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NSZ1801 New Zealand - summer in paradise

Montag, 29. Januar 2018 | Ursula Peter / Thomas Ritt / Malcolm Brunelli | Pazifik

Sadly the tour is over for many of us (some will be on the north island extention), but we had great time during the last two weeks.

Great weather, great fun, but most important a great atmosphere created by an incredible group of people! 

Thank you very much guys, see you soon!

Your tourguides,

Malcolm, Tom and Ursula

Day 13: Rotorua - Auckland

Katharina, Michael and Jörg went on a helicopter flight to White Island, see their pictures below., Some went to Hobbinton, others to the Coromandel Peninsula. Will have a lot of different storries tonight.

We had a great day


After the filming of "The Lord of the Rings" was completed, the little town of Hobbiton, built of styrofoam and cardboard, was left to itself and disappeared almost completely within a few years. But LOTR-fans from around the world found the place and kept coming to see it. When Hobbiton was rebuilt for the movie "The Hobbit" the producers made sure that this time more permanent materials were used, so that Hobbiton could be turned into a tourist attraction after the film was completed. And boy, what tourist attraction it is!

Which one is real, which on is fake???

The left is faked. 200.000 artificial leafes on it. When it was ready, Peter Jackson didn`t like the colour of the leafes, it was not close enough to reality. He let them all remove, repaint and put it on again.

Hi Frodo

Mary, Dwight, Richard, Sam, Doug and Gretchen...everyone was really happy about this place...even Dwight! =)
A fluffy light lunch for Charles and Lucie...
... and seafood chowder for Dave. Took an hour to arrive but was well worth the wait!

and last not least we had a surprise for the last supper

Day 12: Napier - Rotorua

We split the groups today. One did the long route via Gentle Anny the other enjoyed Napier a bit longer in the morning and went on the shorter one. So everybody happy.

The pass known as Gentle Annie was paved very recently. It will take you across the very sparsely populated hills west of Hastings.

team Hungaria

what a scenery

the warriors are tired

The second group took the highway 5 till lake Taupo and then drove through the Waikato River and the Waikete Valley.

33° Celsius (92° F) and a nice ride through the geothermal plant and the view of a geyser!

Doug and Richard looking for some shade
The Geyser place next to lake Ohakuri and river Waikato

NZ’s largest lake sits in the caldera of a volcano that began erupting about 300,000 years ago. The caldera was formed by a collapse during the Oruanui eruption about 26,500 years ago, which threw out 800 to 1100 cu km of ash and pumice, making Krakatoa (8 cu km) and Mount St. Helens (3 cu km) look like pimples.

The last major cataclysm was in 180AD, shooting up enough ash into the atmosphere for the red skies to be noted by the ancient Romans and Chinese. The area is still volcanically active and, like Rotorua, has fascinating thermal hot spots.

Today the 606-sq-km (234 sq miles) lake and its surrounding waterways are serene enough to attract fishing enthusiasts from all around the world. Due to the lack of predators Brown Trout, once imported from California, can grow incredibly big.

Dave is the Chief in the Maori Show
Team Hungaria is doing well
Also the men learing the Haka
Völlig außer Rand und Band die Jungs
A massive thunderstorm cleaned Rotorua's air from it's sulphury smell

Day 11: Wellington - Napier

We cut through the suburbs of Wellington and climb Rimutaka Hill, a spectacular and usually windswept pass road. Then we leave the highway in favor of small roads without traffic and loop through the Martinborough wine region. “New Zealand’s Napa Valley” is a popular place for Wellingtonians to spend their weekends, and on sunny days the area is full of bicycles, motorcycles and convertibles.

The long route goes through green, hilly farm country we ride to Pongaroa, where we have lunch in the historic hotel. Be careful, there may be sheep on the road at any time!
We'll end up in Napier, the Art Deco capital of New Zealand.

Pongoroa 1906
Pongoroa 2018
we stayed half an hour inside this gas station - it was soo cool and comfortable
Heutiger Höhepunkt auf der kurzen Route: Mt. Bruce Wildlife Centre. Dave und Doug waren aber nicht für einen Busch-Spaziergang zu begeistern...
Der flugunfähige Takahe galt als ausgestorben, wurde dann aber wiederentdeckt.
Ein Kaka bei der Futtersuche
what a location for dinner
we got spoiled
no comment....

