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Turkey conquers the Pyrenees the Extreme way :-)

Sonntag, 24. Juni 2018 | Pierre Baumgärtner | Europa

You mix 7 friends, with brand new BMW GS´s, XR´s  and a Duacti Monster, including  perfect weather very low traffic and a fantastic scenery.... sounds like the perfact cocktail ... and it is   .. Erdal, Ahmet, Serhat, Aladdin, Zeki, Aydin and Yavuz are very excited  riding from coast to coast through Spain and France up and down the passes with 10 thousands of curves.... So lets get started  

6th Day Tarscon to Macanet

Today we went from Tarascon via Aix les Thermes back to Spain where we crossed the borders twice

5th Day Luz Saint Sauveur to Tarascon

Today is the day of the passes, not less than 7 are to be conquered today. The most spectacular of course was the Col Tourmalet which is as well the higest pass for the Tour de France 2240 m. On the Col de Aspin we met by chance an Edelweisser from Australia, Bruce and he was giving the best regards to Angela, Claudia and Wim......  Little World....

Bruce from Australia Greetings to Angela, Claudia and Wim….

4th Day Pamplona to Luz Saint Sauveur

Today we were entering France and have experienced it with all the beauties of the pitoreque villages and landscape and the savoir vivre


3rd Day Pamplona to San Sebastian and back Pamplona

Today is Restday: Aydin and Yauz decided to stay in Pamplona while the others were ready  for a loop to San Sebastian. 

Pinxos and Pinxos and Pinxos……..Delicious
Plaza de Constitution in San Sebastian
Coffee time

Pamplona at night ...

Mayors House

2nd Day Avellanes Pamplona

Zeki getting ready to roll
Ahmet as well

1st Day Casteldefels to Avellanes

First day we went via Monstserrat to Berga into the east part of the Pyrenees where we have taken a couple of thousands curves already.... Big smile in the evining in the Monestry where we had to try the monks home made wine.

Vino tinto y blanco from the Monestry

Arrival day

Briefing of the upcoming journey
Briefing completed, Bikes are handed over, and some time before Welcome Dinner starts


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Bruce White
Montag, 25. Juni 2018 um 23:29

Hi Pierre
Really good to catch up with you at the top of Col du Soulor. A big shout out to the great guides at Eidelweiss Angelia, Claudia and Wim.
Pierre Baumgärtner
Dienstag, 26. Juni 2018 um 08:34

Hi Bruce,
yes indeed it was a big surprise to meet you and for sure I will pass on your "Saludos" to Angela, Claudia and Wim, if hey did not read this already ,
Laurens Corijn
Dienstag, 19. Juni 2018 um 09:29

Hey Pierre, glad to see you back on this tour! Looking forward to hear about the new routes, and hoping you and your friends have an awesome time!
Pierre Baumgärtner
Dienstag, 19. Juni 2018 um 17:00

Hi Laurens,
yes having a lot of fun in Spain and in France...
Cheers, see you


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