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SPT17042 Pirelli Riding Experience

Montag, 9. Oktober 2017 | Thomas Hölzl / Ted Goslinga | Europa

Day 3

Thank you guys - it was a great Tour and Edelweiss hops to see you again next year!
With a great lunch the Pirelli Riding Experiance 2017 ends!
But first we have to fix a broken gear lever!
After about 100 off-road kilometers in three days, it's back to Zvilisation!
Today there was a lot of dirt.
Looks pretty good!
On they way!
Only a short break!
With each kilometer offroad the feeling becomes better and better!
Day 3!
A day with 50 kilometers of offroad - Fantastic

Day 2

Small talk after another great day of the Pirelli Riding Experience!
Not only motorcycles are parked in a row on an Edelweiss tour!
Without words
In the middle of the UCKA mountains - fantastic!
Unfortunately, there is no coffee in this city!
But the water with ginger and lemon flavor was also very good!
Just 25 people live in this city!
Through our group the population has almost doubled.........
Hum - the smallest city in the world!
The food in Local Sarajevo is an insider tip in Porec!
After the fun on and off the streets comes the pleasure!
A short stop after the first offroad section of the day!
Who doesnt want to wake up with a room view like this? Adriatic coast of Croatia with a beautiful sunrise. Today is riding day number 2 with again a lot if nice twisties, swerving roads and great off road riding!!

Day 1

What a view!
The offroad part took us to the Ucka mountains! An absolutely great ride!
The Roman amphitheater in Pula! A really impressive building in the middle of the capital of Istria
Istria in its most beautiful form!
Another stop on the first day of the Pirelli Riding Experience!
There is so much to discuss!
Luigi and Thomas the two guys from Pirelli!
A nice coffee in the heart of Istria invites us to a short break!
After great offroad kilometers, time is a photo with all together.
Selfie time!
What a wonderful day!
The motorcycles, 18 pieces, are ready!
After the Welcome Briefing and a Pirelli product presentation, our Dutch and Belgian guests have already spoken a lot about the selected routes.
About 35 percent of the tour will be offroad riding through the beautiful area here
Our great hotel in Opatija.
The Pirelli Riding Experience takes place in Croatia. The peninsula of Istria with its wonderful landscape will inspire us for two and a half days!


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