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First Alps Extreme Tour 2017

Sonntag, 4. Juni 2017 | Pierre Baumgärtner / Alan Magnoni | Europa

30 degrees, blue sky, crystelclear view and 14 Riders from the U.S: and Canada and Mexico have choosen the perfect time to travel this week thorugh all the main passes in Austria and Italy.

Day 1: Mieming to Pfunds

First coffeestop at the Kuehtai Alm..
Adriana and Macos from Mexico looking forward for a great Cappucino.
so does Meredith from the U.S.
Breathtaking view close to Kaunertal
Greg is making a snapshot of Marcelo, Paul and Marvin on the view platform
There is still skiing and snowboarding possible and the teamprature at 2750 m above sea level brought a nice cooling down
From left Marvin, Marcelo, Paul and Meredith
the last highlight of the day an impressive waterfall. from left to right
Adriana, Marcos, Greg, Marvin, Meredith, Paul and Marcelo

Day 2: Pfunds to Penegal

Another perfect sunny day to conquer the Alps. Today one highlight is chasing the next. starting with the Reschenpass over the "mother" of all passes the famous Stelvio and the beautiful Gavia Pass.

we are entering Bella Italia...... on the way to the
Reschenpass with the famous sunk city .... where the Churchtower is still visible

entire group in front of the Reschensee

Tourguide Alan with Bibhas enjoying the Capuccino in Glurms ... before it goes up to
the Stelviio Pass with ts 47 switchbacks... what a view
Marcos from Mexico did it !!!
as well as Peter, Greg ,David and Marc
and of course Meredith
after a typical meal "sausage with Sauerkraut" we went down to climb up again and conquer the Gavia pass which was the second highlight of the day.
Adriana and Marcos at the Gavia pass
David couldn,t believe all the beauty he has seen.....

Day 3: Penegal to LevicoTerme

what a beatiful Hotel we stayed in but we had to leave ... and we had
another beautiful warn or even hot day ahead of us... forecast was 30ºC.
This can happen as well, we went into a routine Passport and vehicle control. Everything was perfect and we could leave 10 minutes later. The friendly Carabinieri were quite astonished of the mixed nationalities
lined up and enjoying the scenery
an Marcos from Mexico had quite some fun in the snow,

Day 4: Restday Levico Terme

this was a Restday so we had time for an excursión to ride around the Riva del Garda. Another sunny day with about 26º C.
View from the terrasse where we had dinner
Bibhas and Marcos enjoying the well deserved pasta after a beautiful ride around the Riva del Garda...
Dinner in Levico.....
with yummieee Pizza

Day 5:  Levico Terme to Antholz

Arrived in the middle of the Dolomites ..... up and down, curve by curve this is riders Paradise...
Happy Peter and Greg
and Greg with Marc
Adriana and Marcos
in the afternoon we arrived at the Lago Misurina for a coffee and an Apfelstrudel
breathtaking scenery
The Owner of our Hotel has played some nice South Tyrolean Folk... we enjoyed it....

Day 6: Antholz to Mieming

Already last riding day....... today we will ride over the Jaufenpass, and the Timmelsjoch back from Italy to Austria
Edelweisshuette at the Jaufenpass....
Short break in Brixen, Tourguide Pierre with John and Dave nephews from Bill Ramsey a pretty famous singer of the 60ies in Germany....
Dave arrived safeley at the Timmelsjoch
so did John
Motorradmuseum on the Timmelsjoch
Thank you.... Meredith, Greg H.; Marc, Peter, David, Marvin, Marcelo, Paul, John, David, Greg M., Adriana, Marcos and Bibhas... for a fantastic ride and we are looking forward riding with you again..... ee you somewhere, sometime


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Alan Magnoni
Montag, 5. Juni 2017 um 22:01

Thanks a lot for this great week together!!!!
hope to see you soon somewhere on 2 wheels ...


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