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World Tour Bangkok to Bali (1BB 2017 )

Freitag, 15. Dezember 2017 | Holger Homann | Die Welttour / Asien

Bangkok tour start

Arrival of the Tallinn to Bangkok group...sitting together with the new group (in the back)
Customs clearance at the Bangkok airport...on the right Charles, in the middle Sidney and Nithipat our logistic agent in Bangkok
An obviously happy Sidney!
Charles having his bike "at hand", also happy!
the unconventional Asian way of transporting a bike...and it worked well
Loy Krathong in Bangkok
Ready to ride! From left to right, Sidney, Peter, Tangmo (our local tourguide), Holger and Charles

Bangkok - Prachuap - Khao Lak - Krabi

In Khao Sam Roi Yot national park on the way to Prachuap...
Arrival in the bay of Prachuap
A monk created in this landscape his own "tile" world
Tangmo and our driver We (his name) have also fun in the stone park close to Prachuap.
At the Singkhon border pass to Myanmar
Stormy weather in the morning in Prachuap, later rain in the mountains...
...and arrival in Khao Lak with sunshine
The Tsunami memorial in Khao Lak
A spring in the jungle and Charles, Sidney and Peter took a bath
Foto shooting in the mangrove forest
Arrival in Ao Nang, Krabi region
Amazing landscape! Here Railay beach.

Krabi - Satun

Some back country roads to get around Trang...we had fun!
Choosing and ordering food; now southern Thai food. The border to Malaysia isn't that far.
Typical living arangement. The (one) living room is the garage as well. We in the western world are so complicated
This was a real local restaurant, The people so happy to serve us Farang their traditional food
Hiding from the thunderstorm on the way from Trang to Satun....we got loads of water
Our conspirative meeting in the room....pssss. And no alcohol allowed.

Satun - Belum - Cameron Highlands

Arrival at our remote border crossing to Malaysia
..already on the other side: Welcome to Malaysia!
A very smooth and quick border crossing.
At our rainforest resort
A stop early in the morning...
And in our back...
we can see Thailand!
Coffee break in a small village
A local passing
A week before heavy rain caused floodings in Penang (we want to ship our bikes from here!) and high water in the mountains. This bridge was just washed away and it was not clear if we could pass the provisional bridge. But a couple of calls of our local guides made sure that we were able to pass. All good!
In Cameron Highlands. These friendly people wanted to have a picture with us and so did we.
Fotos, selfies, people everywhere. Weekend in Malaysia and everyone is on the road.
Beautiful tea plantations
Local motorcyclists arriving at Cameron
Our hotpot in the evening. Not really typical Malay but typical here in Cameron. On 1.800 m it feels cold and one can use a pullover!
Zahed and Feizal cooking for us, like at home
and after the Roti experience (pan cake Malay style)

Cemeron Highlands - Genting Highlands - Melaka - Penang

In the morning another stop at a tea plantation
Close to an Orang Asli village we visited these huts at the road side. This indigenous tribe is called Semai. Malaysia is a multi ethnic and multi cultural country.
Feizal explaining the medicinal use of this fruit. This one for healing cancer.
The arrows for the blowpipe. One with poison one without. The poison is sap from one specific tree. After 1-3 minutes one would be dead...
The professional...
..and the unprofessional
at least I hit the board )
Darth Vader arriving
on this great curvy highway in the jungle
later a twisty jungle road, beautiful!
Selfie in the funicular going up on the top of Genting Highlands. the crazy casino world on top of a mountain.
Gambling over several stories...amazing!

Genting - Melaka - Penang

Leaving our hotel in Genting. Later on great twisty roads and NO rain! The first day without heavy rainfall.
Close to Melaka at the sea again after our mountain adventures. Malaysia is a motorcycle paradise.
Melaka - world heritage. And they like it fancy rickshaws at its brightest
...enjoying Mc Donalds as well. Noooo, I didn't eat here. I belong also to the many people who say I never eat at Mc Donalds...but one finds always people there
Getting ready for our long shot to Penang today. This time starting in the rain already. Up to now we got our showers in the afternoon only.

