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Adventure Big Five, the way back ABF1702

Dienstag, 12. September 2017 | Domenico Schiano Moriello | Afrika

Day 16, Citrusdal - Cape Town

The final ride of this tour has "finally" arrived, today we reached Cape Town. It was a great ride, a perfect way to finish the tour! We started with the Middelbergpass (on gravel!) and then after a nice break in Ceres we could ride on the very curvy Bain's Kloof pass to reach Paarl, where we had lunch and where we also visited the Afrikaan's language monument. From there, Cape Town was very close, but we had to face some traffic to enter the city!

Angelique, Michael, Raquel, Carlos, Genuino, a small, international and very nice group, I really enjoyed your company and riding with you! See you in Patagonia?

on the Middelberg Pass
Michael and Angelique
leaving the gravel for the last time
the Gydo pass
Carlos found some arcade games during the coffee break
approaching the Bain's Kloof pass
the last "surprise" on the road
in Paarl at the Afrikaans language monument
Almost in Cape Town
The last supper, goodbye!!!

Day 15, Springbok - Citrusdal

Direction: South! This morning we left our lodge and entered the N7, the Cape Namibia Route. Around 250 kilometres to reach Vanrhynsdorp, where we had lunch, and then a nice gravel road took us to the Atlantic coast at Lambert's Bay. Thanks to the cold water of the ocean, the temperature dropped down very quickly, good that it was just a photo stop! From there, we reached Citrusdal very quickly and it was amazing how quickly also the landscape changed!

Coffee break in Garies
lunch time
on the way to Lambert's Bay
the coast at Lambert's Bay

Day 14, Fish River Canyon - Springbok

Time to leave Namibia unfortunately, but we are sure that South Africa won't disappoint us! After leaving our beautiful lodge, we had to face the last 130 km of gravel before reaching the border between South Africa and Namibia. After crossing the borer, in around one hour we could reach Springok, so we had enough time to relax... and I could finally update this blog! Stay tuned!

A group picture in the Canyon Lodge is a must.
Carlos and Domenico
last issues before leaving the gravel... and the bumps
Michael and Angelique
Carlos and Raquel
we are going to miss this!
The Orange river separates Namibia (on the left) from South Africa.
Entering South Africa
party time

Day 13, Quivertree Forest - Fish River Canyon

One of the greatest highlights of the tour was awaiting us today, the second biggest canyon in the world! So we left our lodge and, after a visit at the Giant's Playground, a very original rock formation, we headed to Keetmanshoop and then to the Canyon Roadhouse, where we had lunch before entering the Fish River Canyon area... and inside we were almost alone there, what a paradise! Finally, our lodge was not less spectacular... enjoy the pictures!

at the Giant's Playground
Raquel and Angelique
Ready to go
The Naute Dam
Lunch at the Canyon Roadhouse
who knows if a little vespa (with 10 inch wheels) would survive these roads!
Finally we reached the Fish River Canyon
playing around...
reaching our lodge
what a stunning landscape
an "unexpected" guest of our lodge
another beautiful sunset

Day 12, Kalahari Anib - Quivertree Forest

A not really challenging ride today, because we need to recover a little bit for tomorrow! So we left our lodge and, after a visit at the Hardap dam, the biggest of Namibia, we rode southward (on asphalt) to Keetmanshoop and we reached there just in time for lunch. After that, it was just a short ride to the Quivertree forest camp, and we reached the accomodation in time for seeing a big cheetah being fed. 

At the Hardap dam
On the way to the Quivertree forest camp
So many animals here

Day 11, Namib-Naukluft - Kalahari Anib

After a "relaxing" rest day, we were ready to hit the gravel again! Today after around 200 kilometres of dust and amazing landscapes, especially around the Zarishoogte pass, we reached Maltahöhe where we had lunch, and then back on the asphalt until Mariental. But to reach our beautiful lodge there was another little challenge to face: a 3 kilometres long sand road!

the GS is a though bike, but still a lady!
Raquel, gracias! Thank you for your help
The trailer suffered on the gravel (and the bumps!)
the Zarishoogte pass

Day 10, Jeep safari to Sossusvlei and Sesriem

The day started 6am when the jeep came to pick us up and take us to Sossusvlei and Sesriem. Sossusvlei is a salt and clay pan surrounded by high red dunes and is the main visitor attraction in Namibia. The area is really breath-taking, with mazing huge sand dunes and the surrealistic "Dead Vlei", sights that will be difficult to forget! Back at our lodge, somebody (Carlos!) did not have enough, so we rode to the beautiful Spreetshoogte Pass, erectd during World War II. The view from up the pass, with the Sun going down, will be difficult to forget!

quite chilly in the morning... and our jeep was missing one window!!!
Raquel warming-up
Angelique and Michael
sand dunes
climbing the Dune 45
Genuino, Angelique and Michael
Picnic in Sossusvlei
in the Dead Vlei
more than 3 years around the world!
in the Sesriem canyon
Domenico on the Spreetshoogte pass
pictures don't do justice to the magnificent view!

Day 9, Swakopmund - Namib-Naukluft

Following the coast, we rode southward from Swakopmund to Walvis Bay and then turned left to the inland again. Soon the asphalt road turned into gravel... and the adventure began! After around 150 kilometres of gravel and stunning landscapes around the Kuiseb and Gaub passes, we crossed the Tropic of Capricorn and then passed by Solitaire, where we could have a break before finally reaching our lodge.

the coast in Swakopmund
Genuino, where is Brazil?
in Walvis Bay
Michael at the Vogelfederberg
Approaching the Kuiseb pass
Domenico giving gas
Group picture at the Tropic of Capricorn
another group
in Solitaire
our lodge at dusk
dinner almost ready!

