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Mediterranean Alps Extreme (4SA 180B)

Freitag, 7. September 2018 | Holger Homann | Europa

Vence to Valberg

The weather looks good, the bikes look good, the people look good...everyone ready for take off!
Bill and Michael, Patrick, Collin, Chris,Chris,Brian from Arizona, Florida and California
First views of the Grand Canyon du Verdon
Great group!
Lac St. Croix
Weather changes...
In the Gorge du Daluis. Just amazing: The riding and the views!
Bill and Chris enjoying
This beer was earned today! )

Valberg "rest day"

Coffee stop in Giette, another medieval village
Beautyful church in Sigale...
..with external bell tower. Also operating.
Isn't it spectacular how they built this village in the 11th century!? Entreveaux on our way to the Gorge du Daluis
And today brilliant weather!

Valberg - Mondovi - Rapallo - Cinque Terre

We made his day!
Our riders in the gravel section...Yiehaaa!
Lonely backcountry in Liguria
Arrival in Rapallo and we were the attraction )
Early morning views of the Mediterranean sea
Chris having fun
What are these guys discussing?
Coffee stop in Levanto
First views of Cinque Terre, UNESCO world heritage
Aah, now Patrick
Harvested grapes from the steep terraces
We were here!
Riomaggiore vistas
Chris in action
Brian filming the surrounding...just amazing here!

Rapallo - Finale Ligure - Vence

Bill and Michael
Our viewpoint over Genova
Yiehaa! Everone up here on this tricky road
The friendly Polish couple doing the pics for us
Madonna de la Guardia - impressive
Brian relaxing
The gang moving through Zucharello
Nothing to take care of - there is no traffic
Such a great tour with great riders!


Einen Kommentar hinzufügen Diesen Beitrag bewerten
Freitag, 14. September 2018 um 16:09

Great experience, Holger you’re the man! This trip was a true enjoyment full of fun & excitement & good people.
Samstag, 15. September 2018 um 10:05

Thank you Brian!! I hope all of you arrived safely at home. And may there always be enough water beneath your keel!
C u on tour again! Cheers Holger
Mittwoch, 12. September 2018 um 18:47

Great adventure with our fearless leader Holger!

Fantastic trip. Bucket list stuff.
Donnerstag, 13. September 2018 um 10:56

Hello Patrick,

Thank you for your comment! That was a real fun trip with you guys! Wow Wow Wow!

Safe travels home and see you soon!

Laurens Corijn
Samstag, 8. September 2018 um 22:39

Whoah, a tourguide that takes riding pictures on an extreme tour!? You're the man, Holger! Enjoy the rest of the tour!
Holger Homann
Montag, 10. September 2018 um 17:41

Indeed challenging
Cheers and all the best for your tour as well!


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