Day 10: Restday Wellington

Today’s short ride leads to the Kapiti Coast where we can visit the Southward Car Museum, the largest vintage car collection in New Zealand and one of the best in the world. 
Of course you don't have to ride if you don't want to. Wellington has enough on offer to keep you busy for a day. Very busy!

Toller Blick auf die Kapiti Coast
ein kleiner Teil der großartigen Sammlung
the famous Britten

Te Papa Museum - a must 

There is a special WWI exhibition about the triumphs and tragedies of Gallipoli through the eyes and words of the ordinary New Zealanders who were there. A very intense project in all perspectives.
Giant sculptures of eight individiuals capture intense personal moments frozen in time, at 2.4 times human scale. All the sculptures were designed by Weta workshop, the world-leading design and effect facility in Wellington. They got world famous designing for the Lord of the Ring project.
Every sculpture took them 3000 working hours. First they mold the body in fibreglass, sprayed it with silicon and then carved the faces. They 3D printed eyes, tongues, teeth. You even can see beads of perspiration, hair and beard seems to be real. Just amazing!
If you are interested in further details: http://wetaworkshop.com/projects/gallipoli-the-scale-of-our-war/behind-the-scenes/

This is Fenwick - doctor in Gallipoli
View from the cable car station
the Botanic Garden

Day 9: Richmond - Wellington

Today is a special day because we will embark on a cruise! But first we ride through the scenic Marlborough Sounds, one of the most beautiful parts of New Zealand. Most impressive: a ride on Queen Charlotte Drive, definitively among the world’s most phenomenal roads.
In Picton we board the ferry, glide through picturesque Queen Charlotte Sound out to Cook Strait, and after just over three hours we reach Wellington, the nation’s capita

Ein heißer, sonniger Tag in den Marlborough Sounds
Wir schauen dem Kapitän beim Einparken zu
Nordinsel wir kommen!
Die Cook-Straße kann allerdings sehr unruhig sein...
the Malborough Sound
and some awards at the end of the day
Herzlichen Glückwunsch Manfred und Sam zur 5. Tour. Passt gut auf das T-Shirt auf, es ist wahrscheinlich das teuerste in eurer Garderobe

Day 8: Punakaika - Homestay around Motueka

We leave Punakaiki, the site of the famous “Pancake Rocks,” and after only 40 miles we take a break at beautiful Cape Foulwind with its seal colony. Historic gold digger sites mark our ride along the legendary Buller River and through the wild, remote bush and forest landscape of the South Island.
We will spend the night not with the group but on individual, B&B-like “Country Stays”, which gives us the opportunity to experience everyday life in this wonderful country.

first picture stop in the morning - beautiful West (Wet) Coast

what is this guy looking for??

Fritz and Dick in Buller Gorge
we split of in Kohatu, everybody tried to find their hosts. Sue and Graeme (not Graham) hosted Frenenc, Irma, probably the first Hungarians they had, and Ursula
Graeme has his own Microbrewery and we got a taste of it
delicious dinner....
Pavlova for desert and of course good company and interesting talks

Day 7: Fox - Punakaiki

We leave the ice behind and head towards gold in Hokitika, the old gold digger capital. Due to its historical background the West Coast is also known as the Gold Digger Coast, but nowadays everything around here revolves around jade, also known as greenstone, or Pounamu, as the Maori call it. 
Arthurs Pass is the main crossing point of the Southern Alps, the only road in New Zealand that features high alpine scenery as we know it from the European Alps. It is a lovely ride, but the main reason to come up here are the Keas, alpine parrots with a very bad reputation. They are super-smart and highly endangered, and up here on the pass we have the best chance of seeing some

this Weka was a bit shy at the beginning....
...but than it wanted to know whats in these bowls
Picnic at Lake Mahinapua
Traumhafter Anblick der wilden Westküste
they all made it over Arthur`s Pass
happy faces - boot beer time in Punakaiki

Day 6: Queenstown - Fox

This day is an unforgettable experience. The country's highest pass, a beautiful road with spectacular panoramic views, brings us into Cardrona Valley and to Wanaka, a small town at the southern end of Lake Wanaka.
We ride along beautiful panoramas and past crystal clear mountain lakes that often reflect the surrounding mountains. From the dry steppe of Central Otago we descend to the damp rainforests of the West Coast, an amazing, overwhelming change in scenery. Our route leads us over Haast Pass and along the Haast River down to the Tasman Sea. The West Coast Highway, one of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world, brings us to Fox Glacier.

