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ATS1702 - Andalucia Tour

Freitag, 27. Oktober 2017 | Ursula Peter / Ted Goslinga | Europa

Give credit where credit is due -  Anita - the best female rider we both ever had on an Edelweiss Tour. And it was a pleasure to wait for you tough men now and than. And believe it or not, she is a Harley girl.

Thank you all!  What a fantastic group, what a great week in Andalucia. Hope we`ll see each other again. Safe travels

Ursula and Ted

Day 7: Ronda - Malaga

Whoever did not get enough curves so far on this tour, well there are plenty left. The loop down towards the beaches of Marbella, where the rich and famous go to play, offers great riding and vistas. The road back to Ronda ranks among the most beautiful motorcycle routes in all of Spain.

coffee in Yubrique

Anita and Uli

see the guys in the background - they adapting - they are nearly like real locals, just the wine is missing

charming Luiz

Ted prepared a fantastic picnic - Dutch cheese, Dutch strawbeeries (thanks god Tom Ritt is not with us) - thank you Ted it was delicious

the biking Andalucian girls

time was flying. Nobody could believe that the tour is over. A  last group picture has to be taken

and there has to be an award to the best female rider both of us ever had on tour - Anita

and believe it or not - she is a Harley girl

Day 6: Ronda - Ronda

Our "oasis" in the middle of Ronda. What a beautiful spot to have a restday!
Coffee stop at the restday ride in the authentic Andalusian village of Grazalema
Iaen afraid of falling from his chair....
our small restday ride group
How blessed we are with the amazing weather this week! Zahara del Sierra with is emerald green lake
Promo picture!

Tourguide Meeting in Ronda

our terrace in Ronda at the Reina Victoria Hotel

Day 5: Arcos de la Frontera - Ronda

The road we travel on today is called Ruta de Toros because the fiery Andalusian fighting bulls are bred in the many haciendas along the way. A little further along the coast, we will enjoy the splendid view over the bay to the rock of Gibraltar. From here it’s back into the mountains. On tiny back roads with little traffic and fantastic panoramas, we climb up the Sierra de Ronda. 

yes I know, these are no bulls....

...but here is one

Alcala de los Gazules, our fist coffee stop

Luiz is watching the local playing cards

after entering Gibraltar we had to queue up for a while, but...

In the year 1713 with the contract of Utrecht, the steep rocky peninsula of Gibraltar became British property. Today, the rock is visited by 4 million people each year, mostly for toll free shopping. 

...it was worth it, the view was spectacular

the famous Gibraltar monkeys. This one ran into the restaurant, caught Ians chips and disapeared. Enjoy your lunch, monkey

this could be a present - guess for whom?

haha, saugut!! Guess who it is?

finally it cleared up a bit

on the way in Muge had no visa for Gibraltar, on the way out Joe was in trouble

But know we are going up to Ronda, on a spectacular road

Ronda and the famous Puente Nueve

Day 4: Antequera - Arcos de la Frontera

 Through barren, almost desert-like mountain landscapes, we approach the fertile valley of the Guadalhorce River. A narrowing canyon leads us to the Garganta del Chorro, a narrow crevice carved into a sheer 600 ft. sandstone cliff. Truly one of Andalusia’s natural wonders!
Nearby are the ever-present witnesses of southern Spain’s Moorish past; lush pine forests delight us as much as the bizarre limestone formations as we ride up the Pinar. In countless turns, the narrow road winds up the mountainside. It offers new vistas of this magnificent landscape around every bend. Certainly an adventure to be remembered for a long time! Descending towards the Atlantic coast, we cross the plains between El Bosque and Arcos de la Frontera.



Along the fertile Guadalhorce Valley, shortly after the village of El Chorro, we come across one of Andalusia’s geographical wonders. The Garganta del Chorro is a gorge, in places a mere 30 ft. wide, which the river carved into a 600 ft. sandstone cliff. It can best be seen on the Camino del Rey, a wooden walkway along the cliff that was constructed for a royal visit early this century.

Arcos de la Frontera

Arcos de la Frontera is an archetypal white town, it has a labyrinthine Moorish quarter that twists up to its ruined castle. At its centre is the Plaza de Espana, one side of which gives views across sunbaked plains. Fronting the square are the superb Parador de Arcos de la Frontera and the Iglesia de Santa Maria, a late gothic building, worth seeing for its extravagant Baroque choir stalls and Reanaissance altarpiece.

