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BOE1705 - The last one ... for 2017

Dienstag, 10. Oktober 2017 | Axel Allgaier / Björn Greibig | Europa

Day 7: Warth to Erding

The weather forecast was correct: waking up in the morning to discover a white fairy-tale land. Snow covered mountains and sunshine. However, rain caught up with the group and a stop to warm up at the Plansee and a little later at Linderhof Palace was more than welcome. But the sun was back for some more fast and curvy kilometers through the rolling hills of Bavaria before all arrived safe and sound back at Erding.

Beautiful morning in Warth
Snow, snow, snow
Last dinner on this tour in Erding

Day 6: Schaffhausen to Warth

So - the Alps. After a nice sunny cruise along the Rhine and Lake Constance, the group turned towards the mountains of Switzerland. Despite high winds the cable car to the top of Säntis was operating and for all who braved the crowds and the cable-car ride there waited a magnificent 360° view of the Alps and Lake Constance. After this experience we rode to Liechtenstein and on to Austria, enjoying the great roads of the Furkajoch and the Hochtannbergpass.

Dinner at Jägeralpe
Still without snow
Furkajoch - great view after a great ride!
A great bike for twisty roads!
Two brave mountaineers at the Säntis - Terry and Perry.
Guy and David climbing the last steps to the top.
What a view!
Lake Constance

Day 5: Ribeauvillé to Schaffhausen

It was back to Germany today after a beautiful day of riding through Alsace yesterday. Theme of the day - Black Forest: Black Forest cake for morning tea, Black Forest ham for pcinic lunch and Black Forest beer after the ride along the winding back roads of ... the Black Forest. A quick side trip to the falls of the Rhine near Schaffhausen just before arrival at the hotel leaving enough time for a short stroll into the medieval town center. And tomorrow we will get a taste of the Alps.

Perry & Terry at the Rheinfall
Great picnic spot: when you are done with the food you can play a round of chess.
Axel prepared a great picnic today
Waiting for handmade black-forest-cherry-cake
David photographed the Hexenlochmühle
At the top of Kandel - looking back to the mountains of Alsace
On its way towards the North Sea ...
A barge being lowered in the lock on the Rhine at Marckolsheim

Day 4: Rest day at Ribeauvillé

Rain during the night and breakfast, clearing skies as we got ready to ride and a beautiful sunny autumn day for all to enjoy. The roads in Alsace are marvelous and one could spend a week of riding without having to ride any road twice...

Relaxing in front of the hotel in Ribeauvillé
Collet de Linge - WW I battlesite - bad part in the history, but interesting.
Time for...
...lunch at Col de Bonhomme.

Day 3: Heidelberg to Ribeauvillé

A few curves in the rain to warm up the engines and the tires before hitting the busy A5 highway towards the Black Forest. Due to an unwilling Tourguide bike the coffee stop at Bad Herrenalb had to be extended before the group could enjoy the curves and scenery of the Black Forest. The weather held up for the second half of the day so we all arrived safe and dry at Ribeauville, France for the rest day.

in Ribeauvillé
Tom & Terry at Mummelsee
Perry is also happy despite the rain

Day 2: Rothenburg-Heidelberg

Charles at the castle
View from castle Hirschorn

Day 1: Erding-Rothenburg

Relaxing after the first riding day...
... in the Biergarten of our hotel.
Time for lunch...
...at Willibaldsburg
First coffee stop at Vohburg
Daily briefing for the first day


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Gordon Juert
Sonntag, 15. Oktober 2017 um 04:23

Pete and I had this on our bucket list for a long time. We enjoyed everything - the people and the ride. Thanks Axel, Mike and Bjorn.
Ken Pryzgoda
Montag, 9. Oktober 2017 um 12:53

Truly the ride of a lifetime. Great places, roads, bikes, and new freinds! Thanks, Axle, Bjorn, & Mike for leading us on this adventure!
MIke & Mary
Montag, 9. Oktober 2017 um 11:33

Awesome trip with a great group! Thank you!
Perry Cogburn
Sonntag, 8. Oktober 2017 um 20:30

We had a blast! Thanks again Bjorn, Axel, and Mike.
Axel Allgaier
Dienstag, 10. Oktober 2017 um 13:46

And thanks to all of you for being with us!
Björn Greibig
Sonntag, 8. Oktober 2017 um 22:18

Thank you Perry!


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