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CGA 170A - Classic Tour Route Grandes Alpes

Sonntag, 27. August 2017 | Dieter Arnoth / Björn | Europa

13th riding day: Kaprun to Mieming

and now the group is on it´s way to the last destination Mieming - what a great tour that was: approx 3500km, more than 45 passes, uncountable switchbacks, highest passes of the Alps, 6 countries: Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, France, Italy, Germany.... and so much more .... sunny days,..... a tour to remember.....

the day starts with a spectacular "Grand Prix Start" in Kaprun
Krimml waterfalls

12th riding day from Bolzano to Kaprun

We started out with passo Gardena
Southtyrolian picnic with "Speck, Schüttelbrot, Parmesan and unfortunately no red wine" at Lago Misurina at the way up to Grossklockner - the highest Mountain pass in Austria - for interactive panorama click on the image
Großglockner Toll Gate
View from the Edelweißspitze

11th day: riding the Dolomites around Bozen

coffee stop at Passo Rolle
Passo Duran- for interactive panorama click on the image
Passo Fedaia - for interactive panorama click on the image

10th riding day from Livigno to Bolzano with Stelvio

Briefing of the day with the highlight "Passo Stelvio"
special 3D-map
wow - thats the goal .....
departure from Livigno
For interactive panorama click on the picture
after quick coffee stop in Gluns - nobody can't wait to ride THE SWITCHBACKS of the Alps - nothing can compare.... here comes Kent
Goldie on the run
Scott - beaming up on Stelvio with GS
Brad - cool on the XR
Steve and Cindi- lets roll
Bob - has already all switchbacks in mind
The big question for John and Hildi... how many photos shall we do ???
John and Hildy going up the Stelvio
Steve and Cindy
Passo di Gavia
arrival at hotel in Bolzano - after an impressive dayride

9th riding day from Lugano to Livigno

Planning our route looks a bit confusing
But in fact finding your way is easy, just follow the yellow helmet!
Brad, Kent and Goldie on the Splügenpass
The "Roffla" canyon
For interactive panorama click on the picture

8th riding day from Aosta to Lugano

We startes out following the Aosta valley eastwards
After a lot of tiny winding roads we reached the Lago Maggiore
and took the ferry across

7th riding day from Briacon to Aosta

In the morning we started out with the nice Col de l Echelle
Afterwards we had a beer - uh icetee in Susa.
The road leading up the Col d Mont Cenis
The highlight of the day, Col d Iseran. With 2764 m the highest paved pass road in Europe!
Where Dieter awaited us with a picnic.
Picknick on top of Col de Iseran - For interactive Panorama click on the picture
On top of "Little St. Bernhard" -
For interactive panorama click on the picture
We finished the day with the Col d Petit St. Bernhard

6th riding day around Briancon

first coffee stop was Mont Dauphin -an heritage city fortress build in the 17th century
For interactive panorama click on the image
short fotostopp - seeing Chateau Queyras from far - there was no wish going up the steep way in riding gear
then the highlight of the day - Col d´ Izoard
Fabulous rock formations on Col d Izoard
For interactive panorama click on the image

5th riding day from Charmonix to Briacon

Going up the narrow road on the Col de la Madeleine
John and Hildy arriving at the top of Col du Galibier, the famous Tour de France pass road.
Goldie and Kent in front of the sign

4th riding day from Andermatt to Charmonix Mont Blanc

today´s first pass was Furka -  greatings from James Bond

on top of Furka pass
the old Belvedere Hotel on Furka pass
Grimsel Hospiz at Grimsel pass
Sherlock Holmes Museum in Meiringen
small town at Brienzer lake
arriving in Thun
the famous wooden watergate in Thun
guess the name of that mountain - arrival in Chamonix
French cuisine

3rd riding day around Andermatt

departure from hotel
lets start the historical St. Gotthard pass
incredible switchbacks
coffee stop on Nufenen pass
the incredible panoramic view on Nufenen
For interactive Panorama view pls click on the Image
then the next highlight - Grimsel pass
For interactive panoramic view click on the Image
the Rhone glacier on the way up to Susten pass
Munich welcome boot-beer awaiting the thirsty riders at the hotel after a great riding day

2nd riding day from Galtür to Andermatt

The happy riding group
The Group on Silvretta
For interactive 360 look pls. click on the panorama picture

The winding road up to silvretta
Visiting the Wilhelm Tell statue in Altdorf

1st riding day from Seefeld to Galtür

Departure from Seefeld
Leaving our hotel in Seefeld
first coffee stop at Kühtai
the famous "Apfelstrudel" - simply a dream
interested locals
may I come with you......
after the first break - everyone is enjoying the spectacular roads in Austria - not to forget - the weather is best for riding. Here comes Björn the guide.
John and Hildy
Scott on his GS
Brad on the fast XR
Kent on his XR
fast woman Goldie on RS
Steven and Cindi with the luxury RT
Our 2nd pass road for the day, the "Hahntennjoch"
Lunch at "Jägeralpe". A good place to try out the traditional Wiener Schnitzel!

Arrival Day and Welcome Briefing

Björn is preparing the welcome briefing
the spectacular route for 2 weeks - mountain pass followed by mountain pass - we will climb the highest passes in the alps
Dieter the second guide assists
the bikes are ready for take off
BMWs are choice No.1 for the tour
the Tourguide bike is prepared as well - equipped with GPS and easy to recognize
it is easy to follow this bike
the welcome briefing starts
Everybody listening carefully
Our van at the parking lot.
Bikes are ready and waiting to hit the road tomorrow!


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Charlie Green
Dienstag, 15. August 2017 um 17:24

Hello Bjorn
Good to see you are on this great tour
Of all the tours I have done this was the best
This group is lucky to have you as one of the guides
Hopefully we will ride together again someday
Ride safe Charlie
Dienstag, 12. September 2017 um 12:07

Hi Charlie,

good to hear from you. I am really enjoying this tour as much as you did. Hope to ride with you again next year.

Montag, 14. August 2017 um 13:41

Dear Brad & Friends,
Imagine me having a day off at the weekend and just starting a day's hike somewhere in the Sellrain valley. Imagine me turning my head because some motorcycle bikers just go by at the road I am standing. I have recognized the Edelweiss stickers so I waved my hand - smiling and thinking that biking was so much nicer than hiking. Now imagine me seeing your blog today and knowing, that it has been your group going by. I hope this has just been the first out of many more beautiful days and that your trip will be just as perfect as you deserve it! Have a safe and happy ride, Karin
Angela de Haan
Sonntag, 13. August 2017 um 21:53

Hey Scott, Brad, and Björn, Dieter, and all the other riders,

Out of the depth if my heart I wish you an amazing tour!!! The Grand Alps tour is my favourite tour out of all!!! ♡ It is simply spectacular

I would love to join you, but I will be on my way to Spain for our new St. James Way tour. Maybe I will see you on this one next year? It is another, spectacular area for riding motorcycles, and actually quite similar to the Alps

Always ride safely and have fun collecting passes



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