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SPT18122 The Northern Spain Experience - crossing through Spain from east to west

Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2018 | Angela / Wouter Despiegeleer | Europa

Day 6: North-West of Tineo & Bay of Biscay

Great ocean view at Punta la Encoronada in Luarca
Ricardo checking out the Museo Etnogràfico Grandas Salime
Climbing up to Alto de Valvaler
Perfectly smooth and deserted mountain roads

Day 5 - South-East of Tineo

Today we met some fellow-motorbike enthusiasts in the Monestario de Corias
Attention: Bears on the road!
After lunch we hit a little drizzle, so let's get the rain gear out!

Day 4 - Cangas de Onìs to Tineo

Day 3 - Picos de Europa - the ride east of Cangas de Onís

Passing by the scenic Embalse de Cervera-Ruesga
Jose passing by on his Ducati Multistrada 1200
Santuario de Covadonga: morning view from the cave
Santuario de Covadonga

Day 2 - Sierras - the ride west of Cangas de Onís

We end the day in style in this historical Parador hotel.
About today's ride there is almost not much more to say than that it was an unbelievably relaxing ride, because there was no traffic at all and the only thing to be seen was all this green mountain scenery.
Central-American spirited rides - meaning that there is always a smile and good mood
One of the stipulations for the design of this special tour was to ride in the Picos de Europa - there you are, guys

And tomorrow we will get to see even more of it

Day 1 - From Bilbao to Cangas de Onís

Bilbao, also home of the impressive Guggenheim museum.
Prep work for the riders meeting is in full swing. Looks a bit like a comfy classroom, doesn't it?
Everybody has arrived and is listening to Wouter's welcome briefing
The hotel's dinner room was great - watching whats going on while enjoying the delicious food
Out of the hotel's garage we turned right, and then out of Bilbao city traffic.
For quite a distance of our morning ride we were following the valleys and gorges of the river Ebro.
The scenery along the river, again and again, tempted us to stop for a picture
Spring water is gushing down through the village of Orbaneja del Castillo. It is remarkably clear and turquoise.
The Monasterio de Montesclaros was one of our highlights today
Everyone was paying attention to the stories the monk told us about the history of the monastery
Beautiful roads through the mountainous province of Cantabria.
This elevated map shows the area of the Cantabrian mountains. They will keep us busy riding for the upcoming five days of our tour.
After a truly fantastic riding day on remote roads without traffic but with perfect asphalt, nice sweeping curves, and lots of sunshine, the group arrived happy at the Parador hotel in Cangas de Onís


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Samstag, 6. Oktober 2018 um 18:45

So far this looks like an amazing tour! Will it be offered in October 2019?
Angela de Haan
Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2018 um 00:07

Hi Judi,

So nice to hear from you!!
Oh yes, this tour is amazing! You and Brian would totally enjoy the winding roads here in the north!!
We are currently on a custom tour that a couple of friends put together. The regular tour is called the "St. James Way: Tapas, Peaks and Turns" and yes it will take place next year.


It would be great seeing the two of you next year again.
Best wishes,


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