Cadrona Hotel
Lake Hawea
Dieses Bild ist für Doris Waldegger. Hier ist der Doris Fan-Club- der männliche Teil! Von links nach rechts: Jörg Rosenkranz, Manfred Baumann, Fritz Kraus. Velen Dank soll ich sagen für Deinen Service, deine immerwährende Geduld und deine Freundlichkeit. Näheres zu dem Trio folgt mündlich in einem Gespräch von Frau zu Frau (es gibt viel zu erzählen, hahaha). LG Ursel
Lake Wanaka
Near Makaroa
Ship Creek - we saw Dolphins
a walk through the rainforest
Bruce Bay and the Tasman Sea
es ist einfach wunderschön
Jörg geht schwimmen
was er wohl denkt.....

Day 5: Rest day in Queenstown

Gruppenfoto an einem der spektakulärsten Aussichtspunkte in ganz Neuseeland: Blanket Bay, an der Straße nach Glenorchy. Mit bloßen Worten schwer zu beschreiben...

Queenstown is a place unlike any other in New Zealand. It is full of backpackers, adventure-seekers and adrenaline-junkies, the average age seems to be somewhere around 25, and the air is saturated with fun, adventure and party.
This beautiful town, nestled between mountains right at Lake Wakatipu, is named the Adventure Capital of the world; after all it’s the place where bungy jumping was invented. You can also put your courage to the test at jet boating, white water rafting, aerobatics, sky diving, paragliding, or -sailing. But it’s not all about hair-raising adventure activities; there is also relaxing ones like a cruise on the 100 year old steamer TSS Earnslaw, or a tour from winery to winery.
If you want to ride your bike you should take the road along Lake Wakatipu to Glenorchy, filmset for LOTR - it`s paradise. 

Aussicht vom Hotel
Kurz vor der Jetboot-Fahrt im Shotover Canyon. Einmal im Leben...

our adrenalin junkies are waiting for boarding 

Was man tun und lassen sollte: gut festhalten, nicht aufstehen, nicht aufstoßen...

a jetboat for Edelweiss only

Fast so gut wie Motorrad fahren auf der Straße nach Milford...
... bis zu 75 km/h...


Manfred mag Kaffee lieber als Adrenalin
Blanket Bay.

Queenstown,Lake  Wakatipu and the Remarkables from Bob`s Peak

the TSS Earnslaw is steaming already

Day 4: Te Anau - Milford Sound - Queenstown

What a day!!!

This long riding day will introduce you to one of the most scenic corners of New Zealand. From Te Anau we follow the road along the lake of the same name. The road winds its way through the rainforest and climbs up to an elevation of almost 3,000 ft., then drops down to sea level in only a handful of daring curves. It ends at beautiful Milford Sound, a wonderland of high mountains, numerous waterfalls and abundant wildlife.

It is describe as one of the most beautiful and scenic roads in the world - and we think it`s true. 

We embarked on a cruise to enjoy this overwhelming part of New Zealand from all angles. Tom prepared a fantastic picnic at Lake Te Anau - the level is high now - and after that we made our way back along Lake Wakatipu to Queenstown.

6.45 am - everybody ready to go

Theresa and Paul (Manfred)

on the cruise into Milford Sound

the happy Hungarians

Toms picnic at Lake Te Anau - one could marry him. Theresa had the better idea - you could hire him

delicious picnic on an  awesome spot

our special guests: Horst (left) and Eva (right) from Invercargill.. They took care about Fritz (middle) when he was in hospital there a year ago. Their live and love story would make maybe even a better movie than the "The world fastest Indian".