Penang - Shipment to Sumatra

On the ferry to Georgetown
Geared up for the shipment. Not the final version
Let's have a seafood dinner first in this excellent restaurant. Wow!
There is nothing what one cannot find
Cheers on our arrival and the great adventure on our scouting tour!
A morning glimpse out of my hotel room
We are not the only ones shipping from Penang to Sumatra. Eight Finnish, two Russians, two French and us: One Britisch, one Canadian, one Swiss, one German. WE are the most international group
The crowd on the ferry
With Peter (not our Peter) at the customs office
So, this is the barge for our motorcycles to Sumatra. Looks beautiful and nostalgic
And this in front of the warehouse has to be loaded
Weather plays seen from my room...well, to the equator it is less then 800km from here...
A last view of Georgetown from the plane

Kuala Lumpur

In the evening in KL...if one wants to buy something fake, here is the right place
Later we had dinner at the night market. This is the original Kuala Lumpur with low buildings and small alleys...
...and this the modern KL with high rise buildings and shiny shopping malls
and many new buldings reaching for the sky
Petronas Twin Towers...still impressive although not the highest building anymore long since
other bulidings coming closer and maybe higher
and all of a sudden the world drowned

Sumatra, Medan

Welcome to Indonesia!
We celebrated our arrival with a seafood dinner
In the morning a glimpse out of the window: Nice weather...a great day to pick our bikes!
The herd arrived in the warehouse
a hundred fotos or more..
outside in the chaos
I mean, the total chaos
though the people have fun, especially with us!
Our first fueling experience. For Peter's bike she had to climb on a chair! )
All happy!

Medan - Tuk Tuk

Start for our first real riding day on Sumatra
A nice small road choosen out of Medan..
We made them very happy with our coffee stop. Later a lot of picture taking
What this chicken is thinking?
At our lunch stop we got some live music
..and some people on the bike
School is over
...marching home
lots of fun on both sides!
A first view of Lake Toba, the biggest crater lake on earth
waiting for our ferry to Samosir island in the middle of the super volcano
diving for coins...and a coin here is basically nothing worth. Something to think of.
Morning view from our hotel
The typical houses of the Batak, the ethnic group living on Samosir island
We visit the Batak museum
And we see the Batak dance. Here the musicians on the second floor
Peter from our group the only one performing! The rest to shy...including me
This family wanted to have a selfie with me
Beautiful landscape and enjoyable temperatures!

Tuk Tuk - Bukittinggi - West Coast Sumatra

Heavy rain in the evening
They all want to have pictures
The traditional Batak houses on Samosir island
Sidney exploring
Last views of Lake Toba
I have to admit that I got a bit afraid when the whole crowd approached me when I stopped...
...but Peter got the attention behind me
Our driver catched a snake in the restaurant opposite of the street! They got their lunch for half of the price,(actually the offer was for free but they disagreed), the owners were really afraid of the snake.
Later it was brought to the jungle.
Our lunch stop developed.. In the beginning the owners were afraid to take our orders, in the end we left as friends
Peter not feeling well. But not only him, also Sidney and myself...food is an adventure as well
We made the kids happy and the kids made us happy. It is all about smiles!
Queuing up at the fuel station...seems to be an issue
Crossing the equator, an amazing moment!
Minangkabau house
Back at the coast
Our adventure road on the west coast of Sumatra. Charles point of return but smiling!
...and this got worse and worse..
But we really enjoyed, as the locals did!
These kids didn't see many foreigners before, for sure. Not on this " road".
I asked Sidney and Peter two times if we should not better return...You see that fat grin under the helmet?!
Maybe something happend here?
Another grin. What can I do..?
Really beautiful our adventure road
A bit further up was my personal point of return. Really rough, After we turned my bike in the mess up there and I went down these locals came with light weight bikes and had serious trouble as well. Relief for myself.. So we went all the way back but with big smiles!
View from my veranda of my lovely hut we will stay overnight.
cute babies
First coffee...then pictures. Same procedure as every time here on Sumatra
Palm oil everywhere
Weather impressions...Wow!
Weather muuuuch better later
People always impressed by our height!
Rugged coast on our way
Peter exploring the brickworks
The road always changes between the coast and inbound hilly sections...just beautiful
A late (basic) lunch
Our Edelweiss dinner in a nice seafood restaurant. Enjoyable again after two days in the "outback"
Sidney looking for special roads
And then a jungle section which took our breath away.
This nature, these trees and diversified vegetation...
First I saw a lot of people, then a smashed truck, then a broken bridge. The police waved to cross over to the beach...ok let's go. Some smaller trucks got stuck. We got applause from the locals mastering the situation
Just in time arrival at our cute hut resort...The storm just started and palm leaves and coconuts went flying. Natural forces are so enormous here..
Despite that Peter just jumped into the pool
Will he try the sea or not ? It was more bathing than swimming
Another jungle road
The pharmacy experience developed to a foto shooting
Our farewell dinner to Sumatra. Tomorrow we will go to Java.

