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The Canary Islands in spring - TTE_1702

Montag, 20. Februar 2017 | Peter Kuhn | Afrika / Europa

Centro Historico - Guia de Isora

Are you already tired of cold weather, gray skys or having your bike only in the garage? We have a solution for this problem

There are a view smal islands were the weather is already warm, the bloom is out and perfect streets with endless curves and unbelievable views are waiting for you.

 Tenerife, Gran Canaria and La Gomera gave us a beautiful experience in the last days

Have a look and come with us.

Chapel the Angelo with almond blossom
Passo Erjos
Almond blossom on the street up to Teide
Sunset with La Gomera

Day 1 - Lets go to the vulcano "El Teide"

Our jungest " Dan the man " after the first pass road

On our first riding day we rode up the windi smal road to the Cadas through impressive old pine forests ahead to small fields. On the end a stone dessert with an volcano area is waiting. You see the different layers how the island of Tenerife grows up and how Teide could rise up to Spains highest mountain.

Dan, Connie and Rick over viewing the impressive scenery
Paul, Rob and Dave with the lava streams in the back

After this beautiful viewing point the road twists ahead over the high plateaus to the calm lunchstop in El Portillo were a delicious Cnariensoup was waiting for us.

El Portillo

After lunch we went downt to the old connection road TF-28 with hundrets of curves and beautiful Barrancos.

Connie in one of the Barrancos
Paul and the girls

Day 2 - La Gomera the mini continent

On the next morning we took the ferry to visit the smal naighbor island La Gomera with her unbelievable differences and nature spectacles.

Getting the bikes on the ferry
leaving Tenerife

The cold down vulcanos give a majestic scenry and the streets through them look like they were just built for motorcyclist and brand new

The arrival on the first viewing point
The cold down vulcanos playing with the clouds
Roque Agando

From the vulcanos we crossed the laureal forest around Garajonay mountain end entered the Valle Gran Rey with his mind blwing view to the beach.

Connie can't believ it
The group picture

After endless marvel in to the Valle Gran Rey we spend a nice lunch time at the beach

Serious conversation
Dan and Connie enjoying the black sand

the afternoon brought another view hundret curves back to San Sebastian were we enjoyed a coffee and the view over the last Barrancos.

and more curves
The panorama coffee

Day 3 - One night on Gran Canaria

Riding to the Port

The third day leads us to the third island of the trip. Going over the TF-28 again and tausen curves to Santa Cruz. There we enjoyed lunch at the port ant entered the ferry to cruz over.

Soon as we landed on the new island we found the first perfect streets and started climbing in to the central mountains

First curves on Gran Canaria
Rick has fun

After grate riding trough brown hills, green forests and flowering feelds we reached the first picture stop to over view the breath taking barranco of Tejeda with Roque Nublo and Roque Bentayga.

There we also had the chance to meet some of the locals

Meeting the locals
Father, son and a perfect view

In Cruz de Tejeda we stoped for a coffee in the bright afternoon sun and enjoyed the mountain village scenery.

Coffee in the afternoon sun
Find new friends

Right in front of our hotel we went up to Pico de Badama a sleeping vulcano to enjoy the sunset over the mountain range of Gran Canaria.

The circle road up to Pico de Badama
Sunset from the top of the vulcano

Day 4 - We discover the caves

Sunbeams and the sea

The morning welcomed us with a beutiful play of sun beams over the cost and we started our ride to the cave villages of Barranco Guayaldeque were we had a great coffee in the cave restaurant in the end of the valley. The Barranco also offered us a spectacular scenery with almond blossom like beeing in an botanical garden befor we started climbing up again to Gran Canarias highest peak Pico de las Nieves.

Dave with the Barranco Guayadeque
Rob discovers the unique cave restaurante
leaving Guayadeque to the fenomenal view from...
...pico de las nieves

After a nother impressiv view over the north west cost and Tenerife we stoped for lunch at Yolandas grill restaurant to enjoy the tasty local kitchen and try the canary motocycle offert on the big plaza in front.

Lunch at Yollandas home
Connie trys a Canary motocycle

Than it goes down again over perfect streets and hundret of curves to the ferry station in Porto de las Nieves to cruz over again to Tenerife.

curves and view the spesialaty of the Canary islands
good by lovely island

Day 5 - The green north face of Tenerife

On our last day we moved out in the morning to discover the north side of Tenerife. Riding up on the steep road to Chiche to over view the south west cost andan crossing the mountain range on Passo de Erque to visit the oldest dragon tree "El Drago" in Icod. Than we took a rest for lunch in the beautiful old town of La Orotava.

Paul in Chirche
El Drago in Icod de los Vinos
Paul and Connie still in love

In the afternoon we stopt in Garacicho were lava buryed the port in the past and than we took the smal road with his switch backs to cross the mountain range again and have a final picture stop at the impressive clifs of Los Gigantes.

Dan with lava streams in Garacicho
Los Gigantes the 500 m cliffs in the west

After our last dinner we had the nicest ending of a tour in my time as a tourguide with beer and cava at the beach under the full moon.

Thank's for this amazing time I was allowed to spend with you all in the last days it was a pleasure and I hope we will meet again soon.

Perfect end of the tour with beer and cava at the beach


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Richard Marmaduke
Montag, 13. Februar 2017 um 15:42

The Tour Center Tenerife exceeded all expectations. As usual, the pictures don't do it justice. An endless amount of challenging twisty, winding, uphill and downhill switchbacks on surprisingly good quality roads, mixed in with tight, uneven cobblestone streets. Ferry trips to La Gomera and Gran Canaria were awesome. The Canary Islands' incredible views were World Class.
This was my first group tour (had always ridden solo) so I was a bit apprehensive, but had an absolutely great time. Our exceptional tour guide Peter was a great rider, knowledgeable and lots of fun. Paul rode two-up with his lovely wife Connie, demonstrating his amazing riding skill, and both were incredibly inspirational, wonderfully warm and gracious people, and so deserving of personalized embroidered Edelweiss jackets. Haha!
This was my son's first tour ever. Not sure how he can top this, but we'll have to keep trying. Thanks everyone for a great time.


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