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CPO1702: From Paris to Omaha!

Donnerstag, 31. August 2017 | Anthony Fairweather / Malcolm Brunelli | Europa

Day 10: Etretat to Versailles

It's our last day on the road as we set out from the Alabaster Coast of Etretat and start heading inland. The weather has changed overnight and the hills are covered in heavy clouds. Not to worry, as we have two fantastic highlights today. First, the fantastic gothic cathedral in Rouen and then Claude Monets' home and inspiration for many of his works, the beautiful small village of Giverny. From here we head out onto the highway for the last few miles of the trip to Versailles, where we end the tour in style at an excellent local bistro. Thank you France, it's been epic!

Rouen cathedral never fails to impress!
Laura and John at the famous Lily pond, inspiration for some of the most famous works by Claude Monet.
Even the rain can't dampen the beauty of Giverny.

Day 9: Arromanches-les-Bainea to Etretat

A fantastic view from the hotel bar in Etretat.

Day 8: Rest Day in Arromanches

We step back in history as we spend our second rest day on the famous beaches of Normandy. Here, on the 6th of June, 1944, the Allies began the invasion of Europe that brought an end to the horrors of  World War II. We visit Pointe du Hoc where the Rangers where amongst the first Allied soldiers to set foot in Normandy, walk along the endless sands of Omaha beach and finally pay our respects at the American cemetery. It's been an emotional day...

With our guide Colin, a fount of knowledge at Pointe du Hoc, where the Rangers blew up the batteries that threatened the D-Day landings.
The 1st Division Memorial, high above Omaha beach.
The American cemetery at Omaha beach, in equal parts humbling and peaceful.

Day 7: Saint Malo to Arromanches-les-Baines

Today's all about Mont Saint Michel. One of the most visited sites in France the old monastery is sits on a small rocky island just off the coast of Normandy. We get there early in the morning and have the island almost to ourselves as we explore its fascinating history. To top it all off we then have some of the best riding of the tour on some of the small back roads that snake through Normandy. The day ends with an impromptu cocktail party on the patio with some of the excellent local cidre.

An iconic image: Mont Saint Michel!
Susan and Larry in the Knight's Hall of Mont Saint Michel.
Tom, Shira, Brian and Susan. It's cocktail time!
A must do in Normandy, drink some cidre.

Day 5: Carnac to Roscoff

Our tour swings north as we ride across Brittany towards the English Channel. We ride past prehistoric stone circles, quaint small villages nestled in hidden valleys and then stop for lunch in a secluded cove where Malcolm has expertly prepared a traditional Edelweiss picnic. After feasting on local specialties we ride across an ancient volcano, stop to buy some real French cidre and finally reach the old port town of Roscoff, our stop for the night. 

We have finally solved the mystery of these prehistoric stone circles. They are obviously designed to be used as background for motorcycle pictures.
Welcome to Pont Aven. Once the home of Gauguin, now an excellent coffee stop.
Food, glorious food! Dig in, everybody!
The gang's all here!

Day 3: Angers to Carnac

It's another fabulous day as we continue along the Loire valley towards the Atlantic ocean. Our first destination is Saint Nazaire, famous for its massive submarine pens built by the German Army during World War II. We take a break from riding to explore the pens, climb deep into a 1960s French submarine and then eat a very tasty selection of local seafood. The afternoon is spent riding along the coast of Brittany and purchasing some of the world famous Fleur de Sel, that is harvested in this region. 

A typical French bistro makes for an excellent coffee stop for a bunch of under-caffeinated bikers.
Tom brings treats from the local bakery, what a smile!
The Espadon, one of the first French submarines to be launched after World War. Try to imagine being on this vessel for months at a time with 69 men and only one shower...
Shira, Brian and their faithful steed.

Day 2: Tours to Angers

The second day starts with the best possbile conditions!

The sun is up, the temperature is perfect and sky is blue!

We leave the hotel and soon after some traffic we are already in the beautiful hills of the loire valley!

We ride on small backroads and thorugh some beautiful typical villages and once in a while we see some incredible chateau!

Soon the roads start to be different and they look like we would be on a racetrack...and actually we are!!! We arrived in Le Mans! Probably the most famous racetrack in the world where they race the 24h endurance race!

We have the possibility to enter the musuem and also to see some really fast bikes on the racetrack!!!

The weather is getting warmer and the people hungry so we have lunch in a small french reastaurant not far from the racetrack.

After a nice meal we start the bikes towards Angers. We arrive soon enough to take a walk around this beautiful medieval city!

Coffee break? Stephen, Mary, Thomas and Mary
An incredible chateau!
Superfast superbikes in the racetrack!
Some really incredible racing bikes in the Le Mans Museum

Day 1: Paris to Tours

It's our first day on the road as we set out from the royal city of Versailles towards the UNESCO listed cathedral of Chartres. Here we marvel at one 9f the world's most beautiful gothic style cathedrals, before hopping back on our bikes. Next stop, the famous Loire valley and the Chateau de Chambord for lunch and some fantastic pictures. The temperature begins to climb as we tackle the last few miles of the day towards Tours, our stop for the night. 

The first daily briefing!
the groups started!
A marvel of western medieval architecture, the cathedral of Chartres is always worth a visit.
How about this for a hunting lodge?


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Donnerstag, 31. August 2017 um 07:26

Tony and Malcolm, thank you for a wonderful tour: roads, lodging, people, sites and food - all magnificent. Look forward to our next visit with Edelweiss, who knows where!
Ursula Peter
Donnerstag, 24. August 2017 um 23:34

Hi family Myer and Howman,
I mean it is not Italy - but still it looks like you have fun.
Hopefully there are not so much eggplants around.
Have fun


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