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Alps and Lakes (CAL1802), through the Alpine wonderland of Austria and Southern Germany

Samstag, 9. Juni 2018 | Claudia Wenhart / Marko Bauer / Wouter Despiegeleer | Europa

The Irish at the Pillersee

We‘re back in Erding - everybody came back with lots of new images, pictures of great sights and scenery!

Today we added a few more memories, riding through areas that really deserve the name Alps and Lakes.

We stopped at some of the lakes and on top of our final mountain pass, the Sudelfeld, had a typical Bavarian lunch and finally turned our bikes towards Erding.

Now we are back, ready for our final dinner, ready to talk one more time about the countless sights that we have explored during the past week!

Translation: pieces of cake weighing less than half a pound are cookies!
Carol and Jeff back in Erding, ready to party


Lunchbreak at the Jungfernsprung Waterfall.
Jeffrey and Tour Guide Wouter at the Edelweißspitze.
Alpine Wonderland in the Hoge Tauern National Park.
Getting everybody's entry tickets before riding up the Großglockner Alpenstraße!

Riding Day 4: Großglockner!
We start and end the day in Kaprun, which leaves us much time to discover the area at a relaxed pace. But we still rode more than 230 kilometers through this Alpine Wonderland. The highest mountain of Austria and one of the hightest in the Alps, has perfect tarmac roads laid out all over it. The weather has been on our side most of the day. This is what riding in the Alps is all about!

Hallstatt - it doesn’t get more scenic than here

Another day filled with highlights waited for us. Beautiful lakes (Traunsee, Attersee and Hallsraetter See), gorgeous towns like Bad Ischl and Hallstatt, and a few more mountain passes - and Wouter‘s first picnic - all the ingredients for a great day!

And even though the weather forecast predicted 90% of rain, we got away with a 5-minute downpour - the rest of the day was beautiful and sunny!

Sharon, David and Tim at Cafe Zauner in Bad Ischl
Wouter‘s first picnic at Lake Hallstatt
Carol, Marko, Sharon and Jeff enjoying the picnic


Arrival at the romantic Traunsee.
While Traveling the Rossfeld Panoramic Road, a certain section was closed for 15 minutes for the recording of a movie. That meant group picture time for us!
View from the Rossfeld Panoramic Road.
These Canadians were surprised to see an Ontario license plate on a bike parked next to ours. So why was it again that you flew out here, Jeff and Carol?
The way back through the tunnel was a welcome cooldown after the sunshine overload on top of the mountain.
Irishmen (sorry Martin) collecting trophies from the fireplace. They'll claim to have been the first to arrive at the Eagle's Nest after the war ended...
A local superstar enjoying his croud under a huge Edelweiss flower.
Wayne enjoying the view of the not-so-flat-as-Texas outlook.

The next riding day took us from Salzburg back over the border, to visit the Eagle's Nest. This iconic place carries the memory of a darker spot in history, but being built on a rocky outcrop it also offers incredible views over this corner of Germany. A steep and windy mountain road took us only partly there, as the last stretch can only be travelled by bus. The Kehlsteinhaus, as it was called originally, is then finally reached by a tunnel and elevator with brass and green leather interior. Once up there, we all were impressed and couldn't get enough of the 360° panoramic view. We also enjoyed local specialities on the terrace.

The rest of the day had some great riding for us in store, as we traveled over the Rossfeld Panoramic Road and the Postalm Pass, before arriving at the Traunsee in Austria's impressive Lake District. We stayed overnight in a hotel on the shore, and some were tempted by a chilly dip after a warm riding day.

Herrenchiemsee and King Ludwig‘s little garden!

We‘re on the way! Under a beautiful Bavarian sky (white and blue like the Bavarian flag) we left Erding and rode towards the Chiemsee. Here we toured King Ludwig’s famous palace - an amazing  collection of gold, porcelain and crystal chandeliers!

In the evening we explored Salzburg, our first town in Austria. To top it all, we had the chance to have dinner accompanied by music from Salzburg‘s most famous son: W.A. Mozart!

David, Martin, Mark and Tim on the boat to Herrenchiemsee
Our group in Salzburg, in front of the famous Dom.


The Alps and Lakes motorcycle tour will take us through a beautiful part of the European motorcycle paradise – the Alps. The contrast between the beautiful lakes in Southern Germany and Austria and the towering mountains that reach up to more than 10,000 ft. are just breath-taking. 

Guided City Tour

With beautiful sunny weather we started our city tour to Munich.

We took the fast train to Isator and start our city walk through town, 

First we had the typical Bavarian "White Sausages" with a traditional wheat beer at Viktualien Markt. A big vegetable, fish, meat and cheese market in the middle of downtown.

At Marienplatz, the main square where the town hall is situated, was our next stop to see the carrillon with the knights tournament and the "Schäffler's" dance.

Unfortunately "Old Peter" with its 300 stairs was closed today because of construciton work, but we found another place to have an amazing view over Munich.

St. Michaels church, the landmark number one Frauenkirche and Theatiner church were on our way. Through Hofgarten we walked to Maximilanstreet, the exclusive shopping street in Munich, where all the big well knwon brands have their flag stores.

Hofbräuhaus, the famous beer hall was our final stop and for sure Tim earned, why in Bavaria the clocks go the other way round.  


Tim in front of Isartor
Viktualien market
... typical Bavarian May pole
Tim & Claudia with the Town Hall in the back
Munich's landmark Nr. 1 - Frauenkirche
Fishing and Hunting Museum
... funny poodle in 5 Höfe
... Theater Church from inside and
... outside
... Feldherrnhalle in the back
... pay attention to the clock


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