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Andalusia Unpaved... The first of its kind!

Donnerstag, 25. April 2019 | Malcolm Brunelli / Michael Göbel | News / Europa


Day 1 : Antequera

It's a beautiful spring day in southern Spain. Andalusia is giving her best with brilliant colors, incredible weather and perfect on and off roads!

Today we are heading to Antequera through some unpaved mountain roads and incredible scenery. 170km round trip. 

In the morning we reached a little gravel parking lot to practice some Enduro exercise to get used to the new bikes and the roads condition we will have. It's great fun and everyone has the chance to discuss whether ABS and traction control are better off or on. (it's better to have them on =)  

Leaving the hotel parking through the breakfast room and reception is the very first highlight!
Taking a break not far from Almogia
Lunch stop in Almogia. Narrow road and great parking lot!
The Embalse de Guadalhorce. A reservoir used for irrigation, drinkable water and also for a swim!!!

Day 2 : Puerto Banus

Today we are heading to Puerto Banus, a beautiful touristic village close to Marbella. Fancy hotels, golf courts and beaches are the main entertainment.

Today we ride 200km through the beautiful Sierra de Las Nieves

Beautiful mountain road. All for us
Michael in the first little river crossing

Day 3: Fuente de Piedra

Today we ride 220km through some incredible on and off roads. As soon as we cross the El Chorro and we take a short look to the Camino del Rey, a path through the gorges with bridges and suspended walkways, the best off road section begins. Bigger water crossings, an old castle and great fun are the keywords of our afternoon

Day 4: Alhama de Granada

Today the longest section of our tour is to be ridden. Almost 300km are awaiting us towards the east and so towards Granada, even though we will not reach it. A lot of nice paved and unpaved roads, incredible scenery and a tasty typical spanish lunch.

Joe, the very first Edelweiss tour guide after the founder Werner, with a very very very old tour guide jacket!

Day 5: Ronda

Today we have our last riding day. The weather has been good all week long, but today it doesn't look the best. Luckily our guide Michael somehow can control it and so we always skip the rain =) .

Just bit more than 200km with a beutiful ride on the dirt roads around El Burgo, a visit to Ronda, of the most famous cities in Andalusia, and again through la sierra de las Nieves where we finally encounter other dirt road lovers on their 4x4.

A great last riding day with a lot of fun and just 30 minutes of rain.




Thanks to our tour guides Michael and Malcolm and to our participants: Joe, Theresia, Nick, Neil, John, Michael and Tristram



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Tobias Wachter
Dienstag, 16. April 2019 um 14:36

Wünsche euch eine schöne und sichere Tour!


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