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Mediterranean Alps Extreme (4SA 1801)

Montag, 21. Mai 2018 | Holger Homann / Michael Göbel | Europa

Day 7 - Finale Ligure to Vence 

Great riding roads, medieval villages, technically difficult one lane roads, all there and not only today! And everybody arrived safely in Vence where we started our tour with a big smile! 

Paul and Mac dragged the bench in front of the motorcycles after arrival We guess they enjoyed the tour! Yiehaa!
View of Monaco
Alleys in Peille, France again
Thunderstorm at our lunch stop. Nature rules.
Jean-Michel coming thru the alleys
Keith (I guess the only one) touching the "monster" in Zucharello

Day 6 - Rapallo to Finale Ligure 

Extreme as the tour title! Great weather and challenging riding. Smiles on all faces! 

Wael relaxing
Nathan coming around the corner
David hunted by Jean-Michel
And Jürgen
Genoss from top down
Keith in action

Day 5 - Rapallo "Rest Day"

Most of the guys just wanted to ride. So we had a long tour and a short tour which added also 200km on the clock. Not much? Come here and try!

Cinque Terre, world heritage: We enjoyed the day! Achja and the ss1 road...motorcyclists paradise!

Day 4 - Vicoforte - Rapallo 

Brilliant  riding through Piermont and Liguria. Wow!  And everyone enjoyed.  After all this riding thru the mountains  we arrived at the coast! Yiehaa! 

Our offroad section, well done guys! !
Ok, here we go with El Chefe
Wael waiting for lunch. Not that he his impatient

Day 3 - Valberg - Vicoforte 

What a day! We started out in sunshine and Cover 9 passes today,  some special stages of the Rally Montecarlo. It was intense riding,  especially the col de Turini .We all had a smile on our face arriving in Vicoforte in Italy.

Morning briefing in Valberg
Col de Turini life!

Day 2 - Restday in Valberg 

We could steep in today , because it was snowing in the morning. But at 11 o clock it cleared up and we all went for a ride. Some took a Shorts loop to Entrevaux and visited the motorcycle museum and the others went for a long ride to get wet again.

Everybody had fun.

Ready for takeoff
Jürgen from Switzerland, Mac from California and Fady from Lebanon. .
First stop at a waterfall in the Gorges de Loup. Ali from Lebanon in the foreground and Mac and David from Australia on the left side
Our coffee stop in the mountains
Lac St. Croix. ..and the weather is still with us.
Weather changes now quickly
From the right : Paul from USA, Jean-Michel originally from France, now living in the US, Nathan and David from USA, Keith from Australia; Jürgen and Holger
Now heavy rain. But the group is still in a good mood
Grand Canyon du Verdon. Just amazing
Paul dancing in the rain
Gorges du Daluis
All in red
All great riders! Proven by this harsh conditions, heavy rain for hours , stormy gusts, 3 degrees Celsius!
In the morning snowfall in Valberg on 1.600m!
Jean bought a straw hat for the snow. ...better than nothing
Wael and Fady enjoying the snow
Later everyone wants to go for a ride. Unbelievable!


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