Bandar Lampung - West and South Coast Java

Foto shooting on the way to the ferry..
The complete chaos at the ferry terminal. And Peter's bike doesn't want to start again. Adhit and Peter pushed the bike onto the ferry and out again. Hard job in the heat and humidity.
Sidney fixed his bike with a truck tire
Discussing the technical issue
Sir Charles enjoying his sail to Java
Bye bye Sumatra! Well done, we enjoyed very much!
On Java we loaded Peter's bike. 15 minutes, we are now professionals!
Sidney loves kids and kids love him
beautiful people
On back country roads
A huge fleet of fisherboats
and have a look at the details...on one side the lady has covered her hair, on the other side she has it open
our basic lunch stop. one doesn't need much to be happy
just amazing scenery
rice fields and in the background the sea. not a very common picture (for us)
After a long ride we reached the south coast of Java. Looks great and we will try that!
On 800m tea plantations
some minor obstacles on our super road.
The ride still in his face...this twisty single lane jungle road we just had, just amazing
Indonesia has some of the most fantastic rides in the world. But you have to like the surprises after (or in) every curve...
Our cute and basic resort for the night. Directly at the beach...
...beach up to the horizon. One has to go off the beaten track and that is where we are!
The next day again off the beaten track. Aaah...and Peter on his new horse!
our lunchstop in the middle of rice fields and in the middle of nowhere
and the children having so much fun jumping for us from the bridge
here everybody got some special treatment from the police. Razia was written on a sign and yes, also we lost an hour here...part of the adventure!
Still Peter...
...can't let go his original horse, the one which brought him all the way from Switzerland up to the very end of Sumatra! Well done and somehow I can understand that it needs some rest
Back in civilization . View from the roof top of our hotel on Cilacap.
Also Adhit has fun with some locals
Anto as well
Beautifully lined up in front of our heritage hotel in Yogyakarta. Marcel, the GM of the hotel still waits for the foto shooting with us...
The interior of our hotel
But we are busy with visiting all important sites around Yogya, the Boko temple, the Prambanan, the Ramayana dance and for the sunrise (wake up at 3 am!) at the Borobodur...see what we have seen:
One can do different as well... but our stay up here was really cool
Our local guide for this morning explaining the history and architecture of the Borobudur temple
The Borobudur temple...at least half of it
Here the promised foto shooting in front of the heritage hotel in Yogyakarta
Thorough planning...it is worth doing it!
We found again our personal adventure road...yiehaaa!
Peter enjoyed as well the small, twisty, in parts very steep road very much. Sooo beautiful!
Sidney stretching...or embracing the nature? I think both!
other views in between..
Charles having fun also!...and he tried his on roads as well! But we got all back on the track
Trying to go around of one of the smaller cities in order to avoid the dense traffic (on Java 145 Million people live, of course you meet one or the other we were stopped by a not ready yet bridge...5m missing; too far to jump )
Sidney exploring the alternative bridge...a bit too soft for our heavy bikes! Actually he still considered how to make it sturdy enough to cross over with the construction material around...
Okay, one selfie and we better look for a real bridge
Dinner arrangements...
Our lunchstop on the way to Malang. Sleeping in shifts
Really an exhausting day with a lot of traffic on narrow roads
And the crown of this exhausting day was this narrow bridge on which my GPS sent us. Oh man. But we made it! ( and now we know where the highlight of the day is
Thank you for the video Sidney!
Aha, here we are. Today is our volcano day! The reward for yesterday's suffering!
With every curve it gets more beautiful.
The small yellow dot down there is a human being. Just for size comparison
2 Orang allowed only. Orang means human being in Bahasa Indonesia...nothing else
Artwork of farming. Up here in pefection!
all farming and harvestig is manually done and steep in some parts...just wow.
Getting down to the savanna at Mt Bromo...just beautiful
Meanwhile Mt Bromo is a triple A tourist attraction. Six years agao I was alone here. These times are over. But the landscape didn't loose anything of its faszination...just some beautiful people are added )
arriving in the sandsea...just amazing
Sidney in action
Adhit trying the Ramanaya dance...nearly falling of the pole
The last meters to the top of Mt Bromo Peter, Sidney and Charles changed their horses to a 4-leg-offroad version
These small horses are sooo strong!
scenery always changing while I waited for our explorers to return
And I got also some beautiful fotos with a lovely family
Peter after the ride happy!
what a smile does to people...
and also Charles made (obviously) friends with his 4 stroke offroader
just amazing!
We bombed into their picture taking but then we were taken over by the crowd
exploring the view spot high up the mountain for the sunrise the late afternoon before...one with helmet
...and one without...+ trying to get the volcano in the background on the picture

