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Touring Center Alps - ATC1805

Montag, 3. September 2018 | Dieter Arnoth | Europa

Loop 5 - Innsbruck and Kühtai
- last day of the tour

... no comment on that ... funny arrival at Innsbruck Panorama
local hero Andreas Hofer monument
Tirol panorama - the ancient battle on mountain Isel
visiting the olympic ski jump
... would you jump ???
.... again no comment .... just fun getting down from the ski jump
Arrival at Kuhtai
... the other group is already there
famous tasty "Apfelstrudel"
Our farewell dinner - such a great time we have had

Loop 4 - Zillertaler Panoramic Road

on the way up
fun at lunch stop
Sylvestein lake
Isar --- the young river ... virgin nature
Happy hour
dinner time in Tirol

Loop 3 - Timmelsjoch and Jaufenpass

first stop at a nice waterfall
Motorcycle museum on top of Timmelsjoch
On top of Timmelsjoch
... enjoying the scenery
Unforgettable lunchstop - our little secret
Wrong T-shirt ....it was a great Wednesday
Sorry - but I cannot eat more
Heading on top of Jaufenpass
A little walk into Sterzing old town

Loop 2 -  Stelvio - the mountain king of the Alps

First picture stop at Lago di Resia
Kimberly and Roger
Ivonne and Hiram
The way up to Stelvio
almost there...
Lunch time on top of Stelvio - so incredible unique
The Challenge
.... we did it.... once in a lifetime you have to do what a biker has to do
... on the way down to Switzerland

First Riding Day - A loop into Bavaria -Ettal and Linderhof Castle

First coffee stop at Lake Walchen
The old monastery of Ettal
Castle Linderhof

Welcome Briefing

Happy Paul
Kevin and Jeannie
Hiram and Ivonne
Roger and Kimberley

Riding School

learn your bike ....
A big smile - George after the riding training


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