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CGB 1801 - Scotland and the Isle of Man

Montag, 18. Juni 2018 | Dieter Arnoth / Michael Kreuzmeir | Europa

9th Riding Day - Isle of Man

Exploring the Isle of Man
Wiking Castle Rushen
THE JUMP Bridge of the Racetrack
Peel Castle
Grand Stand
Joey Dunlop Memorial

8th Riding Day from Bassenthwaite to the Isle of Man

Stone Circle at Castlerigg
On the Ferry to the Isle of Man

7th Riding Day from Edinburgh to Bassenthwaite

Melrose Abbey
The Heart of Robert the Bruce
Fort on Hadrians Wall
Hadrians Wall

6th Riding Day from Ballachulish to Edinburgh

Monty Phyton´s - Doune Castle
Robert the Bruce Monument
Sterling Castle

5th Riding day from Skye to Ballachulish

Eilean Donan Castle
Glennfinnan Monument
Glennfinnan Viaduct

4th. Riding day from Inverness to Isle of Skye

Applecross Pass for the tough ones

Second riding day from Aberdeen to Inverness

.. have you ever seen a pinkish castle....
Cragievar Castle was our first picture stop with special guidance
WOW ... what a landscape
Visit at well known Whisky Distillery
on top of Cairngorm Mountains

First riding day from Edinburgh to Aberdeen

Daily Briefing - map drawing
The group is ready for the challenge - riding on the "right side of the road"
Tourguide Michael
Alex on GS
Grant and Delores on RT
John on GS
Anthony on brand new Tiger
Maria on GS
Matthew on fast XR
Neil and Nina on GS
... thats the "right side of the road" !!!!!!
but only in some parts of the world
First stop - the Firth of Forth Rail Bridge
Cairnwell Pass - the highest pass road in Scotland
Scottish lovely castles - here Braemar Castle
Scottish colours
... our romantic scottish hotel for the night - we will sleep like Cinderella....

Welcome Briefing

Bikes are ready
View to Edinburgh
Welcome Briefing
Mike and Dieter the Tourguides
Bike handover


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Claudia Wenhart
Sonntag, 10. Juni 2018 um 23:57

Hey Ihr zwei,
wünsche Euch ne tolle Tour im hohen Norden.
LG Claudia


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