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Alps Extreme - for extreme riders only! 4AE1805

Samstag, 22. September 2018 | James Ashton / Jens Ruprecht | Europa

Sadly our fantastic tour has come to an end. But we are left with great memories of incredible riding shared with some wonderful new friends. Thank you to all for such a magnificent week on the road!

Day 6 - Ratsberg to Mieming

One last incredible day of riding took us over the Erbe Pass and then onto the Jaufen Pass followed by the dizzying Timmelsjoch. A short visit to the world's highest motorcycle museum and then onto Mieming to celebrate a great week on the road!

Jens gives us our last briefing for the tour
We savor the great view from the Ratsberg Hotel one last time before departure
What a way to start the day
A short break at the Erbe Pass
Everybody is in great spirits!
We visit the medieval town of Sterzing, also known as Vipiteno in Italian
Christian arrives at the top of Jaufen Pass
Kevin rolls in too
Two beautiful GS's on top of a beautiful mountain pass
The same two beautiful bikes, but this time at Timmelsjoch
It's cold at 2509m ASL!
Kevin and Chris looking down over the edge
Inside the Timmelsjoch Motorcycle Museum
This bike has a 5 cylinder engine inside the front wheel!
Savouring the last mountain view before we head back down into the valley

Day 5 - Levico Terme to Ratsberg

Wow - the Dolomites. Just wow! Yet another incredible day on the road

James with his unicorn Multistrada
We had to negotiate the livestock on the way up the Manghen Pass
Manghen Pass
More livestock, but this time on Passo di Rolle - now we're really in the Dolomites!
It's hard work, so it's good to take a break every now and again
What a beautifully restored (and customised!) BMW!
Someone was here before us
It's all fun and games
Staulanza Pass
A panorama from Passo Giau. Simply breathtaking
Our last pass for the day; Passo Tre Croci
Jens can hunt down ice cream like the best of them!
The whole team in front of the another range in the Dolomites
The sun sets over the Dolomites - our view from Ratsberg

Day 4 - A rest day ride to Lake Garda

Today we made a day long loop to Lake Garda; which feels almost like visiting the Medeteranian! Some incredible small back country roads took us up and down the mountains to get there and back

Straight into the mountains for this great view back to Levico Terme
Our first glimpse of Lake Garda, from the hills of the north end of the lake
James hangs on for dear life on the terrace above the lake - the cars on the road below look like ants!
Our biker meeting point at Lake Idro. Somebody loves it
Beautiful views over the lake
Somewhere high in the hills above Trento

Day 3 - Mt Penegal to Levico Terme

Sunrise over the alps from Mt Penegal
Jens gives us our dose of daily briefing
Kevin had a surprise waiting for him at the bikes
I'm in heaven when I'm with Kevin!
Kevin and "Justin" are ready to ride
A beautiful old Mercedes was parked at our hotel
Waiting for roadworks
They call me mellow yellow
A great view over Lake Molveno
Jean amongst the vineyards at the foot of Mt Bondole
The high plains from the summit of Bondole
Just relaxin'!

Day 2 - Fiss to Mt Penegal

A fantastic day of riding today on the the King of the Passes; Stelvio! The day was no stop with beautiful scenery on great twisty roads. And now we're in Italy!

It's map marking time!
Just hangin' with my buddies...
The sunken church on the Reschen lake
Jens leads the group out of the historic gates of Glurns; Italy's smallest town
This crazy guy is roller-skiing up the Stelvio!
Warren makes his way to the Stelvio pass
Look through the clouds closely and you can see some of the 48 switchbacks of Stelvio
We did it! Stelvio; king of the passes
Kevin arrives at Gavia Pass
Gavia Pass - look closely in the background and you can see a glacier!
The RT patiently waits to make it's way back down the mountain
Kevin and James above lake Santa Giustina - the heart of Italy's apple growing region
A well deserved beer at the top of Penegal
Just look at that view!
Ryan takes it all in from his balcony

Day 1 - Wildermieming to Fiss

A great first day of riding, fantastic roads and fantastic weather! Austria certainly put on a show for us today!

Jens tells us what to expect for the day during the morning briefing
Joe, ready to ride!
Jean getting motivated for the day ahead
What a view to wake up to!
James enjoys some Appel Strudel at Kühtai
The whole team together
Photos of photos of bikers!
On the chair lift up to the Alpin Rollercoaster
Lunch time!
Just try and keep the smiles off the faces!
Ready to rock and roller-coaster!
Onboard Roller Cam!
Gacher Blick, above the Inn Valey
What a view
Bikes and boys
The road down from the Kaunertaler Glacier
Just keep an eye out for the wildlife!
Reviewing the day's drone footage

Day 0 - Welcome to Mieming!

Jens gives us some information about what to expect on tour


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