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Southern Italy Extreme 4SI160A

Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2016 | Domenico Schiano Moriello | Europa

Riding day 6, Matera - Napoli

Also this beautiful tour has come to an end. Being Domenico's last tour of this long and great season, what could be better than finishing in his hometown? We left Matera under a beautiful blue sky and after countless curves suddenly the shape of Mount Vesuvius was rising in front of us! That was meaning just one thing: we were almost in Napoli! Thank you for a beautiful week together, guys, hopefully our paths will cross again!

Matera in the morning
Ernst full of energy after the coffee break
the view from Atena Lucana
Manfred talking italian to David
Warwick and Gunnar
Napoli, the most beautiful city on this planet
Thank you guys!!!

Riding day 5, rest day ride through Basilicata and Apulia

Two groups and two different routes today, some of us went to Alberobello in Apulia to see the famous "Trulli" buildings, and some decided to explore the inland of Basilicata and reach the "Small Dolomites" and the beautiful little village of Castelmezzano. When we came back to Matera, there was still time for a very interesting city tour with Michele, a local guide who explained us a lot about the incredibly long history of this place!


David enjoying the coffee break
fresh and tasty pastries!
Craco, a ghost town abandoned around 50 years ago.
Ernst in Craco
Ernst and Gunnar, the swedish team on this tour
Philip is the strongest man on this tour!
city tour in Matera
An old church carved into the rock
Good night Matera!

Riding day 4, Melfi - Matera

Weather forecast for today was not good... and unfortunately it was also right! Pouring rain in the morning, water and sometimes mud flowing on the road and fallen leaves everywhere, not really the best grip one can dream of, but we made it! Leaving Melfi, we reached the beautiful Monticchio lakes, and then Venosa for a coffee break. Then we proceeded to Castel del Monte, but we could not see it because of the fog... until it slowly appeared! We finally reached Matera in time for some relax before going out for dinner.

the Monticchio lakes seen from the Abbazia San Michele
blessing our helmets!
coffee break in Venosa
the castle and the church of Venosa
Castel del Monte in the mist
Alain, Ernst and Gunnar

Riding day 3, Pescasseroli - Matera

Long riding day, today we passed through 4 regions of Italy: Abruzzo, Molise, Campania and Puglia... before reaching our destination in Basilicata! Today we entered the "deep south" of Italy, and everything changed, landscapes especially but also the road conditions sometimes!


coffee break in Capriati a Volturno
ladies buying fresh fruits and vegetables
At the Matese lake
group picture in Benevento with the arch of Trajan
Arrived in Melfi

Riding day 2, rest day ride in the Abruzzo National Park

Abruzzo must have been created with motorcycling in mind: beautiful roads, landscapes... and no traffic at all! And today also wonderful weather, what else could we want? Today we rode the Passo Godi and the Sagittario gorges to reach Sulmona, where we had a coffee break, and then came back to Pescasseroli for lunch. After that, some decided to go back to the hotel and others went for an extra loop through the National Park. What a beautiful day!

a few impressions of Sulmona
group picture
Alain in Prezza, his wife's family came to Canada from this town!
a view of Barrea and its lake
bikes parked for lunch
Afternoon loop
Alain riding through the narrow streets (or paths) of Ortona dei Marsi
Ortona dei Marsi

Riding day 1, Napoli - Pescasseroli

Wonderful weather this morning in Napoli, as we hit the local traffic leaving the hotel! The coast of Campania is quite crowded, but immediately after having lunch in Sperlonga we started to ride towards the inland, and the traffic immediately disappeared! Our destination for today was Pescasseroli, a nice little village in the centre of the Abruzzo National Park, one of the oldest parks of the country that tomorrow will be our playground for the rest day ride!

one view from Sperlonga
David, Nigel and Alan
Sperlonga, located on a cliff above the sea, is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy
Philip loved the salad and ordered a second one
Ernst, Alan, Kevin and Juan (Cuqui)
Coffee break in Arce
Manfred and Charles
The waterfall in Isola del Liri, the only waterfall in Europe located in the centre of a town!
Entering the Abruzzo National Park on the Forca d'Acero pass
the village of Opi
Boot Beer

Welcome to Napoli!

We hope you had time to visit at least a bit of this great city, while Alan and Domenico were busy washing the bikes, checking oil and brakes... and preparing the welcome briefing!

Tomorrow we take off, stay tuned!

washing bikes
all ready... or almost!


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Dan McPherson
Samstag, 19. November 2016 um 04:00

Great to see my riding buddies from Central Alps 2015, Nigel, David, Alain, Charles & Kevin (sometimes a cigar is just a cigar). I'm only seething with jealousy a little bit. Lots of nice pictures but... what about the roads?! Must have been a blast! All the best, Dan.
Warwick Hunter
Dienstag, 1. November 2016 um 11:13

Thanks to our great guides Domenico and Alan. It was a marvellous tour with a great bunch of riders. I hope to bump into you all on another trip some time.

Dave Bowman
Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2016 um 19:08

Thanks for a great ride to our guides, Domineco and Alan, and to all of my riding companions.
The blog has some great shots. Domineco, is there someplace you could save them so that I could download them? Dropbox?
Thanks for everything and also to Nigel for twisting my arm to come along.
Eva Köfler
Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2016 um 00:13

Hey kevin. Hope you had fun and found a harley shop for a new t-shirt

Kevin Lavallee
Montag, 31. Oktober 2016 um 06:36

Ciao Eva,
We had another great time riding. Domnico and Alan were first class guides and great fun. Excellent group of guys. Would love to have seen you again maybe next one. Hope all is well and thank you for keeping bikes in top shape.
Samstag, 29. Oktober 2016 um 16:20

Hello Phil and Nigel,
Again together on tour? Seems that you have a lot of fun in southern Italia, have a good remaining trip.
Kind regards
Ursula Peter
Mittwoch, 26. Oktober 2016 um 07:34

Cari colleghi
Bin neidisch. So schönes Wetter und so schöne Eindrücke. Hier regnet es in Strömen. Aber am Samstag gehts nach Catania,juhuu. Machts gut
Domenico Schiano
Donnerstag, 27. Oktober 2016 um 23:21

Ciao Ursula, leider war heute das Wetter ueberhaupt nicht gut, aber alles ok!
Liebe Gruesse aus Matera!


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