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Morocco Tour Spring 2019 ( MCT 1901)

Mittwoch, 1. Mai 2019 | Pierre Baumgärtner / Angela / Jürgen Leitner | Afrika

Transport from Tirol to Malaga

Beautiful weather to load the bikes in Mieming / Tirol to start the season
some snowfall over night before we get started to shuttle 24 bikes to Malaga
Somewhere in the southern spain

Guided City Tour Malaga

While Jürgen and Pierre prepared the motorcycles for our Morocco Tour, Angela showed James and Harold around in the city of Málaga.
The Calle Larios is one of the impressive shopping streets and is also used for parades and festivities.
Málaga's cathedral
What do the Spaniards do on a Sunday? Of course, they can't sit still and do nothing. Traffic around the port area was closed down for the half marathon that was taking place.
Thousands of people were running through the city
The Alcazaba is one of Màlaga's highlights
Same as the house in which Pablo Picasso's was born
The restaurant "El Pimpi" is so well-known because many of Spain's celebrities eternalised themselves on the Moscatel barrels
It goes without saying that we had to taste of the famous Jamon Iberico

Briefing & Bike Handover

We are a quite diverse group coming from Germany, Canada, United States and Guadelamala
Everybody is quite intrested in all the information given during the Welcome Briefing
Bikes are lined up and ready to get started

Day 1 Malaga- Ceuta

Hotel View to the mediterrean sea

Eerybody is excited to get the tour started 

Happy Tom
and Roberto
Linda from Australia
Dietmar from Germany
our "Hesse" Uli
Claudia from Munich
Susan from the U.S:
Harold from the U.S.
Juergen from Germany
Tour Guide Angela
Sandra from Down Under
Stefan & Daniela
Tio Pepe
1st gear in and ready to roll... start from the Hotel
The evidence… Marta was on the Rock !!!
Getting on the ferry.....
enjoying the seebreeze….
Arriving in Ceuta ….

Day 2 Ceuta - Chefchouen

Ceuta Impressions in the morning
Border Crossing to Morocco
We finally managed to get into Morocco
Tajines…. first Lunch in Morocco
Final destination of today… Chefchouen the "blue" City
The new local Tourguide Jürgen

Day 4 Casablanca - Marakech

Start from the Hotel to Casablanca

Day 5 Restday Marakech

Some people like Dietmar decided to take the guided Restday Loop ride to the Atlas Montain where we went 2630 m up, while the rest of the group took the guided City tour through the Medina and the Souks of Marakech.

Dietmar on the way up to the Atlas Ski resort...

Snow topped mountains….. 26º degrees down and 5º high up there

Day 6 Marakech - Ait Benhadou

Today we had a bit of everything….. 4 Season ride… we had snow , hale, floatings, and sunshine…. a real adventure today ...and something lifetime memory...
Today we were not too lucky with the weather but we all managed to pass the High Atlas to Ait Benhadou

Day 9 Tombuctou - Fez

The famous Camel Burger … we tried in Fes... mmmh Delicious

Day 10 Fez- Chefchouen

Welcome back in the "blue" city
Uli changed to 1 DP

Day 11 Checfchouen - Malaga

Back in Spain….
All ladies of the group, Linda, Sandra, Claudia, Daniela, Susan, and Marta..
Happy Tio Pepe
Everybody arrived back safe and happy after 14 days of an adventure. Thank you so much tor every momento we shared together… lets hope to see each other somewhere again, Cheers, Angela, Juergen and Pierre


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James and Daisy
Montag, 1. April 2019 um 05:08

Pierre and Angela what an adventure! Our favorite is the water crossing! From a distance. Nice pix and videos!
We miss you two.
Montag, 1. April 2019 um 07:34

Hi Daisy & James,

Yes, I can imagine you would have had fun riding through all this water!
We miss you, too!

Sonntag, 31. März 2019 um 22:03

Liebe Angela
Das sind ja krasse Bilder! Bin froh daheim zu sein
Wünsche auf jeden Fall , dass jeder gesund heimkommt . Da wird wohl jeder stolz sein, auf sein Adventure Erlebnis
Alles Gute
Montag, 1. April 2019 um 07:31

Hallo Gaby,

ja, gestern hat das Wetter ein paar Kapriolen geschlagen. Aber alles ging gut. Wir haben lauter gute Fahrer.
Heute gehts in die Wüste. Erinnere mich gerne an unsere Tour letztes Jahr

Ganz liebe Grüße, Angela
Pierre Baumgärtner
Montag, 1. April 2019 um 06:26

Hi Jim & Daisy,
thanks, yes it's really an adventure these days. Now we are going to the desert and let's see what more will come. . Hope to see you guys soon somewhere.
Big Hug , Pierre


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