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Die Perlen der Adria

Mittwoch, 27. September 2017 | Peter Kuhn / Lukas Schiebe | Europa

We are getting ready to start our tour through Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. Our first day will end on the beautiful sun island Hvar.
We are riding along the coast passing the Bosnian corridor
Looking back to the beach of Drvenik
Our ferry that takes us to Hvar
The second day starts with some history lessons about Hvar town and the island. Many powers have been here during the last centuries and the town is telling a long and interesting story
This guy from Hvar is the enemy of all criminals because he discovered that you can take fingerprints off subjects to solve crimes
The central sqare in Hvar, once the biggest in southern Croatia
After one-and-a-half hours of history and walking still smiling
Everyone knows that Napoleon had a problem with his sice, so in Hvar he built a castle on the highest point frome where you can look down to the castle the Venice built during their time on the island. To enjoy the amazing view we ride our motorbikes up there on the paved goat path
Our three bumblebees :P
That's the paved goat path
The afternoon we spend on the super curvy roads of Hvar and in Stari Grad the oldest settlement on the island and a nice small town with super tight streets and a 1000 years old houses
Having fun on the island in the sun
After an amazing restday on Hvar we arrived back on the main land to have an beautiful riding day here
at the cetina river our lunch was still swiming but after meeting the grill it was delicious
a short stop were the cetina breack through the mountains into the sea before we met the croatian back country
our Pick Nick place
every thing ready just waiting for the group
we end on a beautifull beach in our hotel


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