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High Alpine Tour (HAT180A)

Montag, 28. Mai 2018 | Marc Adamiak / Andreas Fetzer | Europa

Our tour is posted in the thai national newspapers!

6th riding day: Au - Erding

Atmosphere before starting into our last riding day on this tour
Everybody wants to ride
Last curves while leaving the Alps
Posing during a quick stop
Approaching the famous castle Neuschwanstein, we got in contact with locals and asked for permission for a quich foto stop at this spot
From here, one can see two castles:
Neuschwanstein (white, left) and Hohenschwangau (yellow, right).
As this castle is one of the most famous tourist attractions, that would have taken too much time to visit, we got some nice pictures from a distance
Nick and the castle
For lunch, the group tried german saussage (Rostbratwurst), Sauerkraut and steak (Zwiebelrostbraten)
On our way towards Munich...
...where the group definetely wanted to go shopping motorcycle gear, that they saw on two germans in the Dolomites, some days ago.
Nick and Marc, congratulating each other for a successful tour after arrival at our final hotel (from where we started one week ago)
A last group picture on the bikes
Then, we got our well deserved boot beer
In the evening, we had a recap of the tour and shared interesting and funny stories and everyone told his own experiences
One last joined dinner and...
...cheers to everybody.
We are looking forward to another tour together

5th riding day: Pontresina - Au

Start into another great day
great views from the Flüela Pass
Charly flying the drone
Fun in the snow
Border to Liechtenstein
Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein with the castle in the background
Fantastic ride and view on our way through Vorarlberg

4th riding day: Klobenstein - Pontresina

Daily tour briefing (here in Klobenstein, outside the hotel in the sun)
The first kilometers, we rode along the valley of river Etsch
Along the road, we were accompanied by apple plantations, castles monestaries and more eye catchers
Entering the medieval city of Glurns
City wall sightseeing
Witch riders
Dinner in our hotel
Later, we had a drink at the bar and Charlie helped as barkeeper

Rest day tour in the Dolomites: Klobenstein - Collalbo

On our rest day, some of the group decided for a relaxing day at the hotel, some for a ride.
Our first stop was at the "Karer lake"...
...with its amazing colors and optical effects.
As the road to Marmoloata (the highest mountain in the Dolomites) was closed due to constructions, we had to shorten the route slightly.
Nevertheless, we found some nice curves (which is not to difficult here)
After a short coffee break near this waterfall...
...and the winding road back to our hotel...
...the entire group took the train and cable railway down to Bozen.
Nick is enjoying the view over the valley.
Downtown, we then got a luxuriant dinner at a local brewery ( "Batzen" )
Ok, to be honest: this plate was not just for Nick - but for three persons!
Beer? Seriously?
Definetely YES!!!

2nd riding day - Lienz-Klobenstein

After a good breakfast we start into our 2nd riding day
Into a fantastic spooky Landscape due to all the fog and no other trafik on the Pustertaler Höhenstraße
Towards Italy - Nick can´t wait to finally get a really good coffee! And pasta!
We found the really good coffee here at Lago Misurina - being the only guests in this bar with own motorcyle parking spots.
And we found this little booth.....meanwhile they are really rare within Europe
Stopped by the police: We had to take a detour as the GIRO D`ITALIA competitors were just racing over the passo tre croci and therefore it was closed for any other traffic....
Thailand meets Passo Falzarego!!
Fascinating ride in the heart of the Dolomites - what a landscape - garnished with curvy roads with almost no traffic for double enjoyment
Does the local adminstration meanwhile place own signs for our Tourguides leading tours in the Alps?
Our last few kms right before Klobenstein - what a funride uphill through the local wineyards!

Arrival and 1st riding day Erding-Lienz

Claim staking: done
At the welcome briefing, the group gets to know each other, gets some information about the tour...
...and meets the tourguides / hairstyling models: Marc and Andreas
Everybody is happy to finally get his bike for the tour
Tour start from Erding (near Munich, Germany)
First, we rode along some smooth hills in the "pre alpine region"
The river Inn, with a beautiful view on the medieval town of Wasserburg
We stopped for some coffee and photo shooting at the Chiemsee (see thee Alps in the background)
One of the castles of King Ludwig II: Herrenchiemsee (in the distance)
The restaurant for lunch was located next to a nice little chapel
Group picture after our lunch break in St. Ullrich (at lake Piller)
Good blessings for the tour
Climbing the curvy high alpine road (first in a green environment)
...then, we came to the snow area (but the road was clear)
Thailand meets snow mountains in the Alps
Our photographer Wanchai, shooting great pictures of the group
Nick and "his" BMW
In the snow, adult guys can have fun like kids...!
As soon as the roads were dry, we had some real riding fun!
Descending back into warmer regions (20 degrees celsius, compared to 3.5 degrees up in the mountains)
The minions are back!
"Selfie" time
Bikers are welcome in the hotel in Lienz.
Here, we enjoyed a delicious dinner, some beer(s) and shared stories of our first ride on this tour.
It was a great day!


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