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Descubre Europa! Munich to Rome SPT17040

Donnerstag, 8. Juni 2017 | Domenico Schiano Moriello / James Ashton | Europa

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Riding Day 1, Munich - Rothenburg

A nice group of friends from the Dominican Republic has just started a great tour that in 10 days will take them from Munich to Rome! Lots of different environments, from the hills of Bavaria to the Alps, and then Italy... and also a big change in culture and way of living (and traffic behaviour!) is awaiting us! Stay tuned!

Domenico giving the eager tour members an overview of what to expect for the next 10 days
picture with the team t-shirt before leaving
morning briefing
let's go!
Very happy riders in the centre of the historic town of Eichstätt
Bikes and riders in front of the Willibalds Castle - it's been standing there since 1350! Thankfully we won't be standing there so long - time to get back on the bikes and ride!
The historic town of Dinkelsbühl - St. Georg's church in it's centre
And what better place to stop, relax and enjoy a coffee
a cat relaxing in Rothenburg
Some impressions of Rothenburg
This place is very well known for its well-preserved medieval old town.
motorcycles are arriving!
a guided walk through the historical centre after dinner
Prince, enjoying the view over Rothenburg
Tito and Francisco were also impressed with the view
The Nightwatchman leading his group (and our's!) through the streets of Rothenburg
group shot
If it wasn't for the cars, you might think you'd stepped back in time 200 years!
And after our night's activities, it's time to return to the hotel for some rest - because tomorrow we ride again!

Riding Day 2 - Rothenburg to Heidelberg

Our second riding day led us through very nice German landscapes, where nobody could imagine that this country very industrialized! We reached the beautiful abbey of Schöntal for a break, but we discovered that almost every cafe is closed here on mondays. They call it "Ruhetag", and it was quite a challenge to find a spot for a coffee break! Then we heaed to Hornburg where we had lunch (fortunately it was open!) and, following the river "Neckar", we slowly reached Hirschhorn and finally Heidelberg.

a walk through Rothenburg, early early morning!
Paying close attention to the morning breifing
Nelson is ready to ride!
And we're off! A great start to the day through the cobbled streets of Rothenburg
A cool bike for Juan; too cool for school!
the church is really beautiful!
The view from Hornburg, where we stopped for lunch
Another break, this time in Hirschhorn. Pity that on monday the best cafes (like here) are all closed down!
The riders return, with Domenico leading them home
Jose & Prince
and Emilio!
quite a walk to reach the restaurant tonight!
Heidelberg by night

Riding day 3, Heidelberg to Freiburg

The Black Forest was definitely the highlight of the day! What a paradise for motorcycles! The "Schwarzwaldhochstraße" is one of the best known scenic routes in Germany, stretching for some 60km from Baden-Baden to Freudenstadt, and we hade to say it really deserves its fame!

bikes parked at the picnic spot in the Black Forest. By the way... the forest did not look so black! It was simply a perfect day, especially for riding!
Tody we organized a grill and, as soon as the bikes got there, James started to grill...
... but he was soon replaced by Polanco senior!
After the picnic, we reached Hexenlochmuehle to taste the famous "Schwarzwald Torte"
It was quite warm today!
A walk through Freiburg before dinner
Freiburg is famous for its open waterways that flow through the city
we ate in a old brewery, do I have to mention that the beer was really good?
Guten Appetit!
Under a moonlit sky as we walk home for the evening

Day 4 - Freiburg to Brunnen

Our first break for the day - great until we realised we were missing 1! But no need to worry, because we were back on the road in no time!
In front of the Rhine Falls in Schaffhausen - the biggest waterfalls in Europe!
Rene taking in the beauty of Lake Lucerne

Day 5 - Brunnen to Innsbruck

Our ferry ride across Lake Lucerne in the morning
What a great way to start the day
Our ferry is coming into port
Big smiles at the top of Sattelegg; our first section of winding roads for the day
The Walensee - spectacular!
And its a great place for a well-deserved coffee break
Vaduz, the capital of Lichtenstein, with the famous castle in the background - it's occupied by the King Of Lichtenstein
More big smiles at the top of Faschina Pass - welcome to the Austrian Alps!
But unfortunately the weather started to turn; so time to put the rain gear on!
Fernando, ready for anything that mother nature will throw his way!
It was a super long day, and some good Italian food was well deserved by all