East Java continued - Bali

At 4am we left the hotel with our motorcycles for the sunrise viewpoint...pretty cool climate on around 2.200m at 4 in the morning
a glimpse of the sun but then it hid behind the clouds...
...so, we didn't get the super magic view...but still okaaay
Our way out of the savanna, on the rim of the Tengger crater...just beautiful
our (personal) jungle road not many people know this way down from the vlocano!
and sorry about all these fotos of the vegetation but I love these trees
just wow!
The next day we started early in the morning (as usual to Mt Ijen, the next volcano on our tour. In front sugar cane plantations
sugar cane to beautiful forests to coffee plantations higher up and later back to the jungle...what a day
harvesting the sulfur from the crater lake...a tough job
At the starting point of the trail to the crater lake of Mt Ijen. We couldn't make it because it would have meant leaving the hotel at midnight...a bit too tough considering the conditions of motorcycle riding here in Indonesia. On the other hand we would have miissed the wonderful ride up here if we would have gone in the darkness! All good!
The first view of Bali, our next target
friendly female workers along the road
approaching the ferry
We too!
got him
Captain Peter
Bali welcomed us with a biiig shower but later it eased... Pool view of our hotel in Lovina
We found a beautiful road crossing over Bali: Nearly no traffic, veeery twisty, in some part veery narrow and veeery steep. And great scenery!
Also at the Pura Ulun at Danau Bratan we were nearly alone. Lucky we, when we left the tour buses just came up
This friendly lady enjoyed our presence soo much. The volcano Batur in the background. The best view we got today. After the clouds rushed in and guess what, it rained
Lake Batur for a short moment visible
Arrival in Sanur and all of the sudden our fantastic tour is over! What a strange feeling!
Bike wash on the way to our logistic partner
Peter's bike got a foam party as well
Here the the newly elected consignees
A look from my balcony into the Garden Eden...some water pouring from the top to keep it green
The next day we went to the cliff line of Eastern Bali in order to visit the Uluwatu temple
And you would not believe who waited for me at the hotel in Sanur: Stephan and Rhonda from Australia, our participants from the last year's Tallinn to Bangkok tour!!! What a beautiful surprise! If not the others...You both made my day!
Stephan...he didn't change, I can tell you )
What a nice evening we all had!
Seafood on the beach, some light wind, super people...
...and Bali dance on the stage
What a great adventure tour thru the south of Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia! Demanding but always rewarding and all the efforts worth! We will not miss a single moment of this journey. My best wishes to everyone who followed our blog and who was with us!


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Dienstag, 19. Dezember 2017 um 18:30

Sorry for this I know I'm out the topic but I would to say "Bali is save" even eruption mt. Agung issue has soured bali slumped.
But Bali still save waiting your visit!!!
Me - gotravelAindonesia(dot)com - Bali
Samstag, 16. Dezember 2017 um 11:13

Hallo Holger, tolle Tour mit interessanten Bildern. Viele Grüße an Rhonda und Stefan, war schön die beiden (auf dem Foto) wiederzusehen. Wünsche allen eine gute Heimreise und Frohe Weihnachten. Karl-Heinz
Sonntag, 10. Dezember 2017 um 19:15

Fabulous pictures!
Holger Homann
Freitag, 15. Dezember 2017 um 08:35

Thank you Pamela!
Andy hermann
Sonntag, 10. Dezember 2017 um 14:09

What an amazing trip. Well planned and great pictures... well done and all the best
Holger Homann
Freitag, 15. Dezember 2017 um 08:34

Thank you Andy! See you in Munich
Chris Edwards
Donnerstag, 7. Dezember 2017 um 13:35

Its really good. Thanks for sharing and keep posting

Holger Homann
Sonntag, 10. Dezember 2017 um 01:17

Thank you Chris!
Chris Edwards says
Donnerstag, 7. Dezember 2017 um 09:31

You guys capture good images...good for you guys! Continued safe and happy travel!
Holger Homann
Donnerstag, 7. Dezember 2017 um 12:28

Thank you Chris!! It is so beautiful over here, we have no other choice )
My best wishes
Donnerstag, 7. Dezember 2017 um 06:34

Wow such interesting photos...good for you guys! Continued safe and happy travel!
Holger Homann
Donnerstag, 7. Dezember 2017 um 12:26

Thank you Pamela!! Greetings to home!!
Dienstag, 5. Dezember 2017 um 18:38

Hallo Holger und Gruppe, folge fasziniert eurer Tour. Fantastische Fotos. Wünsche euch weiterhin eine interessante und unfallfreie Reise. Grüße
Holger Homann
Mittwoch, 6. Dezember 2017 um 08:08

Hallo Karl-Heinz,
schön Dich hier zu sehen! Und dass es Dir Spaß macht mit uns mit zu reisen!
Viele Grüße nach Hause und vielen Dank für Deine Wünsche!
Erkki (of Peter Pan)
Donnerstag, 30. November 2017 um 14:58


(sorry, can't remember your names) but anyway, good to see you are making progress and enjoying your journey!

