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HAT 1702- High Alpine Tour

Dienstag, 4. Juli 2017 | Tom Friden / Marc Adamiak | Europa

Over the next days, we will enjoy cultures, curves, food, nature and a great time, while riding from Germany through Austria, Italy, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, back to Germany.

The Alps and Dolomites with their endless curves are the "El Dorado" for bikers and also fascinate with their breathtaking landscapes!

Day 6 Warth (Austria) - Erding (Germany)

Last riding day.

On our way back to the hotel, where the tour started, we crossed an nice valley in Austria with nice little villages.

When we came to Germany, the castles of king Ludwig II. were awaiting us.

Continuing north-east, we came across beautiful lakes and had a few last curves to enjoy.

Still some clouds, when we left Warth...
...on Canada's birthday...
...but it got better on the way...
...and later the sun was waiting for us: our first view on castle "Neuschwanstein"
Getting closer to Neuschwanstein, another of the kings buildings was "in our way"...
Castle Ober-Schwangau.
From the same spot, we could see the more famous castle from the side.
This might be one of the most known versions of that picture - we shot it
...no queues, no waiting for entrance, no fees - a free and beautiful spot, to take "THE" picture.
All clients, tour guides and equipment are back in Erding
Back in our hotel in Erding, where we stayed the first night, we had a delicious last dinner together.
Sitting together after dinner...
...and having a joint review of the tour with its highlights from a personal view of everybody.
Peter is a happy client and got his Edelweiss world tourer shirt.
...he already traveled 5 times with Edelweiss!

Day 5 Pontresina (Switzerland) to Warth (Austria)

Our goal of the day but first we have to leave Pontresina....
Last view back and than we go on our way to Warth.
Terry on the way to the top of the Flüelapass...
...and Hardy close behind!
Stunning scenery at the Flüelapass...
Group picture on the way to the top, as you could see it looks like during the night we got some fresh snow on the mountain peaks.
Everybody has a fresh made snowball in his hand looks like the tourguide will be in trouble soon... =)
Roman just added another pass to his collection.
Hardy enjoys good company with our tourguide Tom.
WOW!! What a view at our coffee stop!
Nice scenery just after crossing the border to Liechtenstein.
The group was impressed by this amazing lunch stop, a hidden treasure in the mountains. we had a great time to get there.
Not only the road was great fun but also the view we had on the top was outstanding.
This is was austrian road constructors do when they don't have enough mountain to build a road to the top, they just build it anyway.
Peter on his way....
....to hit the apex perfectly!

Day 4 - Klobenstein (Italy) to Pontresina (Switzerland)

The plan and big highlight of today would have been the passes - especially "Passo di Stelvio" and "Passo di Gavia"... would...

The weather was not on our side with rain, snow and temperatures of 2 degrees Celsius.

Therefore, we decided, to take an alternative route via Livigno, where we could at least fuel up cheap and buy "duty free".

The route was also very nice, whilst winding through Italy, Switzerland, Italy again and finally Switzerland again.

Group picture in Klobenstein this morning, before leaving.
In the beautiful mideaval town of "Glurns", we had our first coffee stop and the group made the decision, better not to ride up the Passo di Stelvio.
Helen, Jay, and Tom were seperating from group and going on their own speed (but still not up the Stelvio).
A quick group picture in the medieval city Glurns before we get back on the road! a really nice little city with good coffee.
As we could see in Helen and Jays face they had a good time riding a little faster than the rest of the group even despite the wet roads.
The other group arrived at the tunnel and waited for the green light, to pass it towards Italy again before we go back to Switzerland soon.
Border crossing to Italy at a big dam, after riding through a one lane tunnel, which was quite cold too.
The lake with turquois water at the dam
Back in Italy again, where the "tax oasis" Levigno is located
After a nice lunch break, we climbed up again and left Italy, in order to enter Switzerland for the second time this day
Just a glimpse of the snow fields, which one still can find up there in june/july (at 2300 meters +)
Finally, we had "our" pass and the riding up there was good fun, before we decended to almost 1800 meters to our hotel in "Pontresina"!

Day 3 - Klobenstein rest day

Today, we had our rest day and split into 2 groups: the one was going for a free ride on their own, the others were going to do some sightseeing in Bozen.

Nice view from our hotel in the morning
To get to Bozen, the group first took a little train from Klobenstein, up in the "hills"...
...which brought us to the cable car, that carried us down to the city.
Not just Hardy and Charles are fascinated by 360 degree view...
...to the Dolomites and...
...to Bozen in the valley
Crossing the pedestrian zone in the old city, we reached the museum...
...where the ice man (the real mummy!) is shown, as well as his equipment and lots of extremely interesting information is given.
Sally and John are giants, compared to the small "Ötzi".
This is, what he might have looked like (...in the background!!!)
Angela and Terry with one of the tour guides...
...crossing the market...
...with many delicacies...
...on the way to...
the "Batzen" brewery/restaurant.
Here we had a beer (or two) and a delicious and typical lunch...
Bozen = South Tyrol
South Tyrol = Italy
Italy = Noodels
...but also "Bratwurst" (roasted saussages) - THAT influence comes more from Austria, to which South Tyrol belonged for quite a while
What a wonderful day!

Day 2 - Lienz (Austria) to Klobenstein (South Tyrol, Italy)

Heading west, we left Austria and entered the curvy world of the italian Dolomites mountains. 

Leaving Lienz and on the road they are.
Our route leads us from Austria into Italy, where we enter the fabulous Dolomites
Before coming to Cortina d'Ampezo, we enjoyed a coffee at Lake Misurina
Wonderful Dolomites
Almost around ervery corner, it's worth to stop for a photo
Scenery of the Dolomites
From Bozen, we took the last winding kilometers up to Klobenstein
During dinner, a typical music group passed our hotel - as if the traditional live music was organized...

Day 1 - Erding (Germany) to Lienz (Austria)

The Tour starts direction south, where we crossed the bavarian side of the Alps and continued riding them in Austria. The highlight of that day was the Grossglockner!

The Hotel is branded, no chance to miss it!
Toms small piece of art from the welcome briefing. =)
Attention! The lined up bikes are ready to take off and are just waiting for the group to start them!
Let's go!
The group is ready to start
Leaving from Erding with sunshine and a smile
The bavarian sea, lake Chiemsee, the first coffee stop of the day, let's see if we can top that view...
Christina, Charles, Tom, Jon and Sally having a good time at the lunch stop.
Our view from the lunch stop is just amazing.
Angela is enjoying the Grossglockner high alpine road.
The scenery from the Grossglockner.
Curve after curve Terry and Angela made it to the the highest point of the Grossglockner high alpine road.
WOW! What a view and the best riding weather we could get.
Even after several rides to the top of the Edelweißspitze Tom is still impressed by this outstanding scenery.

...more pictures will come soon!

"Day 0" - Guided city tour in Munich

Some of our clients decided for a guided city tour by Edelweiss and discovered Munich by foot. The riding part started the next day.

Helen and Jay are looking forward to a typical bavarian breakfast
...enjoying white saussage (Weisswurst), wheat beer (Hefeweizen), sweet mustard (süsser Senf) and a pretzel (Brezel).
At the center of Munich, at the Marienplatz, we listened to the famous bell play and watched the figurines in the tower dancing and jousting.
One of the churches we visited, was the Theatinerkirche.
Not drinking again - but visiting the most famous Hofbräuhaus.
In front of the hotel, where Michael Jackson stayed, people turned a statue of someone from the old times into a "modern" memorial for MJ.


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