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SPT18126 - The very last Tour in the Dolomites

Samstag, 27. Oktober 2018 | Peter Kuhn | Europa / Italien

Even with clouds it is fantastic to ride here and improve the riding skils

Day3 - Training day to improve the rain riding skils

The new day brought us the fist rain but in the last days we have been so fascinated about the roads that the option to stay at home was no option So we called it a training day for our rain riding skills and went for a coffe to Klobenstein.

with full enthusiasm in the new day
relaxed coffe in a cosy atmosphere at Klobenstein
a pic from Klobenstein and back home

Day2 - Best of Dolomites

Another blue bird day in the Dolomites leads us to the most spectaculair peaks, best view and the most winding roads.

The view from the Passo Gardena
The happy group after the warm up
and the view to the down hill
arrival in the valley
One of our spectaculair views to day
our play ground
we picked up the girls...
and led them out for lunch...
to Passo Pordoij
arrival at the top
after lunch the boys continued to Passo Fedaia and San Pellegrino
and had a nice sun set

Day1 - Stelvio in the golden fall

The very last tour in the Dolomites and every body want to get Stelvio before they close it down over winter time. The weather was perfect a real golden fall here in South Tirol so lets go

In the morning we crossed Vinschgau with cosy 20°C and every were the smell of the famous apples from this area.

empty Stelvio we couldn't got it any better
a look to the glaciers next by
the super friendly group in there motocycle heaven
a look to the boarder of Switzerland
the last opened restaurant was serving us delicious Italian food
than we could ride down the empty rollercoaster of Umbrailpass
that stuff makes happy
and bake up home to Carreza with an amazing view over Bolzano


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