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CBA 1801 - The best of America 2018

Montag, 4. Juni 2018 | Pierre Baumgärtner / Michael Kreuzmeir | Nord- und Südamerika

Update: New pictures added!

Ankunft in Santa Monica

Welcome to Los Angeles!
Everybody arrived safely at our Hotel in Santa Monica / Los Angeles. Most of the guests came a bit early and explored the famous Santa Monica Beach & Harbour Club. From left: Dieter, Rosana, Edemar, Uwe, Regina, Andrea, Ingo and Michael.
The end of the famous Route 66 in Santa Monica.
The Santa Monica Pier.

Tag 1 - Von Santa Monica nach Big Bear Lake

Leaving Santa Monica we took the way up to Beverly Hills, driving on Hollywood Boulevard with the famous "Walk of Fame" . Via the Observatory we were leaving Los Angeles going through the Griffith Park, where the weather was getting better hourly...
Lunchstop at Newcombs Ranch on an altitude of 2000m.
Happy Dieter...
...happy Rosana...
...and happy Michael.
Time for a coffee stop.
A single piece of cake split on two plates. Really, really tasty!
Picture of proof needed.
Rosana and Edemar enjoying the Swing ...
...as well as Andrea and Michael.
Last stop before we arrived to the Hotel at the Big Bear Lake.

Tag 2 - Von Big Bear Lake nach Lake Havasu

A little stop at Pioneer Town.
Meet the locals, Uwe and Regine met some Horse riding enthusiasts.
Entering the Joshua Tree National Park.
Time for a group picture!
Milshakes and coffee like in the 50's… in the middle of nowhere.
Ingo and Andrea
Riding along the Colorado River.
We stopped at the Parker Dam.
Our bikes looking good in the sun.
Crossing the dam on our way to London Bridge.

Tag 3 - Von Lake Havasu nach Tusayan

Before we leave Lake Havasu we had to have a quick look at the London Bridge which has been bought 1962 and rebuild over the Colorado River. Then we took our way to Route 66 the "Mother Road". We had perfect weather conditions and every minute we abosrbed the 'easy rider' feeling with our Harleys.
Here we are!
Edemar looking happy to ride on the historic Route 66!
The Little village called Oatman… famous pitstop during the golden age of the R66 in the 50's.
The legendary 'Road Kill Cafe'. "You kill it, we grill it!"

Tag 4 - Von Tusayan nach Kayenta

This little guy welcomed us to the Grand Canyon National Park!
The famous Horseshoe Bend of the Colorado River.
What a long way down... Can you spot the boat on the river?

Tag 5 - Von Kayenta nach Moab

Welcome to Utah - our third state on this trip.
Jumping on the Pick-Up to go exploring...
... in the amazing Monument Valley!
Why are the guys looking up?
Oh wow! An almost perfectly round hole in the ceiling. Made by nature.
Our driver said this looks like a Indian woman.
Uwe said this looks like Darth Vader.
What are you seeing?
I have no idea why this rock formation is called 'Mexican Hat'...
A Bavarian Falg on the bicycle?
It's Jörg from Munich riding his bike from coast to coast.
Delicious lunch at the Twin Rocks Trading Post in Bluff.
Wilson Arch
Dieter, Uwe and Edemar climbing up Wilson Arch.
Hello down there!
Let's hop on the bikes for the last stretch to Moab.

Tag 6 - Rasttag in Moab

Today we had a fantasic day in the Arches National Park where we could see some of the famous Arches such as Delicate Arch, Pineapple Arch and Tunnel Arch, and in the afternoon the gang decided to go for a Buggie ride through the desert mountain of Moab

Tag 9 - Von Zion nach Las Vegas

Finally we arrived all safe in fabulous Las Vages…. the Gamblers Paradise. Amazing buildings, Slot Machines and glitter all over…. what a fascinating city to be …..

Best of Amerika

Entdecke die schönsten Straßen, Landschaften und Nationalparks im Südwesten der USA!

Hollywood, Angeles Crest Highway, Joshua-Tree-Nationalpark, Route 66, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Arches-Nationalpark, Bryce-Canyon-Nationalpark, Zion Nationalpark, Valley of Fire , Death Valley Nationalpark
Santa Monica / Las Vegas
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Edemar J Dal Maso
Dienstag, 12. Juni 2018 um 00:38

My wife and I had a great time riding again with the very professional and skilled Michael. Also had the very friendly Pierre safely guiding us all. This is truly the best of America bike tour. The tour delivered more than expected: Every National park we visited offered amazingly different landscapes. And the tour was well balanced in terms of time, distance and mix of winding roads and straight ones. We are very happy for having done it!
Pierre Baumgärtner
Dienstag, 26. Juni 2018 um 12:33

Hello Edemar,
it was a pleasure riding with you through California, Arizon Utah and Nevada .Hope to see you again on one of our tours...
Cheers, Pierre
Charlie Green
Samstag, 26. Mai 2018 um 13:47

Hello Pierre
Looks like a great trip Have fun
See you soon.
Pierre Baumgärtner
Sonntag, 27. Mai 2018 um 03:18

Hi Charlie, yes it is a fantastic trip so far, your country is so beautiful. Looking forward to seeing you next week in the Pyrenees !!


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