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4AN1703 Southern Spain Extreme

Montag, 6. November 2017 | Angela | Europa

One of our new tours in 2017 is the Southern Spain Extreme tour. With this tour Edelweiss covers the eastern most part of Andalusia, which has the reputation of being one of Spain's eldorado for motorcycling. Many nice winding roads accompanied us on the past 6 days of our tour. This part of Andalusia is dominated by several sierras connecting to each other, and so we came up with the term "sierra hopping tour"

The riders from Ucraine, Canada, and Switzerland were enjoying many fantastic views from the tops of the mountains. But the best, we all agreed, was the emptyness... During those six days we counted up to 12 other motorcycles that we were coming across!!! If you are looking for empty roads, if you want to experience relaxing your mind, and getting blown away by the fantastic views amidst the beautiful Spanish nature, but still with great riding on winding roads, this is the place to go.

Inside our Moorish style tour start hotel
Some towns or villages welcome you with such an "entrance gate"
The friendly attendant at the gas station explained the way... I hope you know now where to go, Jeff
Rare traffic...
Jeff and Blair from Canada on their way from one sierra to another
And so was Igor from Ukraine
"Spanish villaging" - a quite amusing way to keep you busy improving your riding skills trying to find the best way to the centre of those "Spanish town mazes"
But it awards you with some of the nicest views while enjoying a cafe cortado
Hopping from one Sierra to another offers the chance to enjoy the amazing views over the countryside
The Puerto de Tiscar
Jeff always has his camera ready
Around this time of the year the many embalses (water reservoirs) here in Andalusia are almost empty already. The winter time and the snow are welcome now to fill up the reservoirs again.
But still it is a nice view and worth a stop
The Canadian "twin brothers"
One of the countless perched villages that give you a new riding experience
Among other things, these fortresses, that are spread out all over Andalusia, are witnesses of the time when the Moors ruled this part of Spain.
A awesome view point you think? We thought, too. From up here at the castle you even get a nice view of the view point
Coming up to the castle we first thought would be a little challenge, but it is quite well possible.
Some parts in the forests have suffered from forest fires and give you a sad impression on the one hand, but it is amazing to see that there is still life in these trees and that they will grow back
Apparently, the first settlements in Europe were found here in the Sierra de Segura
After our rest day here in the Sierra de Cazorla, we started out to find this absolutely beautiful ride through complete lonesomeness...
We loved this stretch so much that we spent quite some time here. It was simply to beautiful to just brush through
Parked at our typical Andalusian style hotel at the end of a great riding day
Something you can't get around in Spain... a typical Paella. This one we enjoyed at our lunch stop at the coast
Not only do the Spaniards like to welcome you with grandiose gates to their towns, they also have the wildest decorations for their roundabouts A matter of taste, I'd say
Andalusia is dominated by miles and miles of endless olive orchards!!! Quite impressive to see the amount of olives they grow
Not only were we admiring the country... every now and then we were the object of curiosity for the locals
It was Sunday, so all the locals were out for tapas themselves, and so we got the real deal experience
La Calahorra's impressive castle
Next to the sun, wind is another source of energy the Spaniards make use of
As everybody in our group, Igor is amazed by the mind-blowing view over the last pass on our final tour day...
...has Passo di Stelvio been the pass road of your dreams until now? Simply forget about it now and come here to Andalusia This road beats it by far in every respect!!! You wanna know the name of it? Meeehhh... I guess you oughta come on tour and find out
The area north of Almeria is popular for their observatories. Luckily for us motorcyclists, it has a nicely winding road leading up.


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Jeff Medley
Montag, 27. November 2017 um 21:13

Angela, thank you for a fantastic trip. It was a lot of fun to hang around with you in Southern Spain and enjoy such twisty roads amidst this beautiful countryside with hardly any traffic. It was like we had the whole place to ourselves.

We had a terrific group of riders and we shared many laughs, great food and a "Boots beer" each night after riding.

Thank you and all the best on your future rides. I hope we share another adventure soon.
Angela de Haan
Freitag, 8. Dezember 2017 um 19:11

Hello Jeff,
Thank you very much for your lovely words. I had a great time with all of you, too. Very much family-like size of group which made it all the more relaxed Not to mention the Canadian sense of humor
Hoping to see you on another ride somewhere some time soon.
In the meantime have a fantastic winter time and a Merry Christmas for you and your family.


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