Day 3: Granada - Antequera

Rise and shine! This morning is dedicated to one of the most widely known works of Islamic art in the world – Granada’s Alhambra. Let the miraculous harmony of space, light, water and decoration enchant you. Stroll through the open patios, or admire the intricate works of art made of the most ordinary materials.
In the afternoon we will take you way off the beaten tourist path, and into the heart of the real Andalusia. Seemingly endless olive orchards will be our companions as winding back roads lead us through the rolling hills of rural Spain. The ride along the majestic limestone range of the Sierra Loja will mark the end of a perfect riding day. Our final destination is Antequera

the group is arriving at the picnic place high above all the olive fields.  

all is prepared for a nice lunch

fresh squeezed orange juice - cheers

and the Sierra Nevada is snow covered!!!

saddling again and continuing on the "Route of the Kalifs"

5 star hotel Convento Magdalena in Antequera! Is this red carpet really for us???

Day 2: Malaga - Granada

After circumnavigating the city, countless turns up the Montes de Malaga will put your riding skills to the test. In return, you will be rewarded with breathtaking vistas of Malaga, the Mediterranean Sea and the unique mountain scenery of the natural preserve to the west.

The valley of the Velez River takes us back down to the world famous golden beaches of the Costa del Tropical and our lunch spot right on the seashore. The sharp contrast of the Sierra del Chaparral, where we gonna go in the afternoon,  some 4,260 ft. higher than we are, is something to be remembered.

it seems to get a perfect day

in the Malaga mountains

Katherine and Mark - they have been at the Edelweiss Reunion ride last year in Gatlinburg. And guess what they remember well?? Yes the "Kaiserschmarren"at the picnic

there is always something. Thanks God, otherwise life would get boring

Sean, Jo and Kevin

at the tropical coast

he is preparing our lunch

and here it is....

Jo in the Sierra de Chapparal

Aydin and Muge

On the orders of the Catholic Monarchs,work on the Cathedral of Granada began in 1523 in Gothic-style.The Capilla Real, was built for the Catholic Monarchs and encloses the Mausoleum. Carrara marble figures of Isabell and Ferdinand top their grave.

Day 1: Arrival in Malaga

That is how it looks like in Malaga - blue sky, the sea and in the background the Malaga mountains are waiting

welcome briefing is done, everybody is getting the bikes ready or starting for a testride. More tomorrow, stay tuned.....



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Tom Ritt
Freitag, 27. Oktober 2017 um 10:46

A Dutch picnic in Spain..... umh.... well, too bad I wasn't there. Even more interesting would be Ursula's Thai-Food picnic in Tuscany. Or how about a Mexican buffet on the upcoming New Zealand tour? Can't wait!!!
Montag, 23. Oktober 2017 um 21:00

Hi Ursula, Ted,

Tolle Bilder und der wohl freundlichste Affe den ich je auf Gibraltar gesehen habe

Hey Sean,
How are you doing? Nice to see you're cruising down there in Andalusia now. With a Ducati again, I guess?
Great memories of the "Worst-Case-Salad" in Switzerland, remember?

Enjoy the rest of the tour!
Claudia Wenhart
Sonntag, 22. Oktober 2017 um 17:07

Hey Ihr zwei,
genießt Ihr auch noch den Spätsommer, hier in Süditalien, war es perfekt die Woche. Sind gerade in Pompej angekommen. Morgen gehts an die Amalfiküste.
Liebe Grüße und gute Fahrt
Ursula Peter
Sonntag, 22. Oktober 2017 um 18:45

Hi Claudia,
ja so ist es bei uns auch. Perfektes Wetter, nette Gruppe. Grüß den Manu und die anderen Mystery men.
Bis bald
Marc Adamiak
Sonntag, 22. Oktober 2017 um 16:45

Hallo Ursula, Ted und die Truppe,
die Blider machen Appetit auf mehr...!
VG, Marc
Ursula Peter
Sonntag, 22. Oktober 2017 um 18:46

Hi Marc,
ich hab deine grad auch angeschaut. Mann, wieviele Kilometer uns wohl trennen?
Machs gut


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