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Best of CUBA! CCB1702

Sonntag, 19. Februar 2017 | Domenico Schiano Moriello | Nord- und Südamerika

Riding day 6, Varadero - Havana

Last riding day of this beautiful tour, today we took it easy because from Varadero to Havana the road is quite fast, so we left the hotel around 11 am and our first break was at the Mirador de Bacunayagua, where we also had a light lunch. Then a few photo-stops and we entered Havana, where we could say goodbye to Che Guevara in the "Plaza de la Revolucion".

Time to go home now, thank you everybody, what a great group!

at the Mirador de Bacunayagua
Picture stop at Playa Jibacoa
Before entering Havana, we also stopped at Cojimar
La Terraza, the bar made famous by Ernest Hemingway
May and Len
Last picture at Plaza de la Revolucion, goodbye comandante!

Riding day 5, Remedios - Varadero

Not many pictures for today! We rode on the "Circuito Norte" and, paying attention to potholes, animals and all kind of vehicles on the road, we reached Varadero in time for a swim!

Riding day 4, Cayo Santa Maria - Remedios

Maybe the longest and most challenging ride ever, from Cayo Santa Maria we had to reach the mainland again and then... we were there! So we took it easy, we could enjoy the beach for a whole morning and left the hotel only after lunch. On the way, we could visit the museum of sugar industry, where we learned more about the production of what was called the "white gold". Finally we reached the beautiful little town of Remedios where we stayed at a "casa particular", a kind of Bed and Breakfast, and we really enjoyed that!


the beach of Cayo Santa Maria
50 shades of blue (and some of white too)
at the "Museo de Agroindustria Azucarera"
many old trains, that once used to transport sugar
arrived at Remedios, Thomas was showing some features of his Harley to a young guy
Dog playing domino
in Remedios there is also an old cigars factory
time to relax a bit at our "casa particular"
a walk through Remedios...
Happy Birthday Thomas!!!

Riding day 3, Trinidad - Cayo Santa Maria

Leaving Trinidad, we quickly reached the Calle de los Ingenios, that was once one of the most important areas of the island for the production of sugar. Nice country roads (and beautiful landscapes!) led us then to Santa Clara, where one of the most final battles of the Cuban revolution took place and where the hero of the revolution is also buried. Who am I talking about? The legendary Che Guevara. After a very good lunch, we reached the northern coast and literally entered the ocean to reach Cayo Santa Maria!

Torre Iznaga, it looks like a belltower but it was used to control the workers in the fields around...
the view from up the tower
Martina, Thomas and Angela
Ronald and Andreas
Group picture at the Che Guevara mausoleum
Rudolf playing music, but he got no tip!
Lunch in Santa Clara
The train derailed by Che Guevara

Riding day 2, Cienfuegos - Trinidad

The toughest ride of this tour started with visiting the beautiful historical centre of Cienfuegos before entering the "jungle" of the Sierra del Escambray and reaching El Nicho, a national park where we could take a refreshing bath under the waterfall. Very curvy and sometimes also very very bumpy roads took us then to Topes de Collantes and finally to Trinidad, the jewel of colonial architecture in Cuba!

our bikes parked in the centre of Cienfuegos
May choosing postcards... since there is hardly internet for emails!
some impressions of the centre of Cienfuegos
Dana and Martina at the "El Nicho" waterfall
Len taking a refreshing bath
picture stop (and some hunting!) in the Sierra del Escambray
Angela and Thomas
Len, Dana and May
Ronald, Jens, Andreas and Martina
in the centre of Trinidad
Trinidad, a beautiful colonial town
Jan, Dana and Rudolf, the Czech team!

Riding day 1, Havana - Cienfuegos

Our tour started with a bus ride from the hotel to the parking lot, where finally we could sit on our bikes and start cruising around the island. The first impression is like having travelled a little bit back in time, it is incredigle how many old cars from the 50' are here! After crossing Havana, we entered the "autopista" and quickly reached the Bay of the Pigs, where in 1961 a group of exil-cubans tried to invade the island and depose Fidel Castro. Check out the pictures!

The crocodile farm, where we had lunch
our bikes always attract many people
The Cueva de los Pesces, a vey deep sinkhole that is like a giant aquarium...
... where the fishes were swimming in peace until a 100 kilos heavy italian decided to jump in!
asians have invented manga-like masks
also the sea is not bad by the cueva de los pesces
in Playa Giron we visited the museum dedicated to the "Bay of the Pigs" invasion
a map of the operations
Anivar did a great job at the gas station

Welcome to the largest Caribbean island, welcome to Cuba and welcome to Havana! Everybody has arrived, the bikes are ready, we are eager to explore this incredible land and travel a bit back in time... stay tuned!

a view of Havana from the "Castillo de los tres Reyes del Morro"
the portrait of Ernesto "Che" Guevara in Plaza de la Revolucion
some other impressions of Havana


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Dana Loewy
Samstag, 18. Februar 2017 um 14:46

Lovely photos, Domenico! You have a great eye for composition. Some of these pictures are like postcards. I also like how you chose shots that capture the group dynamic and our activities. Great job!
Also, you are a terrific guide!
Héctor "Alps Extreme" Mex
Freitag, 17. Februar 2017 um 15:02

Great pictures! Great comments!! Great Job !!! Domenico.
Domenico Schiano
Samstag, 18. Februar 2017 um 04:02

Thank you Hector! How are you? I hope great! Many greetings from Cuba!


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