What does a German ask for when living 50 years in Invercargill? Some Hanuta and a good German mustard. Fritz brought both

Thank you very much Horst and Eva that you visited us und shared some time with Fritz and the group. It was a pleasure to have you. All the best 

Day 3: Twizel to Te Anau

for Katharina and Jörg the day started at 6 a.m. They went to Mount Cook village to enjoy the sunrise. This was the peak Edmund Hillary got prepared for his Nanga Parbat expedition.
Photo stop on Lindis Pass
Dwight is about to jump from a perfectly good bridge
The world famous, historic Kawarau Bridge. 43 meters above the water.
Ready, set, ...
... goooooooo!
He did it!
Spectacular clouds over Lake Ta Anau
Jörg, Ursula and a model of a Takahe bird. Not actual size.
Tour guides Malcolm, Ursula and Thomas

2. Day: Christchurch - Twizel

Leaving Christchurch behind we start our day - in the weather is right - by climbing up to Summit Road. This spectacular panoramic road follows the rim of the ancient volcanic crater that is now Banks Peninsula and offers fantastic views down to the city and the coast. Then we ride through the green, fertile Canterbury plains, always along the Alps and finally via Burks Pass up to the MacKenzie High Country. The unique turquoise-colored waters of Lake Pukaki and Lake Tekapo, combined with the snow-covered mountains, make for picture-perfect scenery.
The view of Lake Tekapo through the altar window of the “Church of the Good Shepherd,” is amazing, and the ride to and the view from Mt. John Observatory is just as fantastic. Up here you can also find the South Island's highest café.
Just before we arrive in Twizel, we pull over at New Zealand’s number one lookout: the view across the turquoise-colored waters of Lake Pukaki towards Mt. Cook will take your breath away.

Laszlo and Regina

Sam and Dick

everybody is a bit excited

view down into the 35 mio year old crater

Rakaia Gorge

Katharina and Michael

Theresa and Manfred

Mary & Dwight, Ferenc & Irma, Regina & Laszlo, Oliver, Dick, Lucie & Charles
This is where we came from, guys. We're going the other way!

the altar picture in the church of the god shepherd

Lake Tekapo

Church of the Good Shepherd

Lucie and Charles and the view from Mt. John

Jörg is meditating into the overwhelming landscape

Lake Pukaki

1. Day: Arrival in Christchurch

Welcome to the land of the long white cloud. The first New Zealand tour in 2018 is about to start. The bikes are almost ready, heaps of paperwork is done as well, most of our guest are in. We have quite a big group, 18 bikes, 25 riders from all over the world. So stay tuned....




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Evi T.
Sonntag, 28. Januar 2018 um 17:38

Wunderbare Fotos! Wollte wissen, wie es meiner lieben Nachbarin geht .
Grüße aus dem trüben Allgäu,
Ursula Peter
Sonntag, 28. Januar 2018 um 22:39

Hallo Evi,
wir hatten zwei wunderbare Wochen mit einer ausgesprochen netten Gruppe. Im Gegensatz zum Allgäu ist es hier fast unerträglich heiß. Ich hab viel gelernt, z.B. über eine spezielle Hühnerrasse.- sehr lustig Mehr dazu daheim.
Ganz liebe Grüße und bis bald
Samstag, 27. Januar 2018 um 14:23

Sehr schöne Fotos verfolge den blog, da ein ganz lieber Freund von mir "Jörg lass es dir gut gehn !,,,an dieser Tour teilnimmt.
Wünsch euch allen eine schöne Zeit und tolle Eindrücke
Doris Waldegger
Montag, 22. Januar 2018 um 08:53

Ein liebes Hallo aus dem SEHR winterlichen Mieming an die liebe Gruppe,
ein herzliches Danke, besonders an Jörg, Manrfed und Fritz. Es war mir immer eine Freude, Euch behilflich zu sein.
Ich wünsche allen eine unvergessene Tour und freu mich auf Eure Reisebrichte.
Liebe Grüße aus dem Büro
Petra Brock
Dienstag, 16. Januar 2018 um 13:42

Die Seite finde ich ja toll.So kann ich Alles gut verfolgen.Habt viel Spaß.
Ursula Peter
Dienstag, 16. Januar 2018 um 18:23

Hallo Petra,,
das freut uns sehr und wir freuen uns immer über Kommentare.
Bis bald


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