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ATS - Andalusia Tour

Donnerstag, 11. Oktober 2018 | Tom Friden / Marko Bauer | Europa

Day 1: Malaga - Garanada


All perfectly lined up....ready to take off.
It’s welcome briefing time, we’re ready to chase...
Trudi and Chris on the Mediterran Coast
On the way to Granada
Carlos, our local tour guide is giving some information about the Alhambra.
The cathedral of Granada

Day 2: Granada - Antequera

Todays ride takes us up to the top of the Sierra Nevada. Having fun on twisty roads all the way up we’ll have an amazing view over the valley of Granada! Perfect picture landscape.

Further on we’ll ride through the olive haines where Marko awaits us with the famous Edelweiss picnic.

The afternoon we will continue our ride through the olive haines till we reach the water reservoir of Iznájar.

Good opportunity for a last coffee stop before we reach Antequeras, our final destination for today.

Some of the group went up to the Sierra Nevada while the rest was exploring the city of Granada.
Graham was blown away by the landscape.
Selfie with the tour guide!
Kenneth is doing a good job for someone who drives on the wrong side of the road normally...
Leaving Granada for the picnic, hope Marko is ready, a hungry group is on its way.
Edgardo enjoying the ride through Andalusia
Once out of the city the roads are almost empty...
The village Moclín, famous for its old ramparts...
tal vez un futuro guía turístico
Last stretch before we arrive at the hotel.
Blessed by Kenneth during our dinner in the convent... )
Convent de la Magdalena, our hotel for tonight.

Day 3: Antequera - Arcos de la frontera

Group foto in the morning
Sherrin, Graham and Dietmar enjoying the Spanish coffee
The sun is back after a 1-minute-shower
Great lunch in Setenil
Candy and Tom on Puerto de las Palomas
The Basilica of Arcos de la frontera
The lovely narrow streets of Arcos de la frontera.
What an amazing sunset we had.

Day 4: Arcos de la frontera - Ronda

Today we will leave Arcos into a mor hilly area, on the „ruta de toro“ (road of the bulls) we will see a lot of haciendas where the fiery Andalusian fighting bulls are bred.

After our first coffee stop we will ride south to visit the last remaining colony in Europe „Gibraltar“.

The as it is called is definitely worth a visit, we will have an amazing view over mediterranean sea and if the weather is good we can see already Morocco.

On our way back to Ronda we will have another 70km of perfect mountain roads to ride on.

These roads are really great fun.

So see you in Ronda.

If the tourguide breaks a side stand he will fix it again. Cable ties are the tourguides best friend.
Chris and Trudi
Gibraltar from above
View from the rock!
Ken, Edgardo, Graham and Tom enjoy the view at the rock.
Group picture at the top of the rock.
Tom, Tom, Tom and Tom did a group picture together....
Nice scenery around Castellar de la frontera.
Ken and Anne
Tom with his 1200 GS
Tom and Candace
Graham and Sherrin
Dietmar on the Africa Twin

Day 5: Rest day in Ronda



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Dienstag, 9. Oktober 2018 um 23:35

Hey Marko und Tom,

viel Spaß auf eurer Tour!! Tolle Fotos!!

Grüße aus Nord-Westspanien
Tom Friden
Donnerstag, 11. Oktober 2018 um 12:32

Danke dir auch viel Spaß gewünscht.
Wo bist du denn unterwegs?
Alberto villa romero
Dienstag, 9. Oktober 2018 um 02:15

Bonita foto de mi hija Blanca en su gran moto que tengan buen viaje y disfruten del camino
Tom Friden
Dienstag, 9. Oktober 2018 um 10:59

Gracias Alberto fue un placer hacer feliz a tu hija.
Fue un placer conocerte.


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