Day 8, Windhoek - Swakopmund

Another quite long ride to reach the coast of Namibia, it could have been a "relaxing" ride only on asphalt, but after lunch we decided to reach the stunning rocks of "Spitzkoppe", a loop of around 60 to 80 km of gravel that were a really good test and training for what is awaiting us in the following days in Namibia! Approaching the coast, the temperature really dropped down, and from 35°C near Spitzkoppe we are now freezing in Swakopmund with 13°!!!

First coffee break at Okahandja
some big handicraft
The Spitzkoppe, one of the most beautiful landmarks of the country.
Carlos and the bikes

Day 7, Ghanzi - Windhoek

Finally we have reached Namibia, the country where we are going to spend the next week! It was a long ride today, around 530 kilometres, so there was not really much time for pictures and sightseeing. Now it's time to rest a bit... and tomorrow the "second part" of the tour can begin!

on the "Trans Kalahari" highway, where we spent the whole day. The Trans Kalahari Corridor (TKC) is a road network spanning approximately 1900 kilometers across the territories of Botswana, Namibia and South Africa.
crossing the border
in Gobabis, where we stopped for gasoline and also to get some food.
Finally Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia! The The Christ Church, completed in 1910, is a historic landmark of this city. In the picture you can see also the modern shape of the "Indipendence Museum", a nice contrast.
Raquel and Carlos negotiating...

Day 6, Maun - Ghanzi

Another long and straight ride, the Trans Kalahari highway is slowly taking us to Namibia! Today we reached Ghanzi quite early and we had time for a little walk and, why not, some shopping!


Picture stop at lake Ngami, formed by an effluent of the Okavango delta.
group photo!

Day 5, Jeep Safari in the Okavango Delta

Maun is the basecamp for most of the Okavango Delta safaris, and of course being here we can not miss this chance! But what is this Delta? Well, imagine a big river that does not end in the sea, but in the Kalahari desert, creating a vast oasis that of course attracts all possible animals! Today, luckily enough, we could also see some lions, what an emotion!

big animals...
... and little ones.
The lion king!
Raquel did not want to step out, after seeing the lions!
our small group

Day 4, Nata - Maun

Another long straight road, today we crossed the Botswana salt flats westward direction Maun, and we could admire some really great Baoban trees when we stopped for lunch at the Baobab Planet. The road was flat and straight, but the landscapes made it not boring... and we always had to watch for animals crossing!

some areas of the pans were flooded and we could also see flamingos.
Michael and Angelique
under the baobab
almost in Maun

Day 3, Kasane - Nata

And finally time has come to hop on our bikes! A quite easy ride today, a long straight road to Nata, but after reaching our lodge we went for an offroad ride in the Bird Sanctuary, that is part of the Makgadikgadi Pan (Botswana salt flats), one of the largest salt flats in the world... and we came back with a big smile under our helmets!

Are we not brave?
Franz and Mandy of the Touch of Africa lodge where we stopped for lunch. Good food!
Stephen was guarding the helmets? Or using the wifi?
Genuino in the Nata Bird Sanctuary
Carlos and Michael
Time to leave this beautiful place

Day 2, Victoria Falls - Kasane

After admiring one of the greatest waterfalls on this planet, we left our hotel and reached Kasane by bus. Some time to relax and we were then ready for a fantastic boat safari in the Chobe National Park. The amount of animals you can see in only three hours is simply incredible!

at the VIctoria Falls
the monument dedicated to David Livingston, first "white" man to reach the waterfalls
crossing the border to Botswana
Monica, our captain on the boat safari.
Genuino, Raquel and Carlos
some other impressions... spot the animals!
sunset, time to go...

Day 1, Welcome to Victoria Falls

Welcome to Zimbabwe, to one of the most spectacular places that Mother Nature has created, the Victoria Falls! Another Adventure Tour is about to begin, and in a couple of weeks we will reach Cape Town. Amazing landscapes and a lot of emotions, stay tuned!

our beautiful (and big!) hotel.


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Dienstag, 12. September 2017 um 06:29

We reached the Cape and it was an excellent adventure. Thanks to Genuino, Rachel, Carlos, Angelique , Domenico and Stephen I consider the vacation was a success. The only downside is that I have to buy an adventure bike now. I wish you all a safe journey home and we will see when our gravel roads cross again
All the best until then,

Samstag, 9. September 2017 um 20:09

Wat een mooie weergave van een reis waar ik zelf niet bij ben maar door het enthousiame van de deelnemer, is het alsof ik erbij ben. Prachtige foto's.
Domenico Schiano
Sonntag, 10. September 2017 um 21:42

Thank you Vivian for your comment (Angelique translated it for me!) and for following us!
Samstag, 9. September 2017 um 19:17

All the monkeys reached South Africa undamaged. Baaie dankie aan Steven en Domenico
Lisl Seisenbacher
Donnerstag, 7. September 2017 um 18:55

Der Blog vermittelt den Daheimgebliebenen die Reise auf wunderbare Art. Die Fotos zeigen mir das Land, die Fröhlichkeit der Teilnehmer und die Straßenverhältnisse!!
Ich danke sehr dafür und freue mich schon auf die nächsten Infos.
Allen Beteiligten noch schöne Tage und ein anschließendes "Komm gut heim"
Domenico Schiano
Sonntag, 10. September 2017 um 21:43

Danke Lisl!
Donnerstag, 31. August 2017 um 16:02

Hey Steve, I really like your incredibly cool sunglasses!!! But where's your Edelweiss T-Shirt???
Dienstag, 5. September 2017 um 11:12

Hey Thomas...good to hear from you, sorry for the t-shirt I'm wearing. I still have a t-shirt from the 2015 tour but unfortunately it was dirty. Hope to see you again soon.


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