Day 6, Innsbruck - Verona

A quick stop whilst heading up Passo di Pennes
Juan, after making it to the top of Passo di Pennes. What a ride!
Luis has rolled in - it's hard to tell with the helmet, but we're pretty sure he's smiling!
Nelson and Jose at the top
Jose - our Ultimo!
The summit of Passo di Pennes
Francisco and Pablo just can't wait to get back on the bikes again for the ride down the other side
Fernando and Emilio - ready to ride. Bamn!
And this is the road down the opposite side
The whole team, very happy to have made it to 2211 metres ASL at Passo di Pennes
The last few days of riding have taken it out of Nelson - any opportunity he takes a nap!
The fantastic view from our picnic spot looking down into the Adige Valley. And what a great ride it was to get here!
Picnic time!
But not just any picnic - a grill Dominican style!
And here's our Dominican grill master, Domenico!
Not a bad place to rest your head and relax
Luis and Emilio high above the Adige
Above Lago di Garda, Italy's largest lake
A set ready to be installed at Verona's Arena
Dinner by the Arena
And here's the Arena itself - built before Rome's Colosseum, it's thought to have had an influence in the design of the Colosseum itself
Walking the marble streets of Verona
Piazza Delle Erbe in Verona
Emilio in the middle of the Piazza
The gates to Juliet's balcony
Letters to Juliet
Everybody wants a photo, and Emilio's certainly not going to miss one either!
And here's Juliet's famous balcony itself!
Nelson has been inspired and is getting romantic!
True love in the making
And here it is!
Some of Shakespeare's thoughts...

Day 7, Verona - Firenze

A little ride through Verona to go take the support van that could not be parked by the hotel!
Domenico is guiding today and everybody's ready to ride!
Fernando and Francisco are off!
Pablo and Emilio are following close behind
Passing by Maranello, impossible not to pay homage to Ferrari!
Entering the Ferrari Museum
Inside the museum, like a wonderland for every car lover (and not only for them!)
some other impressions
A quick lunch after visiting the museum... and then we hit the mountains again, the Appennine this time!
We passed by the Mugello racetrack where everything was ready for tomorrow's race
A walk through Florence before dinner
Florence is an open-air museum
The famous Brunelleschi Dome of the Florentine Cathedral
The Florence Cathedral Tower
The front of the famous Cathedral
Domenico styling some new sunglasses in Florence

Day 8, Mugello MotoGP!

Everybody's reading for the race - best to arrive early for good seats!
Incredible to see a bike come off the track right in front of you! Thankfully the rider was ok
And they're off and racing!
Emilio enjoying race day
Wow - there were a lot of people all trying to go home at the same time! It was a long bus ride back to the hotel...

Day 9 - Florence to Assisi

Another day and another destination - Juan, the Africa Twin Master is ready to roll to Assisi
Emilio - the camera man
Prince and Fernando
Prince is rolling!
Followed closely by Luis
and Fernando!
The view from Poppi, enchanting!
Francisco and Emilio
The castle of Poppi
Coffee break
Waiting for the restaurant to prepare our tables!
Last picture stop on lake Trasimeno
And the riders return
What a beautiful place to spend our last night on the road!

Day 10, Assisi - Roma

Last group picture before leaving Assisi
Domenico briefing the team for the last riding day
A birthday message for somebody special back home
Rene, so excited he left before everybody else!
And here come the others - enjoy the last day on the road!
The Marmore waterfall
Nelson after finishing the ride! Too tired for words!
we decided to reach Rome in time for a walk through the centre before going back to the hotel for dinner.
the Trevi fountain
Well done guys, you made it!
Rene, striking a pose in the crowd
Rene, Jose and Emilio


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