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Pyrenees in style (PYT1702)

Donnerstag, 21. September 2017 | Thomas Ritt / Pablo Piferrer | Europa

Day 5: From Carcassonne back to Catalunya

Day 2 & 3: Peramola and then on to Carcassonne

Our day of "rest" in (or better around) the small village of Peramola was chilly but sunny.We started out with a visit to the Basella M/C museum, then went up into the mountains. Awesome roads, stunning vistas and outstanding Tapas for lunch rounded off the day. 

The ride to Carcssonne, France, on the other hand was wet und quite uncomfortable, as the temperature up in Andorra dropped to 5°C...

Andorra, the biggest Shopping mall in Europe. Unfortunately sunshine and warm air was out of stock today...


Q: What lasts six (riding) days and features awesome riding as well as great attractions and lovely accomodation?

A: the Tour of the Pyrenees

Q: Why can't we see Montserrat monastery in this picture?
A: because it's on the other side of the mountain. And shrouded in clouds. Too bad, but this view made up for that.
Q: why is Alfons sitting at the lunch table all by himself?
A: because everybody else is on top of the "Fraulein's Tower", taking pictures of him...
Q: Are we going to ride this beautiful twisty road?
A: you bet we will!
Q: what's that dot in the middle of the picture?
A: it's not a dot, it an eagle! There were quite a few soaring all around us
Q: What's this beautiful park?
A: it's the garden around our hotel!


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Tobias Wachter
Dienstag, 19. September 2017 um 14:38

Looking great! Hope you guys get some better weather...
Thomas Ritt
Donnerstag, 21. September 2017 um 19:35

Yes, it's better now. Much better...


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