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HAT1802 The High Alpine Tour

Sonntag, 1. Juli 2018 | Ursula Peter / Michaela Achatzi / Domenico Schiano Moriello | Europa

Day 7: Warth - Erding

Time to go back home! But the last riding day was also a very nice one, great weather and beautiful landscapes going down from Warth into Germany. After a nice lunch break at the Starnberg lake, we were then finally ready to go back to Erding, where this tour begun one week ago. Thank you for a great time together, and safe travels to everyone!

Leaving Warth
A future motorcyclist listening to the briefing
Coffee break
Picture stop at Neuschwanstein
Neuschwanstein castle
The Starnberg lake
There was also a wedding, so we were lucky to find a table!
last boot beer

Day 6: Pontresina-Warth

Relax Area
Oscar‘s power napping
Heidi Hof lunch
A great Group !!!!
A new day is start

Day 5: Klobenstein - Pontresina

Today's route offered the king of all mountain passes: Passo dello Stelvio or Stilfserjoch. Fourtyeight
switchbacks to get on the top of the second highest pass of the Alps, a place that attracts motorcyclists from all over Europe! But before hitting the passroad, we could not miss a break in Glurns, one of the best preserved medieval historic centres of the region. Some rain on the top of the Stelvio suggested us then to shorten the route for today!

In Glurns
Coffee break
Scott riding up the Stelvio pass, still many switchbacks to go!
time to go down!
at the Morteratsch glacier

Day 4: "Rest" day around Klobenstein

Quite a few options for today: relax in Klobenstein, go to Bolzano or (of course!) ride the bike, so the group was a little bit split, some went to Bolzano for a walk and a visit to the Archeological museum, and some decided to go for a motorcycle loop to the Mendola Pass and Palade Pass. We gathered in the hotel at dinner time and then shared our experiences!

coffee break at Penegal
Passo di Mendola
Italian Pizza
Castle Katzenzugen
the view from the cable car that took us down to Bolzano
walking in Bolzano
the archeological museum is dedicated to "Ötzi", Europe's oldest known natural human mummy of a man who lived around 5000 years ago in this region.
Cathy, Linda, Michael and Jim in Bolzano
the Cathedral square of Bolzano
Sunset in Klobenstein

Day 3: Lienz to Klobenstein

What a perfect weather today, blue sky and pleasant temperature... what else can one ask for when the ride goes through the Dolomites? Our first stop was at the beautiful Misurina lake, then we rode through Cortina d'Ampezzo and climbed the Falzarego pass. Once we reached the top, we used the cable car to reach the Lagazuoi peak and admire a magnificent view just before lunch. Today Michaela prepared a delicious picnic for us! And then the ride went on, through the Pordoi pass and the Sella pass before reaching Bolzano and then our final destination. Enjoy the pictures!

the Misurina lake
the Lavaredo peaks, probably the most beautiful and famous peaks of the Dolomites
On the road to the Falzarego pass
on the Lagazuoi peak
Looking down
Picnic ready!
group picture
reaching the Pordoi pass
the view from Passo Sella

Day 2: Erding to Lienz

Through the Großglockner Hochtortunnel
Where is the Großglockner ?

Guided City Tour Munich

we started at the Viktualienmarkt. But it as it was Sunday, all the stands were closed. The May Pole, something really traditional attracted our attention

Before tourstart Cathy, Linda, Michael and Jim joined us for the guided tour in beautiful Munich. As it was Sunday, we found Munich completely different. We couldn`t see the tomb of Ludwig II because of an ongoing service in the church, the devil`s footprint was blocked and all the stand of Viktualienmarkt were closed. But we had no queues, no mass of tourists and our Schnitzel was served super fast. 

have a closer look! We were wondering why the pole is from 2017
the Jewish Synagoge at Jakobsplatz
the Asam brothers created this hidden treasure - the Asam Church.

come one Jim - yes it is narrow and steep but the view from top is awesome

view from Old Peter as the Munichs call their oldest church
we were in pole position for the carillon at 11 o`clock at Marienplatz
the town hall and St. Mary`s column
we had Schnitzel at Augustiner - the only brewery which uses wooden barrels for their beer instead of steel tanks
the hotel Bayerischer Hof! This statue is not Michael Jackson
Feldherrnhalle at Odeonsplatz. The shirker`s alley is just behind. It was constructed after the Loggia dei Lanzi in Florence
Theatiner church
I hope you guys had fun and enjoyed Munich. I wish you a wonderful tour, don`t be scared about Passo di Stelvio. Enjoy Salzburg and the BMW Museum.
All the best, safe ride


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Markus Hellrigl
Mittwoch, 27. Juni 2018 um 13:47

Hi all of you!
It was nice to meet you all and be able to ride with you for two days. Having a lot of fun, nice chats and good riding keeps me going in the office
Keep it safe and enjoy the rest of the adventure!


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