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Best of Europe - BOE1802

Dienstag, 26. Juni 2018 | Thomas Hölzl / Björn Greibig / Ramon Christ | Europa

Warth - Erding

A polo shirt with special imprint!

Schaffhausen - Warth

A polo shirt with special imprint!
A special gift for Alexander - he is already driving his 5 tour with Edelweiss!
On the way to Hochtannbergpass - just spectacular!
Our motorcycles at a photo stop on Lake Constance!
Switzerland! Cows and Lake Constance!

Ribeauvillé - Schaffhausen

Dinner in Schaffhausen - in the beautiful garden of the hotel!
After a long - very hot - day of driving, an Edelweiss surprise awaits the guests! The boot beer - an iced, of course!
The Hexenlochmühle in the Black Forest, one of the most beautiful places on this tour! By the way, there is also the best Black Forest cherries in the world!
It´s picnic time!
The Hexenlochmühle in the Black Forest, one of the most beautiful places on this tour! By the way, there is also the best Black Forest cherries in the world!
It is difficult for us to leave the small town of Ribeauville with its old beautiful houses.
Day 5 is waiting! It goes from France via the Black Forest in Germany to Switzerland!

Restday Ribeauvillé

The rest day also provides sufficient time for social gathering!
Lac Blanc! Jump in or just cool your face? We have opted for the second option!
What a great view over the Rhine Valley.
The Hochkönigsburg in Elsaß is definitely worth a visit!
Duck Tape solves all problems!

Heidelberg - Ribeauville

Day 3! The Black Forest is waiting for us - Thomas explains the route with the Mastermap!

Rothenburg - Heidelberg

Heidelberg one of the most beautiful cities in Germany!
In the evening the birthday cake was finally eaten!
The owner of the Hotel Hirschgasse tells about the 500 year history of her house!
Alexander in the midst of our ladies!
What a great buffet cart!
In the garden of the castle Hirschhorn!
In the garden of the castle Hirschhorn!
James and his BMW 1200 GS Adventure
The tower of the castle Hirschhorn!
The surprise of the day!
Björn has made a very special cake for the birthday child Daniel!
Lunch time
the agony of choice
Chef Björn has prepared a great picnic for us!
The church of the monastery Schöntal - is not only Rom the outside worth to see!
This bridge over the Jagst is over 200 years old! The special thing is that it was built entirely of wood!
In America there is the Grand Canyon - in Germany we have the Jagst Tal.
What a nice sight - our bikes are waiting for us!

Erding - Rothenburg

One of the highlights on the BOE - the night watchman in Rothenburg is waiting!
Already for the 5 times on a Edelweiss tour - Alexander from Michigan!
Prost! A beer after a great day of driving - there is nothing better!
We are waiting for dinner in the beautiful Hotel Reichsküchenmeister in Rothenburg!
Dinkelsbühl is a beautiful historical city-which invites you to linger!
The Wilibaldsburg is always worth a photo stop!
In the middle of nowhere?
No, we are at the heart of Bavaria!
A first photo stop!
The first day from Erding to Rothenburg is waiting for us! As you can see all our guests are looking forward to the first kilometers on their motorcycles!

The BO1802 starts as usual in Erding and we welcome our guests from the USA and Canada!



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Gerhard Schmittlein
Mittwoch, 20. Juni 2018 um 10:24

Hi folks - enjoy your trip and may the weather stay fine for you - I did this tour the week before.
Ramon - please let Alex know that he was right - you and me did the CAL with him in 2013 ...
Cheers and safe riding, Gerhard
Perry Cogburn
Montag, 18. Juni 2018 um 16:28

Safe travels. Looks like a fun group. What are you riding this trip?
Björn Greibig
Dienstag, 19. Juni 2018 um 08:27

Hey Perry yeah it is a really nice group from the US and Canada. And this time we have a Honda NC 750 X and a Suzuki V-Strom 1000.


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