If you remember, we had some discussion in Medan about the time required to reach Bali. We did it in seven days (okay, seven and a half if you count the three hours of riding on the first day). Severi enjoyed it, I just tried to hang on.

No need to try, it can only be recommended to serious masochists. Enjoy your trip!
Holger Homann
Sonntag, 3. Dezember 2017 um 00:36

Thank you very much for your comment Erkki! Indeed I thought of you guys, how you were doing and if you survived your trip! I bow my head in deep respect and I am very glad to hear that all went well. The Finnish people are some of the toughest! Have a safe journey back home and I do hope meeting you somewhere on this earth in future!  We just made it onto the ferry to Java ) Our best wishes! Holger
Pamela Posein
Donnerstag, 30. November 2017 um 04:19

Great photos! Such a colourful place .... all the best on the rest of your journey!
Holger Homann
Donnerstag, 30. November 2017 um 08:42

Hello Pam,
nice to reading you here on our blog! And thank you for your wishes!
All the best
Montag, 27. November 2017 um 23:44

Hello all you guys,
It seems like you all are having much fun even you´ve got some troubles with the weather, the roads, the food and of course the humidity. You did cross the equator !!! Well done !! The pictures are amazing with the beautiful sceneries, the great landscapes and the friendly people over there. The pictures of your trip are driving my adrenaline rising...I wish I could travel with you !! Enjoy your trip and have a safe joyful trip.Take care !!

Holger Homann
Donnerstag, 30. November 2017 um 08:40

Hello Ying,
thank you very much! It is indeed a faszinating tour with many facets! Beautiful nature, beautiful people and demanding as well.
My best wishes to you at home!!
Sonntag, 19. November 2017 um 08:40

Gute Initiative, alles über Facebook zu dokumentieren. Da guck ich ab und zu rein. Weiterhin eine schöne Reise. Birgit
Holger Homann
Montag, 20. November 2017 um 10:45

Vielen Dank Birgit und Euch auch alles Gute!
Sonntag, 19. November 2017 um 04:21

Wunderschöne Eindrücke, die ihr da sammelt.
Ich wünsche euch weiterhin viele tolle Erlebnisse und gute Reise!
Holger Homann
Montag, 20. November 2017 um 10:43

Hallo Marc,
vielen Dank von uns allen! Dir einen schönen Urlaub!
Viele Grüße
Russ Drake
Sonntag, 19. November 2017 um 02:27

Nice pictures Holger, keep them coming!
Russ Drake
Holger Homann
Montag, 20. November 2017 um 10:42

Hello Russ,
nice reading you! I will try hard!
My best wishes
Bernd Repenning
Donnerstag, 16. November 2017 um 15:30

Hi Holger and group!
Looks like you are having lots of fun- that‘s the way it should be!
Safe travels and my best wishes to Peter and Sid!
Holger Homann
Freitag, 17. November 2017 um 09:23

Hallo Bernd,
I guess we have! All good so far.
The big thing is still ahead of us: Indonesia.
Best wishes to you back home from all of us!
Achim Szymanski
Donnerstag, 16. November 2017 um 10:02

Good to see that you're on the road in the adventure-countries. Have a safe trip and all the best! Achim
Holger Homann
Freitag, 17. November 2017 um 09:19

Hallo Achim,
vielen Dank! Thank you very much and I do hope that you are not freezing to much in good old Germany! Cheers from Kuala Lumpur
Claudia Wenhart
Donnerstag, 9. November 2017 um 23:21

Hello Sid, Hello Holger,
cool that you are on tour again.... seems to be fun to discover a new tour.
Take care and have fun, I will follow you on the blog
Sonntag, 19. November 2017 um 01:22

Thank Great to be traveling again
Holger Homann
Donnerstag, 16. November 2017 um 08:40

Hello Claudia,
thank you for your message! Sorry for the delay answering...doing scouting and writing a blog is a real challenge. But I will try.
Greetings from your co-rider in China and myself
Michael Göbel
Mittwoch, 8. November 2017 um 12:20

Hello Holger,
wish you all a great and save trip.
Greetings from Laos.
Holger Homann
Donnerstag, 9. November 2017 um 01:00

Hello Michael, thank you very much! Same wishes to you further up north!


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