for two nights.

Little fortress of Scilla
Amazing views everywhere
Our group

Maratea to Tropea

After heavy rain in the morning, we took it easy at breakfast and started when it was nearly over. Went further south on the coastal road and than turned into the mountains in direction Altomonte. This was our lunchspot for today. But going to this spot was again a real adventure, a small tiny path, that seems to be a dead end brought us directly into that town

Lunch was faboulus - a lot of - never ending - different local specialities. Down in the valley we took a part on the highway to turn afterwards again on a small road through the hilly countryside back to the coast. Sometimes the shortest direct way to the hotel brings fun !

Thanks for that day! 

Rodger and Rebecca
Josef, Brian and Cindy
... what's going on here????

Pompeii to Maratea

A wonderful sunny day is waiting for us. We went out of Pompeii on a small mountain road in direction back to the Amalfi coast. Our sightseeing spot for today was Paestum, a old greek temple.

We stopped at a buffalo mozzarella production, where we had a great picnic. And the most favorite street in the afternoon was the SS18. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed the curvy riding.

View to Salerno
... top secret... who is that?
Relaxed coffee stop
... or the other way round
Arrival at the picnic spot
,,, yummy picnic
... the buffalos
... another coffee at the coast

Restday in Pompeii

Already after the first riding day we had a restday in Pompeii, but it is worth it. In the morning we went with our guide Paulo to the ruins of Pompeii. He gave us a good impression of what happend at 79 when the Vulcan Vesuvius erupts.

After the tour, the weather wasn't to bad and we went off in two groups on the restday ride to Sorrento, Positano and along the beautiful Amalfi coast. Amazing sceneries, gorgeous coastlines and beautifull light were waiting for us.

What a great light, when coming back down the mountains to Pompeii
Michael, Emily and Jeff... very cool!!!
... good view to Sorrento
... short fotostop, Brian, Cindy, Rebecca Josef and Rodger
Rebecca and Claudia
Positano... amazing
...isn't that a good parking spot for a short coffee break???
... dinner in a nice restaurant in Pompeii
Sanctuary of Pompeii by night

First Riding Day from Rome to Pompeii

WHAT A DAY .... long, exhausting and at the end a big adventure at the arrival in Pompeii.

Everybody was keen to get on the bike and ride from Rome to Pompeii. We started at 9 o'clock and got already stuck after some minutes in a traffic jam on the G.R.A around Rome. Finally we made it and took the exit to Falocgnana.

Our first fotostop near Rocca di Papa was Castel Gandolfo, the summer residence of the Pope of Rome.

Than we headed on to Rocca Massima, a nice little village on top of a mountain, unfortunately the last meters in fog and a little rain. But a great Cappuccino and some cornettos were waiting for us.

Our lunch spot was in Sperlonga at the Thyrenian sea, where we got some delicious antipasti and pasta with seafood.

After Gaeta and Formia on the coast we took the direct way to Pompeii, which was not so direct, because two toll station bothered us and at the end rain from everywhere. The streets in Pompeii where flooded and we all felt like on an adventure tour with deep river crossing. But finally and already very late we all made it safe to our hotel in Pompeii, where we have a restday tomorrow.

Start in Rome
... a real adventure entering Pompeii this evening
Emily and Jeff
... funny machines found on the way
... yummy seafood
and Pasta with seafood
Our first dinner in Rome
Bike handover in Rome
Castel Gandolfo


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Michelle Irvine
Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2016 um 06:53

Hi Claudia,
Looks like an amazing trip!! Andy and I have booked this trip for the spring in 2017 Hope to see you then!!!
Happy riding!
Claudia Wenhart
Sonntag, 16. Oktober 2016 um 15:57

Hi Michelle,
nice to hear from you. Super that you booked that trip, it's really nice, the scenery, food and the roads. You can really look forward to it. Perhaps we see us again
Gabriele von Waldburg
Freitag, 7. Oktober 2016 um 21:34

Liebe Claudia
Wünsche Dir von Herzen, dass jetzt die Sonne kommt. Ganz nach dem Motto: Nach dem Regen kommt die Sonne!
Ich werde versuchen dich via Blog zu begleiten.
Machs's gut und hab Fun
Alles Liebe Gaby
Claudia Wenhart
Freitag, 7. Oktober 2016 um 23:18

Hallo liebe Gaby,
Danke Dir ... ja das Wetter wird besser. Für Dich auch eine gute Reise.
Bis bald


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