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4PE Pyrenees Extreme Kick Off 2018

Montag, 18. Juni 2018 | Pierre Baumgärtner / Michael Göbel | Europa

Guided City Tour Barcelona

Today we had a nice Tour with Walter  through exciting Barcelona. We started to see some of the famous houses  of Gaudi, such as the casa Batlo on the Passeig de Gracia. Then we went via  the Plaza Catalunyna to the Rambles  where we hopped into the MArket " Boquieri" were we coudn´t resist to stop at Quim and have some Tapas and some Grapejuice. 

Afterwards we we went to the Sgarda Familia where we went up the tower (75 m) and back over 400 stairs down..... what an experience and wht an impressive cathedreal which is planned to be finished by 2026

Arrival and Welcome

Kick off 2018 here we go again through the fabulous Pyrenees through Spain and France, up and down the different passes with thousands of curves.  We are quite a large group of 16 guests coming from the U.S. Canada and Brazil and ready to roll

Welcome Briefing

Day 1: Castelldelfels to Monastir Avellanes

Coffe stop close to Manresa
Quite interesting system "Map in the Back" and the passenger is the messanger
Mauro with his own pizzeria
Charlie feels like home in Miami in the middle of nowhere in the Pyrenees
Mauro needs a refreshment after the ride
John with Liam
The entire group

Day 3: Restday Pamplona ( route to San Sebastian)

Today we had a wonderful ride through the the Land of Basque Great scenery great curvesgret Tapas and Pinchos  and we arrived the Atltlatic in San Sebastian, where some guys could not resist to get into the ocean


Liam enjoying the ride
as well as Dana
Walter the Sweeper with his yellow suit
Ron the Indian rider with his Triumoh ….
Charlie our well known amigo from Miami...
Cheryl and Neil
Mauro from Brasil
Tom from the U.S.
San Sebastian Beach
Greg just coming back from the ocean….

Day 4: Pamplona to Luz Saint Sauveur

Today was a day with two faces... in the morning we had quite good weather and beautiful roads in Spain until we reached the French border where we unfortunatly got quite some rain which lasted until the end of the day. Nevertheless we had a great time and fun and also the scenery in rain is still awesome. 

Day 5: Luz Saint Sauveur to Tarascon sur Ariege

Now ging into the High Pyrenees in France, unfortunatly the weather was not going to be much better today as the day before, however as we wll know there is no bad weather but only bad clothees   

Arrival at the Hotel !!!
Juan and Liam at its best
as well as Juan and Dana


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Claudia Wenhart
Montag, 11. Juni 2018 um 00:02

Hey Charly,
looks great, have fun in the Pyrenees!!
Super riding there
Best regards Claudia
Charlie Green
Dienstag, 12. Juni 2018 um 15:16

Hi Claudia
Thanks for looking at the blog
The roads&scenery are great here


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