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Adventure Patagonia 2018

Samstag, 10. Februar 2018 | Milan Haase | Nord- und Südamerika

Giribaldi Pass outside of Ushuaia is a biker's dream road...
Tierra del Fuego National park- perfect day for a ride/ walk through a park at the end of the world!
Good bye Tierra del Fuego!
Ushuaia is a beautiful city. On a beautiful day that is...
making new friends at the national park entrance!
The "end of the world" sign is looking good! So is the group
We made it to Ushaia!! The end of the world.... turns out is pretty beautiful!!
Billy boy is having a good time!! YEEE HAWWW
Cerro Sombrero city tour.... the entire town was built in 1954 for the gas field workers. It's like taking a step back in time!!
Crossing the Straights of Magellan! and a long forgotten abandoned ranch, sad to see...
Finally got everyone together for a "family portrait"..
quite a few travelers pass through this gas station in El Chalten!!
Totally dirty. Completely happy!!
Torres del Paine National park is one of the highlights for sure!! What you can't see in the pictures is the wind.... it was crazy that day- but then again, we wouldn't want it any other way...!!

Abenteuer Patagonien

Fahr mit Edelweiss Bike Travel bis ans Ende der Welt nach Ushuaia!

Chilenisches Seengebiet, Carretera Austral, Fitz Roy Massiv, Perito Moreno Gletscher, Nationalpark Torres del Paine, Feuerland, Ushuaia
ab USD 12.250,- pro Person
12.11. - 02.12.2023
28.01. - 17.02.2024
10.11. - 30.11.2024
26.01. - 15.02.2025
16.11. - 06.12.2025
Osorno / Punta Arenas
21 Tage, davon 19 Fahrtage

We got to see condors at the Perrito Moreno Glacier!! 2 for 1 spectacle
Winfried had took a day off from his GS to ride a "1 horse power" thing...
Winfried is a pastor back home- So we even have a 'spiritual" aspect to the tour
Micheal from Germany- a real international group we have here!
Cem from Turkey is really having fun!
Daniel taking in the views....
contemplating the beauty of the futaleufu
one of the most spectacular bridges in the world.... Crossing over Lake General Carrera
We made it to Puyuhuapi- a quaint little town in a bay in the Chilean Fjords. Love this town.
Along the route we go through Villa Santa Lucia. This town was devastated by a huge mud slide just before Christmas. Very sad. It was a sobering reminder of how little control we really have over mother nature...
After crossing back into Chile we stayed in Futaleufu- a sweet little town by a river with the same name. The weather has been unbelievaable! Even warm enough to jump in the river!!
Bill, Nick and Robert - never better...
Richard going for a dip in the Futaeufu river
The day we rode away from Futaeufu was hot!! So a quick dip in the Futaleufu river was great!
We had a great ride through "Butch Cassidy Land" and Los Alerces national Park!! After all the dust it felt good to jump into the lake and take a refreshing swim...
Martin und Ulli am wegfahren vom Butch Cassidy house
The Butch Cassidy museum near Cholila has some real relics! The Boys from Britain enjoying the historical aspects of the tour-
Kevin from Colorado enjoying a beverage at the "Butch Cassidy" bar.
Some of the trees in Los Alerces National Park in Argentina are 3000 years old!! These are some of them. Amazing to ponder how long they have been growing...
Los Alerces national Park on a clear day- this is the lake we swam in after getting a bit dusty from the gravel road. Doesn't get much better...
It's not every day you get to swim in an Andean mountain Lake!! And the boys are enjoying it!
Crazy rock formations
the dirt road out of San Martin is great! Daniel is really having fun!!
I know it looks like a "guys trip"... but we do have 1 woman in the group! "(she's just not in the pictures I took - yet...)
clear blue skys all around

The lookouts on the tour are spectacular!

Eating well is important on this tour! gotta keep your strenght up!
The first hotel in Pucon is like a little spa
everyone is really getting along!!
Men in Black
not too many roads in this world with a tree in the middle of the road
San Martin de Los Andes- Argentina. Beautiful little town- feels like Bavaria
Herb isn't having a very good time...
This off- road section leaving San Martin de los Andes is simply stunning! Everyone loved it!
It's a British invasion!
The weather has been great so far on the patagonia trip! Great food, great roads, great company!
This is "El Boliche Viejo"- Butch Casidy and Sundance Kid/ Etta Place used to eat here too... so they say.
Best restaurant in ARgentina!!
"The White Owl" is a cafe just before arriving El Bolson - best views for a coffee shop!


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Karsten Robbert
Sonntag, 28. Januar 2018 um 17:59

Die gleichen Orte und Fotos, wie auf unserer Tour im letzten Jahr. Nur die Teilnehmer haben sich geändert.
Viel Spaß, genießt die Zeit!
Ursula Peter
Donnerstag, 25. Januar 2018 um 06:08

I can see Richard again - hellooo! Regards from New Zealand


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