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Alps Extreme 4AE1702, Welcome to (motorcycles) Heaven!

Sonntag, 25. Juni 2017 | Domenico Schiano Moriello | Europa

Riding day 6, Dobbiaco - Mieming

The last ride of this beautiful tour has unfortunately arrived, and I think nobody was really willing to go because already for the briefing there were some delays!

Also today's route was quite challenging, we did the Passo Erbe, Jaufenpass and Timmelsjoch... and on the last two passes we found ourselves riding middle of the "Oetztaler Moped Marathon", a kind of rally for little scooters 50cc, what a traffic!!! More than 1000 scooters really congestioned the road, but we made it!

Penny, Phaich, Tony, Doug, Kevin, Pedro, Donald, James, thank you! It was a real pleasure riding with you during this fantastic week!

first break at the Passo Erbe
coffee time
nobody had ever seen so many little scooters all together, we were in the middle of the Oetztaler scooter marathon!
last stop at the Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum
MV Agusta had a support van long before Edelweiss
scooters everywhere!
Yes, it was a fantascientific tour! Thank you folks!!!

Riding Day 5, Levico - Dobbiaco

Words can not describe today's ride, and also pictures don't do justice to the wonderful sceneries of the Dolomites, definitely one of the most beautiful places on Earth, especially for us motorcyclists! This riding route was quite challenging, 7 pass roads with hundreds of hairpins and thousands of curves, but at the end of the day everybody had a big smile on the face! What a great day!

Reaching the Passo Manghen
coffee break
on the Passo Rolle
Lunch break
Phaich and Penny
Reaching the Passo di Giau
amazing view on the Passo di Giau
Tony, Kevin and Phaich at the Misurina lake
A little detour took us to the viewpoint of the "Three Peaks of Lavaredo", probably the most famous spot in the Dolomites
Two of the three peaks of Lavaredo
The last switchbacks before reaching the hotel
Amazing view from our hotel!
group picrure after a fantastic day!
Prost, Salute!

Riding day 4, Garda Lake

This rest day loop took us south to Lake Garda, where sometimes we had the impression to be somewhere by the coast, not in the Alps! After reaching the lake, we stayed by its shore until Limone and then a ride through a very narrow canyon took us to Tremosine where we could sip a cappuccino with a fantastic view! After many many many curves, we left lake Garda and headed to lake Idro for lunch, and then stopped for another picture by lake Ledro... it was basically a day dedicated to the lakes! (and to the curves, of course!)

First picture stop at the Garda Lake
Ray and Ray
Here we are!
The view from Tremosine
Leaving lake Garda... but Pedro decided to spend more time here!
Lunch stop by lake Idro
Lake Ledro
Phaich, Penny and Tony
GS 2016 vs GS 2017, find the differences!
curves and more curves!

Riding day 3, Penegal - Levico

Another beautiful ride today! Leaving the hotel, we rode on the passo Palade and then the Ultental before entering the "Val di Non" area, famous for the production of apples, including iphones and macbooks... I'm joking, I was speaking about real apples, red and juicy! Lunch in Molveno, surrounded by very high mountains and a peaceful lake, and then of course a strong italian coffee. The food was too much and very tasty! Before reaching Levico we also had to face the "racetrack" of Monte Bondone, lots of twisties and switchbacks right above Trento. How lucky are motorcyclists here!

coffee break with a view!
apple trees everywhere
lunch break in Molveno
welcome to Italy!
Kevin must have liked the soup!
The mountains above Molveno
last break at Monte Penegal
Doug vs Ray, these guys are never tired.

Riding day 2, Fiss - Penegal

Today we endered Italy and, after many twisties to warm up and a pleasant coffee break in Glorenza, we were ready to climb the king of the passes, the famous Stelvio! Fourtyeight switchbacks took us up to the top at 2767 metres, where we tasted the famous sausages of Bruno before going down to Bormio and then up again the Gavia pass, another very high mountain pass, famous especially for some legendary cycling races during the "Giro d'Italia". But the day was not over, because when we reached the valley again we had to climb the Tonale pass and also suddenly face some quite heavy rain. As soon as we had our rain grar on, rain stopped of course!

First picture stop at the Reschen lake
in Glorenza
Going up the Stelvio!
Ray 1
Ray 2
Bruno and his famous (and tasty!) sausage
The top of the Stelvio Pass
some relax before riding down
Pedro likes italian gelato
Vesuvio Ski club? Neapolitans rule!
Kevin waiting for the rest of the group in Bormio
here they come!
On the Gavia pass
How was the cappuccino? Well it was OK!
Some relax...
... with a view
The view from the hotel in Penegal
Doug and Penny

Riding day 1, Mieming - Fiss

Welcome to Mieming, the centre of the Universe for us (Edelweiss is based here!), where another fantastic tour through the Alps has just started! Today we rode through some beautiful spots of Tirol, in Austria. Our first stop in the morning was Kühtai, a ski resort and a passroad with the same name, and reaching an altitude of 2000 metres gave us a first introduction to what alpine riding is about. Back in the valley, in Imst, we stopped for lunch and for a good break, because after that the riding highlight of the day was awaiting us, the amazing road through the Kauner valley with a perfect mixture of great curves and breathtaking scenery. Add some perfect weather to all that... what a beautiful day!

First coffee break
Our bikes parked in Hoch Imst for lunch
At the Gachenblick viewpoint
Entering the Kaunertal
We reached the Kaunertal glacier, altitude 2750 metres... around 9000 feet!
Riding back down from the glacier
what a beautiful day! Stay tuned!


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James "Ray" Whitchurch
Montag, 3. Juli 2017 um 22:30

WOW, what an amazing adventure! An Edelweiss Alps tour has been on my bucket list for over 30 years, and my bucket overflowed! The roads, the scenery, the equipment, and our guide Dominico, were all top shelf! And the new friends were icing on the top!
Donnerstag, 29. Juni 2017 um 12:56

I ran out of words to describe the experience after day 3. Beautiful landscapes, amazing people, terrific guide (Domenico!), many many laughs, and a very spirited ride! Looking forward to my next adventure with Edelweiss.
Mendez Kevin
Freitag, 23. Juni 2017 um 20:04

What a most fantastic trip we are having.
Most amazing places.
And like our friend Don said if you had to be some place this is not a bad one to be
And the greatest of all guides (Domenico)


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