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Best of Andalusia - Special Tour (SPT 19033)

Freitag, 7. Juni 2019 | Pierre Baumgärtner / Ted Goslinga | Europa

A very special Tour will start this week with a group of Korean friends.  We are riding through the southern part of Andalucia. Starting from Malaga we will go to Ronda then further to Jerez de la Frontera. From there we will be continuing our journey to Antequera. Our second last destination will be then Granada, before we close the loop again in Malaga.

During the next 5 days we will experence Flamenco, the andalusian style of singing and dancing , we will try all the the delicious Tapas, we will experience despite hundreds of curves, beautiful cliffs, gorges, hills and flatlands, and of course also the coast which is known for its beautiful beaches. 

Some Sherry some good Wine will be for sure as well on the bullet list.

So lets go 

Malaga to Ronda

What a magnificent weather to start this special Andalusia tour. Not a single cloud in the air, temperature around 22 degrees. Means: the perfect start conditions! We started on the famous Autopista del Mediterraneo for a couple of miles and very soon we hopped into the Andalusian mountain roads. A big stretch of the route was completely new paved, so that was an extra bonus. Following our way to Ronda, we made a big loop down back to the coast and again via de mountainroads back up to our final destination in Ronda. After a well deserved cold beer we had an absolute excellent dinner in a Michelin starred restaurant, which made a very nice end to this very nice first day

Beautiful Ronda at night

Ronda to Jerez de la Frontera

The second day was as perfect as the first.one with a lot of sunshine and fantastic road and traffic condition. We went from Ronda down to the Mediterrean sea, further to the Atlantic Ocean where we had lunch at a wonderful beach spot.. In the afternoon we were leaving the coast  back into the country roads towards Jerez de la Frontera.

Jerez de la Fronter to Antequera

Today we are riding through beautiful valleys and rolling hills and we stopped for coffee and there has been a runion of olditimers..... 

Nice Bentley ...

Antequera to Granada

Leaving our beautiful Hote in ANtequeral, which was a former Monastry the ride today brings us to Granada , Endless Oliveyards and hunderds of curves later, we as well made a step on to the Sierra Nevada alt. 2500 m with still had some snow on top. 

Hotel and Monestry…...
Sierra Nevada alt. 2500m.
Mirador above the canyon
and a view vice versa

Granada to Malaga

Aready last day - but of course we were celebrating our great ride with an excellent Farewell Dinner

Happy TG Pierre


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